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The main idea is to create the best Horatio / other fanfiction. The major details are left up to you. For reference to a brilliant fanfic read. Only Love - by LucyGrissom

I'd love to see a crossover fic with Sara and Horatio... I don't mind whether they're just friends or lovers, but I'd love to see them interact, and see H being his usual caring self.

Horatio and Calleigh have been dating for over 2 years (living together for about 6 months), when she begins to suspect that Horatio is being unfaithful. (Oh yeah, the whole Marisol thing? Didn't happen). Horatio's been keeping odd hours (odder than usual), he hasn't really been talking to her much when at home, and if she walks into a room while he's on the phone he hangs up abruptly. Classic signs of an unfaithful partner. She's been trying to ignore it, assuming its just paranoia; but it's taking its toll on her. Either she's snapping at people at work or she's abnormally quiet. Eric and Ryan are beside themselves with worry, knowing this is not *their* Calleigh. Alexx tries to talk to her, but she laughs it off as unimportant each time. So now the whole team is in a tizzy,even Valera has noticed, and they don't know what to do. Alexx, being one of Horatio's oldest friends, takes him aside to talk. She knows about Calleigh and Horatio's relationship, as do Eric and Ryan. She brings it to his attention about the way Calleigh has been acting. Horatio is surprised, he hasn't noticed anything. He promises Alexx he will talk to her as soon as he gets home. However, when he arrives home, he finds Calleigh's key on the coffee table, with a note. The note reads: Horatio, I love you, but I can't be with you anymore. The secrets and lies hurt too much, and I can't continue to pretend that things are okay, because they're not. I'll be staying with a friend until I can find a place of my own. I know we have to work together, so I will be as professional as possible. Sorry things have to end this way. -Calleigh Here's the challenge. What is Horatio's secret? Does he resolve things with Calleigh, if so how? Hope someone takes this on. Have fun!

Natalia goes home after a busy day at CSI, but when she just reaches her car, Nick's brother's standing there too. She didn't realise he actually had one. She asks the man who he actually is and is badly beaten by the man in response. The guy says he's Nick's brother and says he's always wanted revenge for his brother, because she had been playing the victim. His brother wasn't so agressive! The guy beats her blue and the only thing she's able to do is push the speed dial of her cell phone. Who's her speed dial number one? Is Nick's brother coming back to have CSI Boa Vista killed? Is the team going to be able to get this man?