The Wolfe/Caine Family Sagas by jjd022980 [ - ]
Series Summary: These are a collection of stories that will deal with the triumph and tragedy of Miami's two popular families

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Summary: When the events of "Resurrection" come into play it might end up hurting not one but four lives.

Updated: 15 Feb 2009; Published: 04 Jan 2009

Summary: this continues where "Her Angel" left off..Jesse's past comes back to haunt her and she comes face to face with someone that changed the course of her life forever

Updated: 30 May 2009; Published: 16 Feb 2009

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Summary: when the event's of "Seeing Red" bring Eric to seek help from unlikely the end what will it cost them all?
This is the third story of the series!

Updated: 13 Jun 2010; Published: 30 May 2009

Summary: this is the fourth story of the Wolfe/Caine Family Saga: Hope you enjoy it like you guys have for the other three!!

Updated: 21 Jul 2009; Published: 24 Jun 2009

Brazil by jjd022980 [R]
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Updated: 07 Mar 2010; Published: 25 Jul 2009