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What if instead of telling Catherine,Nick had told Sara the story about him being sexually assulted at nine? What if it made Sara see that maybe Nick's life is not as perfect as she thought it was? What if it made her see that maybe he's had it just as rough as she has and it brought them together?
Categories: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Nick/Sara Characters: None

Gil is an oncologist (cancer specialist) and Warrick is his newest patient. Warrick has recently been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer, and has an indeterminable amount of time to live. He comes to Gil's clinic, having heard that Gil has the best bedside manner when it comes to dealing with cancer patients. He tells the truth without hesitation, yet he has a compassion that shines through his eyes when he delivers the news. Because of this, Gil has a reputation that preceeds him. Anyway, Gil accepts Warrick as a patient. Over the next few months, as Warrick continues to maintain his health through the help of drugs, checkups, and other methods, Warrick and Gil become friends. Their mutual interest in science, music, and Gil's love of roller coasters lead them to spending more time together. It is during this time that Gil begins to recognize the feelings he has for Warrick have transformed from those of friendship into something more. Knowing Warrick's grim prognosis, the amount of time he has left, is Gil willing to risk his heart, if only for a few months? If so, will Warrick return his feelings? The answers are up to you.