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The Shape of Happiness by automatic_badgirl
(CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Greg/Sara - PG-13)
Greg Sanders normally didnít lie. He may have exaggerated, stretched the truth...

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Knife by Tiffany F (NC-17)
Aaron Hotchner decides he wants something that is no longer his partner of ten years, Spencer Reid. Reid runs to the one place he knows he will be safe...

Lighting Candles by faketreefinger (NC-17)
Nothing burns hotter than desire.

Undercover by CSI Ballistics (R)
Detective Josephine Danville needed to take a step back from the man she didn't recognize anymore. She didn't believe that reconnection was at all possible...

Where We Already Let Go by CSI Ballistics (PG)
Set after 8.14 Flash Pop. Jo Danville's sentimental thoughts.

Personal Hell by CSI Ballistics (NC-17)
John Curtis wanted to really punish Jo for stopping him, for not letting him live his disgusting fantasies much longer - "Means To An And" seriously re-interpreted...

Means To A Beginning by CSI Ballistics (PG-13)
Set in the aftermath of 8.09 Means To An End. Mac admits.

Missing by CSI Ballistics (NC-17)
One phone call from Ellie late on a Friday night is enough for Jo's maternal instinct to kick in. Fear doesn't begin to describe her reaction; irrational...

Jo's Bracelets by CSI Ballistics (PG-13)
Saying goodbye was hard, but not saying it, was worse, according to Jo Danville.

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Troll in the Dungeon!
alyse on 20 May 2013 06:25 pm (79 Comments)

Someone with the e-mail address has just contacted me via the site.

He is a known troll, and his MO is to ask if you write fanfiction. If you respond, he gives you a very detailed plot to write (often involving either a younger man/older woman or femslash) and, if you refuse, gets abusive.

If he contacts you DO NOT RESPOND. Ignore him and he'll go away, especially as at this point he doesn't have your e-mail address (the contact form masks it so he won't see it unless and until you actually reply to him).

Unfortunately, he's not actually a member - anyone can contact authors - so I can't ban his behind from the site, but if he persists I'll look into banning his IP address and hope no one else shares an ISP with him.

Minimum Quality Standards and New Archivist
Alyse on 26 Nov 2010 06:55 pm (103 Comments)

Dear all

Firstly, I've added a new piece of guidance on the minimum quality standards we use for the archive. It can be found here and is linked from the rules page as well. Basically, this sets out our reasoning on those occasions when we reject stories that don't meet our minimum quality standards, and will hopefully help you avoid rejection.

And speaking of avoiding rejection, unfortunately Paige, who has been with us for a good long while, has decided it's time to move on to pastures greener. I'm very grateful for all of the hard work she's put in over the years.

That being said, I'm in need of a new admin person or two, especially as my health isn't the best at the moment so using a computer is difficult.

If you'd like to help out, and feel you have the right temperament (patience is a must ::g::); a good grasp of the basics of spelling, punctuation and grammar (in short, if you read the min quality standards and found yourself nodding ::g::); and would be able to explain nicely to people why their stories couldn't be accepted into the archive, giving examples as needed, please feel free to contact me at alyseci5 at gmail dot com.

I know we've had volunteers in the past, but unfortunately I can't find the e-mails I'd thought I'd kept, so if you have expressed an interest previously in helping out (I'm sure I've had at least one in the last few months), please also drop me a line at the same address with a pointed comment about how I need to be a lot more organised than I normally am.

However, please don't just comment here with any offers, as unfortunately I don't get the comments mailed to me.

Thanks in advance.

Spam Reviews
Alyse on 16 Jul 2010 07:07 am (113 Comments)

Unfortunately, we're having an issue with spam reviews at the moment, which appears to be due to real people leaving them anonymously, thereby bypassing the captcha function we have in place to prevent spambots.

Authors already have the ability to delete anonymous reviews, so please use that function. There is no need to contact an admin to remove it for you. I've also turned off the ability to leave anon reviews temporarily.

If you start to get signed spam reviews - which happened on another site once we turned off anon reviews - please then report the user and we will lock the accounts and ban the ip address as well as deleting the reviews. Please report the user rather than the review, as that way we can find all reviews left, not just the ones on your story.

Alyse on 20 Jan 2010 10:34 pm (167 Comments)

We've had a case of plagiarism on the site, and in accordance with our zero tolerance policy we have removed all of the author's stories, locked her account and are now publicising it.

The Dark Knight's story The Hidden World - posted in July 2009 and last updated in August 2009 - was, in fact, a plagiarised version of lovlyangl's story, Vampires Darkness, hosted on (first published in February 2008 and last updated in March 2008). In addition, on reviewing The Dark Knight's remaining stories, we determined that the later chapters of Once Upon a Heartache had been plagiarised from Like Mother, Like Daughter, a Law and Order: SVU story by See Jane Write.

A line by line comparison of the first chapter of The Hidden World versus Vampire Darkness by lovlyangl can be found here.

A comparison of the last chapter The Dark Knight's story Once Upon a Heartache versus Chapter 24 of Like Mother, Like Daughter, a Law and Order: SVU story by See Jane Write can be found here. All items highlighted in yellow were lifted directly and word for word from See Jane Write's story.

Taken together, we believe that the evidence that The Dark Knight committed plagiarism is overwhelming and conclusive. The archive's rules clearly state that:

"5. All stories submitted to the archive must be your own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any instance of plagiarism proved to the satisfaction of the archivist will result not only in the removal of the plagiarised story, but all other stories by that author, the author's name from the list of authors and an explanation for the removal posted on the front page of the site."

We have applied those rules here. We'd like to thank lovlyangl for bringing the matter to our attention.

URGENT - do not click on any links in mail that looks like it comes from us
Alyse on 19 Oct 2009 03:52 pm (103 Comments)

I suspect this has only come to me, as the person listed on the front page, but just in case, please note that we don't send site wide e-mails. If we ever do need to, we will certainly not send you any links to exe files. So if you do get a mail supposedly from 'admin' at csi-forensics, it's a spoofed e-mail address. Do not click on any links or launch any exe file. It will be a virus.

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