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Natalia goes home after a busy day at CSI, but when she just reaches her car, Nick's brother's standing there too. She didn't realise he actually had one. She asks the man who he actually is and is badly beaten by the man in response. The guy says he's Nick's brother and says he's always wanted revenge for his brother, because she had been playing the victim. His brother wasn't so agressive! The guy beats her blue and the only thing she's able to do is push the speed dial of her cell phone. Who's her speed dial number one? Is Nick's brother coming back to have CSI Boa Vista killed? Is the team going to be able to get this man?

A work of fiction involving Mac arriving in Vegas to catch a serial killer from New York who's fled there to hide. Nick and Mac immediately butt heads; disagreeing at every turn but eventually bring in the bad and realize upon celebrating that they each of the deepest feelings for the other.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Mac Taylor, Nick Stokes

Gil and Warrick have been dating seriously for the last six months. Things are going great (i.e. great sex, great conversation, etc). Except for one thing.Whenever they make love, cuddle on the couch, or end a call after talking for hours, Gil always says 'I love you'. Warrick never says it back. In the beginning it didn't bother Gil; he can feel that Warrick loves him and just assumes he has a hard time saying it. But then old insecurities start creeping in and he begins to wonder if Warrick really does love him. The answer is up to you.