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Nick/Sara...Crossover with either NYC or Miami CSI. Nick has been in love with Sara for sometime now.But sadly she is still set on Grissom.So when Nick tells her how he feels for her she shoots him down very harshly.Unable to stay and work around Sara,Nick decides to leave and goes to work at either the NYC or Miami CSI.Years later a case that Nick is working on is found to have ties back to Vegas which means he has to go back there.Not really wanting to go Nick has no choice but to go back to see old friends and the woman who broke his heart.But what Nick doesen't know is that sometimes time lets people rethink things and change thier minds.
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Dealing with the aftermath of the eposide Gum Drops.With no other family left Nick takes in Cassie,the little girl who had her throat cut while her family was murdered.It's a little strange at first but the two find a way to make their new family work.Sara ever the one to study what she sees as strange things often comes over to see how things are going on and to help out when she can.Slowly over time the three become their own little family.
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What would happen if Sara had an affair with Greg? Late night phone calls, secret rendezvous, stolen kisses? Who would she choose? You can make it Greg or Grissom but I'd like to see one of each :) I want cute flirting with them and passion and at some point remorse on both parts. Maybe Grissom finds out?

What if instead of telling Catherine,Nick had told Sara the story about him being sexually assulted at nine? What if it made Sara see that maybe Nick's life is not as perfect as she thought it was? What if it made her see that maybe he's had it just as rough as she has and it brought them together?
Categories: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Nick/Sara Characters: None

I'd love to see a crossover fic with Sara and Horatio... I don't mind whether they're just friends or lovers, but I'd love to see them interact, and see H being his usual caring self.