A Life I Might Have Known by Merrianna [ - ]
Series Summary:What if life went sideways? A group of individual AU stories.

Tangled Web by Merrianna [NC-17]
[ - ]

Summary: AU: Stella doesn't go the straight and narrow, but instead is working for the mob. Can Mac turn her around, or will he be brought down with her.

Updated: 14 Feb 2008; Published: 26 Oct 2007
[ - ]

Summary: A birthday party drinking game reveals a bit more than the crew intended, both to the others and to themselves.

Updated: 29 Jun 2007; Published: 29 Jun 2007

Summary: AU: Found injured, with amnesia, can Horatio help Calleigh piece together her memory to catch a criminal� or is Calleigh the real criminal?

Updated: 04 Sep 2007; Published: 02 Sep 2007