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Category: CSI: Miami - Slashed > Horatio/Speed
Characters: Horatio Caine, Tim Speedle
Rating: R
Genres: Angst, Pre-relationship, Series
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: AU - Sometimes people are meant to meet despite the paths they take.

Disclaimer: Various executives, producers and CBS own them. If I did – do you think Speed would be dead? I'm not making any money – and will return them back to the lab when I'm finished.

Beta: The wonderful Calypso looked over this series for me.

Author's Note: Long flight + Little Sleep = This Storyline


The knock on the door startled Horatio. He looked up from the files he was working on, his eyes focused on the hotel suite's front door. He hadn't ordered dinner yet, and he wasn't expecting any guests. No one knew he was staying at the Regency. His house had sustained damage from the last Hurricane, and he was staying at the Regency while the insurance company had the roof and second floor repaired.

The knock sounded again, curious he got up and headed for the door. He looked through the peephole, but didn't recognize the young man on the other side. He slid back the chain, and unlocked the deadbolt.

Opening the door he was stunned momentarily at the beauty of his visitor. The young man had dark brown hair – hair that had an 'I've just got thoroughly fucked' look. The stranger had matching dark eyes that could bore into one's soul. He was wearing black leather pants that accented long lean legs and a tight ass. A silver silk shirt molded to a defined chest. Horatio had to control the impulse to grab the young man and drag him into the suite and taste those delicious looking full lips.

"Yes?" Horatio was amazed that his voice sounded so calm and collected.

"Horatio Caine?" The young man asked his voice soft and sultry.

Horatio suppressed a shudder, "Yes. How may I help you?"

"It's more of what I can do for you," He grinned easing past Horatio and into the suite.

Horatio closed the door behind him and turned towards the walking sex god. "Who are you?"

"Tim," He answered as he looked around the room taking in the surroundings.

"What are you doing here?" Horatio asked arms crossed over his chest to prevent himself from touching.

"That's up to you," Tim turned towards him. "I'm yours for the night. I can do what ever you want."

Horatio's mouth dropped, "What?" He stammered in shock.

Tim smirked as he walked up to Horatio, "Whatever you want - I'll do. Want me to blow you? Want to fuck me? Or I can fuck you? This night - I'm yours."

"But..." Horatio stammered, and then promptly shut his mouth to keep from babbling and making a complete fool of himself.

"Horatio Caine?" Tim stepped back looking at Horatio through hooded eyes, Horatio nodded. "Regency Suite 2C?" Horatio nodded again. "Then I'm in the right place and you're the right person." He opened his arms wide, the silk spreading tight against his chest. "This means, I'm yours to do whatever you wish."

Horatio stood dumb founded, "But...But, I didn't order you."

"Look," Tim sighed. "Someone paid good money for me to be here. If you want me to leave I can - I'll just go home, it really doesn't matter to me. I've already been paid."

Horatio dropped his arms, his hands settling on his waist pushing back his suit coat. "Shit," Tim glanced at the badge and gun. "You're a cop. Look no offer was made no money exchanged, so..." Tim headed for the door.

Horatio caught his arm, "Wait." Horatio looked into deep brown eyes.

Tim turned around and looked at the hand holding his arm. He could feel the heat through the silk. A small frown appeared on his face, a client's touch had never affected him this way. He looked into Horatio's blue eyes, "You're not going to arrest me?"

"Like you said, no money was exchanged," Horatio stepped back away from the young man. He should let him walk out the door, this was a complication he didn't need, but there was something about Tim. "I was just going to order some dinner, you hungry?"

Tim looked around the room, suspiciously. He looked for a trap, but his gut told him that Horatio was upfront and honest, "A bit."

"Good," Horatio picked up the phone and ordered two steak dinners, with a bottle of red wine, "Should be up in forty-five minutes."

"In the mean time?" Tim grinned sliding up next to Horatio; he could tell his presence rattled the man.

Horatio took a step back trying to get control of his body, "You don't know who arranged this?"

Tim smiled slyly letting Horatio move away from him, "No." He walked towards the suite's balcony. "I just got a name, place and time." He turned back towards Horatio. "Either someone thinks you need to get laid or you're just playing coy."

"I don't play," Horatio eyes bore into Tim's. Tim refused to look away – he felt pulled towards this man.

"Then you have interesting friends," Tim smirked at Horatio easing the tension between them. "I don't come cheap, especially for the full night."

"So you're a..." Horatio gestured with his hands.

"Whore? Gigolo? Escort?" Tim smirked at him, "Which one, exactly, where you referring to?"

"Escort," Horatio sat down on one of the suite's couches.

Tim smiled as he settled himself across from Horatio, "Why do you want to know?"

"Curious," Horatio shrugged wanting to know more about the man sitting across from him. "What makes someone do this?"

"Sell myself, my body?" Tim leaned back into the seat. "I learned fast that everyone wanted something from me – most of them took. At least now I get my money's worth."

Horatio looked at him. Tim was laid back, at ease with himself and the situation. He held a since of confidence with in him. Tim knew men and woman wanted him – and he made them pay for it.

"It's not as bad as you think," Tim smiled at the scrutiny he was getting.

"Do you work a particular clientele?" Horatio asked wishing for something to drink to distract him from the chocolate brown eyes.

"Do you mean particular by man or woman? No, I don't." Tim stood back up and walked around the suite. "Are you visiting Miami?"

"Nope," Horatio watched the young man observe the room. "Born and raised here in Miami."

"Then why a hotel?" Tim turned towards him. "Don't want a high price escort coming to your home?"

Horatio stood up from the couch, "I didn't order you." Horatio took a step towards him, but stopped. He leaned up against the balcony door instead and watched Tim study the room and him.

"So you say," Tim's eyes took in the room. "You're not a beat cop so what do you do? Internal Affairs? Detective? CSI?"

Horatio opened his mouth to respond impressed by his deduction skills, when a knock on the door broke the atmosphere, "Dinner."

Tim nodded as Horatio answered the door. He told the waiter to set the food on the small table, he noticed that Tim had disappeared into the shadows not to be seen – discretion. Horatio walked the waiter out, when he closed the door Tim was standing by the small table. Tim's eyes never left Horatio "Looks good enough to eat."

Horatio took a deep breath willing his body to cooperate with him, and not focus on the leather clad ass less than two feet from him. "Sit," Horatio motioned at the chair. "Eat, you're very thin."

"Have to keep the clientele happy," Tim sat down across from Horatio, a smile on his face. He was walking a fine line with the redhead. He was attracted to him, felt at ease with him – wanted nothing more for Horatio to fuck him into the mattress. It was not good to get worked up over a client no matter the circumstances.

"Large clientele?" Horatio asked putting a napkin in his lap.

"A noticeable one," Tim shrugged as he picked up his fork. He speared a piece of broccoli eating it slowly.

"Do you enjoy your work?" Horatio asked his eyes asking more than his words.

"To a point. Depends on the client – some I enjoy more than others." Tim picked up a roll tearing it a part, nibbling on the torn pieces. "Not all of my clients are sex crazed middle aged house-wives or businessmen. I have a few clients that just want companionship, an act of intimacy, instead of just sex."

"How did you get into it?" Horatio leaned back in his chair. He wanted to know how this man could end up an escort – a man who sold his body for money. He could see the potential in him, and wanted to know what stopped him from being anything other than what he was.

Tim paused. He set the unfinished roll on the plate. He looked up at Horatio. There was something about this man, something that made Tim want to tell him everything. "I lost someone close to me."

Horatio head cocked to the side, "I'm not seeing the connection."

Tim gave a sad tired smile. Horatio realized instantly that he had just got a glimpse of the man behind the leather/silk façade. Tim continued, not looking directly at Horatio but instead out the window. "When he died I lost it. I did anything and everything to stop the pain I was feeling: alcohol, meaningless sex, drugs. I ended up in Miami, with a heroin addiction and no money. I started doing tricks so I could score drugs to get high and forget. Jack found me on the streets; he was Billy's Uncle..."

"Billy?" Horatio listened intently. Knowing he was being privy to information most of his clients weren't, he felt honored by the trust Tim was showing him.

"My lover, my best friend, my life." Tim's voice was soft lost in memories. "Jack pulled me off the streets, got me clean and sober. He helped me come to grips with losing Billy." Tim turned back towards Horatio, "He introduced me to someone at the CSI Lab's. I had found the work interesting, wanted to know more. I had finally found something I could do, something I could be proud of, something I could live for."

"Whom did you talk to?" Horatio asked curious wondering why he wasn't working with the young man at the labs; but instead sitting in a hotel room with an escort who had been paid to show up at his hotel room.

"Megan Donner," Tim looked back away from Horatio. His tone changed from contemplative to a deep pained hurt. "I went back to school and finished my degree. Worked my ass off to do two years in one; even graduated with honors." Tim smirked at Horatio; he could hear the pride in Tim's voice. "I did everything she said I had to do, but it wasn't enough." Tim paused taking a deep breath, "When I came back to Miami and turned in my application for an intern position. I was turned down, my past came back to haunt me. When I asked her about it, she said that the Miami-Dade Crime Lab didn't hire junkie whores."

Horatio's mouth dropped in shock, that didn't sound like the Megan he knew. "That can't be right..."

A dry humorous laugh escaped him, "What? A CSI doesn't make decisions based on personal feelings? It took me a while, but I figured out why she denied my application and later black listed me with any lab in the area."

Horatio stared at him, "Black listed..." Horatio asked in shock. Megan was not a vindictive person or at least he thought.

"I tried to get work at the University labs, the bio-labs in the area, any type of lab work but none would hire me, because of my background. I couldn't be trusted around chemicals." Tim rolled his eyes at the notion.

"Why?" Horatio felt a surge of anger go through him. He saw in front of him a potential asset to the lab. He could see the skills, the drive, and Megan squashed it and he wanted to know why.

"Before I got clean, her husband was one of my tricks. She didn't want a reminder of his infidelity." Tim shrugged trying to forget the lost opportunity.

Horatio sat stunned, "And now?" he asked, trying to stay calm. His instinct was to get on the phone and chew Megan out. That she had destroyed a career because of her personal situation.

"I couldn't get work, and blockbuster was paying the bills," he smirked at Horatio. "Jack became ill, his insurance and retirement wasn't enough to cover the bills and treatments. His wife Pam had never worked a day in her life, and she was needed to take care of him. He needed money, to pay the mortgage or they would lose the house. As cliché as it sounds – I decided to turn some tricks so I could pay the mortgage. They had done so much for me, I had to help them any way I could."

"I..." Horatio shook his head in disgust with the situation.

"Nothing for you to be sorry for," Tim gave him a small smile. "I didn't go back to the streets, instead I went to a few clubs. Someone noticed me, and set me up. That was about eight years ago."

Horatio smiled his head bowed, "Nice slide over."

"Thanks," Tim grinned back. "I didn't get this far without knowing what not to say."

"If you could now?" Horatio asked, and then paused. "I mean if you could, would you still want to be a CSI?"

"No," Tim shook his head. "It's a part of my life that is over."

"You can't keep doing this," Horatio pointed out.

"No, I can't," Tim, agreed. "But I have retirement plans. Like I said I'm not cheap."

Tim stood up, took a few steps towards Horatio; sliding slowly into his lap, "What do you want?" Tim voice dropped into a low sultry tone. His eyes clearly indicated what he wanted. Horatio hands rested against leather-clad thighs the warmth spreading up his arms. He knew he wanted this man, but he couldn't take him up on the offer.

"I can't," Horatio leaned back trying to ignore the hardness he felt against his leg.

"Why not?" Tim leaned forward his breath whispered against Horatio's lips. His hips rocked against Horatio. Tim could feel Horatio's interest in him. He wanted this man and wanted him badly. He would deal with the consequences of this need later.

"I won't have sex with someone who was paid for it," Horatio swallowed. The temptation was becoming too strong to resist.

"If it makes you feel better, I would bed you without payment." Tim hands slipped down Horatio's shoulders onto his chest. "You're a handsome man, easy to talk to – I can feel the passion under the calm exterior."

"Tim," Horatio breathed before Tim's lips captured his. He melted into the kiss, feeling the passion rise between them. His hands slipped under Tim's shirt feeling the smooth skin. Horatio pulled back painfully, "I can't."

Tim pulled back his dark eyes full of a mixture of emotions, "And if we had met in a bar?" Tim asked wondering if there could be something here, something elusive.

Horatio groaned at the thought, "But we didn't."

Tim stood up his eyes cast down, "Then I should go." He willed himself to calm down and started for the door. He had to get away from Horatio before he did something foolish, like chuck everything out the window and beg to be taken.

Horatio followed him to the door, "I..." He didn't know what to say. He didn't want him to go, but couldn't consciously take him up on his offer. Maybe – just maybe if they had met some other place – some other time.

"Ever get a feeling that you were meant to meet someone no matter the paths your lives took?" Tim turned towards Horatio his eyes bright with underlining emotion.

"Yes," Horatio breathed. His hand slipped into Tim's hair, enjoying the silky feeling between his fingers.

"You're a good man Horatio Caine," Tim pulled him in for a slow long kiss. "I could easily fall in love with you." And that was the problem, Tim concluded to himself.

"See me away from all of this," Horatio slipped his arm around Tim's waist pulling him closer. He hated the begging tone in his voice, but he needed this man.

"It won't work," Tim slipped out of his arms feeling cold all of the sudden. "You have your career – I have mine. The two do not mix."

"Retire," Horatio stated not wanting to give up this man that had affected his life in the three hours they were together.

"It's not time," Tim gave him a sad smile. "What would your colleagues say when they find out I was a high priced whore?"

"I don't care," Horatio responded honestly, and he meant it.

"I do," Tim opened the door and stepped outside he needed to get away fast. Before he turned around to do just what Horatio wanted. "Thanks for dinner."

"Tim," Horatio stepped towards him.

Tim held up his hand stopping his forward movement, "Alternate paths."

Horatio shook his head in confusion, "What?"

"We are on alternate paths," Tim smiled sadly. "Only to meet at a crossroads and then continue down our separate paths."

"I don't believe that," Horatio stared at him. "We make our own paths."

"And if Megan had hired me?" Tim asked his head cocked in question. "Where would we be?"

"In my bed," Horatio's blue eyes locked with his.

"Are you sure? For all we know I could have died in the line of duty." Tim caressed Horatio's cheek then kissed the man softly. It was sweet and painful - full of hope, regret and a touch of possibility. "May one day our paths cross again."

Horatio watched with a pain in his heart as Tim walked down the hallway towards the elevator. Tim gave him a true smile as the elevator doors closed. Horatio stood in the hallway, his eyes focused on the closed elevator doors. It had only taken three hours for a stranger to steal his heart.