Latest update
I've made some housekeeping changes, including:

- updated the help page to reflect the new names that pages have (just in case you couldn't figure out that 'edit personal information' and 'edit bio' meant the same thing ;) )

- fixed the issue with the skins that meant that the menu wasn't wrapping in smaller resolutions

- uploaded a new version of series.php, which had unfortunately not uploaded properly, so you should now be able to add series

- I think I've now caught most of the places where links were still wrong. The new site handles non eFiction pages like links etc that we'd added to the old site in a totally different way than it used to, meaning that any links to those pages built into the old version of the skins had to be changed. And, of course, I missed a few the first time around.

I've also added a new skin - called 'elegantcsi' - which doesn't use as many images, so is a bit better for those on dial up.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to report things like this. We do appreciate it, as we're never going to be able to catch everything ourselves. I would ask, however, that when you do contact us, you remain polite. I realise that sometimes things might be a bit frustrating, but there's really no excuse to be rude to any of the archivists, all of whom are giving up their free time (and money in some cases) to run the site for you. Being rude is never a good way to get someone to take you seriously and look into any issues that you might be having.

Thank you.
Posted by: Alyse on 07 Oct 2007 04:53 pm(8 Comments)
Thanks for all the work you guys have been doing! And I'm sorry to hear anyone has been rude to you! Keep up the awesome work!
Posted by: sunhawk on 08 Oct 2007 06:23 am
Thank you :)
Posted by: alyse on 08 Oct 2007 09:08 pm
I'm kind of torn about the new format. For 1, the search function doesn't work properly. It splits the results into pages, but you can only view the first page that pops up. When you try to click on the other pages, it goes back to the advanced search menu.
Posted by: AcaciaJules on 21 Oct 2007 11:01 pm