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Danny never hung out with the Tanglewood boys, though Louie did, instead he followed in his grandfather's military footsteps and joined the Marines BEFORE 9/11. After the attacks on the Towers, he was sent overseas where he's injured. This results in him being given a medical discharge. Still wanting to do good, to protect and serve, he joins the NYPD and becomes a CSI. How does this change effect his career and what role does it play in his relationship with Mac?

We know that Mac is a hero in every aspect but how about human? We don't get to see his emotional reactions to cases or things in his personal life so let's explore that. I want someone to portray Mac not as infallible white knight, but a human being with feelings and emotions. He can be paired but only with Jo, Stella, or OC. Also, the second part of the challenge is to whump Mac as much as possible. I love that he always wins in the end, but nobody is perfect and something bad has to happen to him at some point in his life. I want to see raw humanity in Mac and I want him to grow not as a character in the show, but as if he were a real person in real life. Violence, psychological warfare, basically anything that will help you bring out the human in him. I want this to be a longer piece, sort of like a novelette because I don't believe things can be properly laid out in just a few chapters and words. Detail is very important to me. PM for more details!
Categories: CSI: NY - General Characters: Mac Taylor

Claire didn't die on 9/11. Instead she and Mac realize they are missing something from their relationship. They realize just what is missing when Danny joins the lab. They decide to bring the young detective into their relationship. Protective Mac and Claire.

A work of fiction involving Mac arriving in Vegas to catch a serial killer from New York who's fled there to hide. Nick and Mac immediately butt heads; disagreeing at every turn but eventually bring in the bad and realize upon celebrating that they each of the deepest feelings for the other.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Mac Taylor, Nick Stokes