CSI Forensics Version 2
Alyse on 30 Sep 2007 07:02 pm (2 Comments)

We've completed the upgrade, and while we know there are a few issues to tweak, the functionality is all there, new and improved.

First of all, I'd like to thank Aithine, who once again proved invaluable in helping me update and who supplied a lot of technical support during the upgrade of Wraithbait that made this upgrade even possible.

There are a number of changes -- which you are welcome to poke around and discover! Feel free to sign up, sign in, and play!

FYI: a quick look at the four biggest changes.

First, there is a new and improved search facility! Yay! There are still some issues around the way that it searches - searches on rating or word length don't work, and if there is nothing with your search terms the engine returns all stories in the archive, but these are eFiction issues rather than anything we can do anything about.

Series and challenges are now handled differently. There is a new challenges function and you can now add stories separately and connect them using the series function rather than having to submit them as additional 'chapters' as you did previously.

Please bear in mind that because of the new way the site handles series and chapters within stories, links to particular chapters will no longer work. Links to a story as a whole should be fine.

You can now have more than one author on a story as long as each author has an account on the site -- no more creating a new 'x-and-y' account!

Lastly, you can now submit stories in more than one category -- if your story is both Gil/Sara and Catherine/Nick you formerly had to pick one of the two and submit the story as a whole under Multiple Relationships. Now you can simply submit it under each relationship category. Additionally, the category formerly known as Cross-genre, for stories containing both slash and het relationships, is now known as Bitextual.