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Nick has 2 teenage daughters, about 18 and 17. The oldest, is a very good student, always try’s hard, very polite, enjoys being around everyone. The youngest is the opposite of her sister, not a very good student, smart but doesn’t care enough to try, and always getting into trouble. The one person she is closest to and cares for the most is Warrick, who’s like a second father to her. What happens to her when Warrick is shot? How does she hear the news-from who, how does she react, does she go to the hospital see Warrick one last time say goodbye? How does she cope with this. Can Nick reconnect with his daughter and help her through this time.

AU!The events in Dispo Day changed the relationship between Horatio and Speed they had become lovers. Fastforward to the events in Lost Son and Horatio loses not only his lover he also loses his unborn child's father.With Alexx's help he can get through his pregnancy. But he'll need a certain Mr. Wolfe's help to learn to love again. Mpreg

Okay so I've read several fics where either someone amongst Warrick or Gil's family/friends doesn't approve of their relationship because they frown on homosexuality. I would love to read a well written, well thought out fic where one or more family member's disapprove on the basis of race. It's a sad and sore subject, but considering that Warrick/Gil are an interracial couple I would like to have this sensitive topic explored honestly. But that's not the real challenge. The true challenge is that neither man can just shrug it off. Whoever the disapproving party is has to be someone that Warrick or Gil is very close to (please don't make it Nick or Brass). They have to have had a profound influence over the man (like Warrick's Grandmother or Gil's mother) so it isn't easy to write them off as unimportant. In the end, Gil or Warrick must decide if they are willing to let go of one loved one for the sake of another. Enjoy!

A twist on the normal slavefic AU: instead of the master and slave falling in love, two slaves fall in love - as do two mistresses.

A crossover with NCIS. Catherine was married for a short time before she met Eddie, to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Overlapping cases bring the MCRT to Vegas, and Gibbs back into Catherine's life. Bonus points if Gibbs is Lindsay's biological father.
Categories: Crossovers > Ship Ahoy! Characters: Catherine Willows, Other

As I've watched the last few episodes, I've grown more curious about Detective Moreno and I'd love to see him in a well written, thoughtful story. He and Nick seem to have some passionate/competitive/connected moments and it'd be great for this relationship to be explored(and I'm pretty sure his relationship with Fin(n?) is the most uncomfortable thing ever). Could do without the angsty coming out storyline - although because Moreno and Stokes are both masculine characters there could be some issues with identity and self-acceptance. Plot and character, not just smut, please! I'd love to write this myself, but I have zero time at the moment, so hopefully someone takes the challenge! Moreno and Stokes, go!
Categories: CSI - Slashed > Nick/other male Characters: None

Danny never hung out with the Tanglewood boys, though Louie did, instead he followed in his grandfather's military footsteps and joined the Marines BEFORE 9/11. After the attacks on the Towers, he was sent overseas where he's injured. This results in him being given a medical discharge. Still wanting to do good, to protect and serve, he joins the NYPD and becomes a CSI. How does this change effect his career and what role does it play in his relationship with Mac?

Nick/Sara...Crossover with either NYC or Miami CSI. Nick has been in love with Sara for sometime now.But sadly she is still set on Grissom.So when Nick tells her how he feels for her she shoots him down very harshly.Unable to stay and work around Sara,Nick decides to leave and goes to work at either the NYC or Miami CSI.Years later a case that Nick is working on is found to have ties back to Vegas which means he has to go back there.Not really wanting to go Nick has no choice but to go back to see old friends and the woman who broke his heart.But what Nick doesen't know is that sometimes time lets people rethink things and change thier minds.
Categories: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Nick/Sara Characters: Sara Sidle

Dealing with the aftermath of the eposide Gum Drops.With no other family left Nick takes in Cassie,the little girl who had her throat cut while her family was murdered.It's a little strange at first but the two find a way to make their new family work.Sara ever the one to study what she sees as strange things often comes over to see how things are going on and to help out when she can.Slowly over time the three become their own little family.
Categories: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Nick/Sara Characters: None

The main idea is to create the best Horatio / other fanfiction. The major details are left up to you. For reference to a brilliant fanfic read. Only Love - by LucyGrissom

Calleigh allows herself to become a hostage to save a fifteen year old girl from witnessing her mother's death. In the process, the man holding her hostage beats Calleigh until she is barely conscious. The guy then forces Calleigh to call Horatio and tell him what has happened. Now Horatio must save his young friend and stop her from becoming a murder victim. Does Calleigh make it out or does she die?

We know that Mac is a hero in every aspect but how about human? We don't get to see his emotional reactions to cases or things in his personal life so let's explore that. I want someone to portray Mac not as infallible white knight, but a human being with feelings and emotions. He can be paired but only with Jo, Stella, or OC. Also, the second part of the challenge is to whump Mac as much as possible. I love that he always wins in the end, but nobody is perfect and something bad has to happen to him at some point in his life. I want to see raw humanity in Mac and I want him to grow not as a character in the show, but as if he were a real person in real life. Violence, psychological warfare, basically anything that will help you bring out the human in him. I want this to be a longer piece, sort of like a novelette because I don't believe things can be properly laid out in just a few chapters and words. Detail is very important to me. PM for more details!
Categories: CSI: NY - General Characters: Mac Taylor

My challenge is this. Warrick and Gil have been together for however many years you choose (at least 2 yrs) and Gil begins to suspect that Warrick is cheating on him. Late nights, missed/ignored calls, unexplained changes in attitude, vague answers to simple questions (example: Why didn't you answer my call? Where were you?) are his evidence. The truth is that Warrick isn't cheating on Gil. At least not in the way Gil thinks. A certain lady has caught his eye, and it's Lady Luck. Yep, Warrick's gambling again. When Gil finds out, how will he handle it? Will he feel betrayed that Warrick is gambling again, knowing all that it cost the both of them personally and professionally. Will he try to help his lover break his addiction or wash his hands of the whole situation? Will Warrick admit what he's been up to before Gil confronts him with the truth? That's all up to you.

A work of fiction containing a series of late night phone calls or rather confessions between two of the most prolific criminalists in the United States, after their shifts are over.

It should contain the beginnings of their relationship, to them falling in love and finally meeting in person. The original reason why they speak on the phone is up to the writer, but there should be an immediate connection between the two of them.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Danny Messer, Greg Sanders

Alright so watching the show I noticed the Gil Grissom and David Hodges have a lot of chemistry together. This is a challenge to all you wonderful CSI slash writers out there to write a Grissom/Hodges fic. It can be any rating you want, it just must be slash not a friendship story. It also it must take place after Sara leaves the show, and the two must at least like each other. Anything else is up to you. Enjoy!
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Don Flack is injured in the line of duty and Aiden helps him recover. Aiden
Categories: CSI: NY - General Characters: Don Flack

horatio and ryan has been married for 1 year and dating for 6 months. then one day ryan finds out that he is pregnant and he doesn't what to do or how to tell horatio, because horatio told ryan that he didn' want any kids yet and ryan is scaried.then one day horatio came home to find ryan in the bathroom throwing up and ryan got up and turned around to see horatio standing there. does ryan tell horatio that he is pregnant? the answer is up to you.
Categories: CSI: Miami - Slashed > Horatio/Ryan Characters: Ryan Wolfe

Claire didn't die on 9/11. Instead she and Mac realize they are missing something from their relationship. They realize just what is missing when Danny joins the lab. They decide to bring the young detective into their relationship. Protective Mac and Claire.

Catherine had a baby when she was a teenager; a boy, that she gave up for adoption. Many years later, she finds out the son she gave up grew up to be Greg Sanders. Bonus points if the biological father makes an appearance and is a crossover character. Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS or David Rossi from Criminal Minds could be possibilities.

What would happen if Sara had an affair with Greg? Late night phone calls, secret rendezvous, stolen kisses? Who would she choose? You can make it Greg or Grissom but I'd like to see one of each :) I want cute flirting with them and passion and at some point remorse on both parts. Maybe Grissom finds out?