Two very important things...
Alyse on 24 Sep 2007 07:54 pm (5 Comments)

I will be upgrading the archive to a more up to date version of eFiction this weekend. This means that:

- story submissions are currently turned off. This means that you will not be able to add new stories or edit stories that are currently on the site. This will ensure that we can clear the queue and back up the site in plenty of time before the upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete and the dust has settled, we'll turn them back on again

- the site will be down for some of the weekend.

I've also turned off anonymous reviews, because apparently some very pathetic people have nothing better than flame authors. We encourage concrit, but there is a world of difference between giving constructive critical feedback on a story and being a complete ass on the internet.

The former helps authors improve. The latter creates a stack of work for the archivists, who have to go in and delete individual flames, and makes us cranky and inclined to bite. So, we've resorted to turning the ability to leave unsigned reviews off until the new archive is up and running. At that point we'll be able to capture their IP addresses and ban the pathetic ones from accessing the site.