It's time for another 'read the rules' rant!
Alyse on 23 Jun 2006 12:45 pm (4 Comments)

Yes, once again I must remind people to please read the rules before they submit stories to the site. There are only ten of them and they're not actually that long or complicated, and a summary of them is posted on the page you access before you can post stories, so really, there's no excuse for posting stories that are in blatant contravention of the rules.

In particular, there have been a number of stories submitted recently that have been in contravention of two rules in particular, so I'd like to remind you all of them.

Rule 4: Character bashing stories

I'm one of those 'write whatever the heck you want' people, but I'm also one of the 'I am not willing to pay to host these types of story' people.

Sucks, huh? Especially if you want to vent your loathing of a particular character in fic form.

Here's the thing. I don't care if you loathe Sara, think Catherine is a slut, Lady Heather is an evil ho only out to ruin the pure love between Grissom and/or Sara/Catherine, Horatio is Satan, Nick is boring/a moron/homophobic and Aiden is, in fact, in the running for bunny boiler of the year. If you want to write stories like that, knock yourself out.

Just don't post them here.

This archive is not affiliated with any ship or show and while the archivists may have individual preferences, we cover a wide range in what we like and none of us have any particular dislikes except for 'rubbing your fellow fans' faces in the fact that you hate X'.

And poor grammar, punctuation and spelling but that's a rant for another day.

As with all things, we tend to take a 'only the extremes are not permitted' approach to this, which means that if there's doubt or it's borderline, it's in, but we've still had to reject a number of stories for this recently.

So, kiddies, please no character bashing stories. I've had to reject three alone today and I'm cranky.

Rule 3: Songfics or other works containing quotes by others

We did do a news post about this recently, which can be found here, but it's still happening.

It's time for the bold tag.

Do not submit stories that contain a substantial amount of stuff that isn't written in your own words but which belongs to someone else. It's bad and it could get us and you sued. And if you think I'm cranky about the character bashing thing, you seriously do not want to see how cranky I can get about this.

This means don't quote any more than a few lines of a song, which is permitted under fair use; don't quote lots of dialogue from the show and add nothing or little of your own to it; make sure that anything that you submit here is substantially your own work (i.e. any quoted material is a minimum); and don't quote anything without attributing the source. Plagiarism bad, mmmkay?

And you can find more information on these areas by, ta da, reading the rules.