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A crossover with NCIS. Catherine was married for a short time before she met Eddie, to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Overlapping cases bring the MCRT to Vegas, and Gibbs back into Catherine's life. Bonus points if Gibbs is Lindsay's biological father.
Categories: Crossovers > Ship Ahoy! Characters: Catherine Willows, Other

A work of fiction containing a series of late night phone calls or rather confessions between two of the most prolific criminalists in the United States, after their shifts are over.

It should contain the beginnings of their relationship, to them falling in love and finally meeting in person. The original reason why they speak on the phone is up to the writer, but there should be an immediate connection between the two of them.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Danny Messer, Greg Sanders

I'd love to see a crossover fic with Sara and Horatio... I don't mind whether they're just friends or lovers, but I'd love to see them interact, and see H being his usual caring self.

"Don Flack gets a case were the evidence points to the sadistic killer Theodore Bagwell one of the Fox River Eight". Slash between Flack/T-bag would be appreciated but not a rule. Everything else is up to the writer.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Don Flack

CSI/Highlander Crossover What if the lab explosion had actually killed Greg? The CSI gang share their grief but as what happens when time goes on they move ahead with their lifes.Catherine will always hold onto her guilt over what happened with her actions in the explosion.Now it's years later and what happens when one of the CSI gang,while in another town,stumbles over an alive Greg? Why is he still alive? What's going on? And why is he carrying a sword?
Categories: Crossovers > General Characters: Greg Sanders

A work of fiction involving Mac arriving in Vegas to catch a serial killer from New York who's fled there to hide. Nick and Mac immediately butt heads; disagreeing at every turn but eventually bring in the bad and realize upon celebrating that they each of the deepest feelings for the other.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Mac Taylor, Nick Stokes