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Nick has 2 teenage daughters, about 18 and 17. The oldest, is a very good student, always try’s hard, very polite, enjoys being around everyone. The youngest is the opposite of her sister, not a very good student, smart but doesn’t care enough to try, and always getting into trouble. The one person she is closest to and cares for the most is Warrick, who’s like a second father to her. What happens to her when Warrick is shot? How does she hear the news-from who, how does she react, does she go to the hospital see Warrick one last time say goodbye? How does she cope with this. Can Nick reconnect with his daughter and help her through this time.

Okay so I've read several fics where either someone amongst Warrick or Gil's family/friends doesn't approve of their relationship because they frown on homosexuality. I would love to read a well written, well thought out fic where one or more family member's disapprove on the basis of race. It's a sad and sore subject, but considering that Warrick/Gil are an interracial couple I would like to have this sensitive topic explored honestly. But that's not the real challenge. The true challenge is that neither man can just shrug it off. Whoever the disapproving party is has to be someone that Warrick or Gil is very close to (please don't make it Nick or Brass). They have to have had a profound influence over the man (like Warrick's Grandmother or Gil's mother) so it isn't easy to write them off as unimportant. In the end, Gil or Warrick must decide if they are willing to let go of one loved one for the sake of another. Enjoy!

A twist on the normal slavefic AU: instead of the master and slave falling in love, two slaves fall in love - as do two mistresses.

Growing up in foster care, Sara's closest emotional support was her slave, Gilbert Grissom. He passed onto her his love of science, and she pursuaded her foster parents to allow him to be trained in forensics. Years later, they live apart, although she is still legally his owner. When he calls and asks her if she'll come to Las Vegas after the death of a rookie, she agrees. (Their relationship can be either as friends/siblings, or lovers; I'll accept any pairing het, slash or femslash, or gen if you prefer.)

Gil experiences the ultimate loss when his mother dies unexpectedly. Everyone notices that Gil has become more of a recluse than normal, and its beginning to scare them. Catherine tries, and fails, to pull Gil out of his depression. So Nick steps in, determined to save Gil from the pain that threatens to consume him. Whether or not he can save him is up to you.
Categories: CSI - Slashed > Gil/Nick Characters: Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes

A work of fiction involving Mac arriving in Vegas to catch a serial killer from New York who's fled there to hide. Nick and Mac immediately butt heads; disagreeing at every turn but eventually bring in the bad and realize upon celebrating that they each of the deepest feelings for the other.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Mac Taylor, Nick Stokes