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Summary: Mac gets a phone call

Categories: Crossovers > Slashed
Characters: Danny Messer, Horatio Caine, Mac Taylor, Tim Speedle
Genres: Angst, Episode Related, First Time, Series
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 2 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 3596; Completed: Yes
Updated: 09 Feb 2005; Published: 09 Feb 2005

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Disclaimer: They are owned by various executives, producers and CBS. I'm not making any money I'm just borrowing them for a few moments and sending them back to the lab where they belong.

Beta: Calypso – Have I said thank you in the last five minutes?

Author's Note: Someone asked me to write a CSI: NY story – of course I just can't fully get out of Miami.


Mac picked up his phone, "Detective Taylor." Mac was greeted by a harsh sob. "Hello?"

"Mac," The voice was filled with pain, a deep emotional pain that only came from a loss.

Mac looked down at the display, "Horatio?" Mac quickly became concerned. Horatio was not a man to lose control.

"I, God...Mac there's been a shooting," He could hear the harsh breathing on the other end, a voice trying to gain control over emotions. "Speed...he's been shot... I couldn't..."

Mac closed his eyes his head dropping slightly. Memories assaulted him, watching as the towers fell – knowing that Clare wasn't coming home. He never wished that pain on anyone, and now a man he considered a friend was suffering. "Horatio, do you want me to come down to Miami?"

"I..." He could hear Horatio trying to compose himself. "Mac you had it once – don't lose it again out of fear...please, for me..." He heard a woman's voice filter through the line. "Mac, don't wait," dial tone assaulted his ear.

Mac worked to get control of his own emotions. Horatio had not only lost a team member, but someone he loved. When Horatio had come up from Miami the two men had hit it off, forming a fast friendship.


"So how long have you been in love with him?" Horatio leaned up against Mac's desk.

"What are you talking about?" Mac demanded eyes narrowing on the redhead.

"Danny," Horatio looked out the office windows his eyes following the young man. "The way you watch him reminds me of someone."

"Who?" Mac asked as he followed Horatio's gaze.

"Me," Horatio gave him a sad smile. "It's the way I watch Speed."

"Speed?" Mac looked back at him. "Nickname I presume?"

"Timothy Speedle," Horatio walked over to the window his eyes on Danny. "Smart, cynical, serious brown eyes, constant five o'clock shadow, and has no clue what I feel about him." He turned back towards Mac.

Mac sighed, "I don't know how or when, but somewhere between mourning my wife and trying to get on with my life, Danny just weaseled his way into my heart."

"No clue?" Horatio asked smiling.

"Not a one," Mac smiled back.


Stella frowned when Mac entered the lab with a serious expression. He looked as if the world had just crashed around him. Mac waited till he had everyone's attention, "I've got some news to report." He took a deep breath, "I just got a call from Horatio Caine." Mac's eyes dropped to Danny, "Timothy Speedle was killed today in the line of duty."

Danny backed up from his spot away from Mac, "No. Not Speed."

"I don't have the details," Mac took a step towards Danny. "There was a shooting and he was shot..."

"No," Danny closed his eyes. "He was coming to New York. I just talked to him a few hours ago."

Stella turned towards Danny, "Danny?"

Mac looked a bit shocked, he had no idea Danny and Speed had become friends. "Danny you need to calm down."

Danny shook his head, tears starting to slide down his cheek, "He was supposed to be on vacation. He called me – Horatio had called him in." Danny wiped away the tears. "I gotta go."

Mac watched as Danny stormed out of the lab and down the hallway. "I had no idea they were friends."

"Neither did I," Stella shook her head.

Aiden sighed as she sat down, "Danny was really looking forward to him coming up."

"You knew?" Stella turned towards her.

Aiden gave them a sad smile, "I grabbed Danny's phone by mistake, and it was Speed. We chatted for a bit – the man knows...knew his trace elements."

"I'll make sure he's okay," Mac went to find Danny.


Mac stood by the memorial, watching Danny closely. When he had left the lab in search of Danny he had discovered that he had already left the building. He had proceeded to Danny's apartment only to find out he wasn't home. He wondered how close Danny and Speed actually were, if the two were lovers. He hated the flash of jealousy that shot through him; a man was dead and he was jealous. Right now Danny needed him to be strong, not some scorned lover.

Mac eyes drifted over Ground Zero, a pain of loss echoing in his heart. He wondered why Danny came here, the memory of so many lost loved ones. He slowly made his way towards Danny; he didn't want to frighten him. Danny turned towards him, his eyes locking onto Mac.

"I'm sorry," Mac offered to the grieving man.

"Why?" Danny looked back towards Ground Zero. "You didn't know him."

"He was someone close to you," Mac stepped closer.

"You want to know why he was coming to New York." Danny faced Mac. "So we could plot how we would tell our bosses that we were in love with them."

Mac eyebrows furrowed, "I'm not following."

Danny took a deep breath, "We bonded over the fact we both were in love with someone who had no clue."

A sense of déjà vu filled Mac, "Danny?"

"I'm sorry Mac I can't go another day," Danny stepped forward pulling Mac to him. "Speed died before he could tell Horatio. Life is to damn short to waste any more time." Mac gasped in surprise when soft lips descended onto his own. Danny took his time kissing and tasting, letting all of his emotions come through in that one kiss.

Danny pulled back his eyes wet with tears, "I love you Mac. I have for a long time. I know you still love Clare, and I'm not expecting anything from you. I just had..."

Mac shut Danny up by pulling him back in for another kiss. Danny pulled back in shock searching Mac's face for an answer. Mac just smiled at him, he grabbed Danny's hand and pulled him towards the curb. Mac hailed a cab, keeping a firm grip on Danny's hand making sure the young man didn't bolt. The ride to Mac's apartment was quiet. Danny kept glancing towards Mac, wondering what had just happened.

Danny looked up at the building, "Mac?"

Mac just pulled the man towards the front door, and into the building. Once the elevator door closed Mac pushed Danny against the wall, kissing him soundly. He pulled back smiling at Danny's dazed expression. "I love you too."

Danny shocked expression slowly seeped into a bright smile, "But?"

Mac laid a finger on Danny's mouth stopping him from questioning, "Not now."

Danny followed Mac out of the elevator and into his apartment. Danny sighed in relief when Mac took him into his arms kissing him deeply. They slowly made their way towards the bedroom, clothes slipping off as they went. Danny pulled Mac on top of him as they fell into the bed. Mac lifted up on his arms, his eyes searching Danny's. Danny smiled and pulled him back down for a long deep kiss. No words were spoken, only the sound of gasps and moans of pleasure sounded against the walls. Danny threw his head back in passion, tears streamed down his face as Mac claimed his new lover.


The early morning light filtered through the blinds. Mac smiled at the way the rays of sun bounced off Danny's hair giving it golden highlights. Danny sighed as his eyes drifted open slowly. He felt safe and secure curled next to Mac. Mac shifted onto his side his hand caressing Danny's hair.

"Hi," Danny smiled up at him.

"Hi back," Mac chuckled softly.

Danny closed his eyes, "It's not fair."

"No, it's not," Mac kissed his forehead. "Do you want to go down to Miami with me?"

"Yes," Danny opened his eyes. "Horatio needs to know Speed loved him."

"I'll make arrangements," Mac shifted in the bed grabbing his cell phone. He looked over at Danny, "I need to check on Horatio."

Danny nodded quietly turning into Mac's side, "Find out what happened."

Mac nodded, "I will."


Mac was startled by the soft tired voice on the other line. He looked at the phone to make sure he dialed the right number, "Horatio?"

"He's asleep," The voice muttered. "Who is this?"

"Mac Taylor," Mac looked curiously at Danny who sat up in the bed.

"Danny's boss?" Mac heard some shifting and then some deep painful coughs.

"Speed?" Mac voice choked, his eyes locking with Danny.

"Yeah," Speed took some careful breaths.

Mac smiled tears in his eyes, "There's someone here who wants to talk to you."

"Speed?" Danny closed his eyes – letting the tears flow when he heard the soft reply.

"Hey Danny," Speed answered. "I won't be making it up to New York for a while."

"That's okay," Danny couldn't stop smiling. "What happened?"

"Shooting, my gun jammed," Speed explained. "Two inches and I would have been a goner."

"I thought you were," Danny shivered at the memory.

"I'm sorry," Speed's voice was soft. "I take it, since Mac handed you his cell phone at seven in the morning that you told him?"

"I discovered that life was to short," Danny looked into Mac's eyes.

"Yes it is," Speed muttered.

"I'm sorry Danny, but Speed needs his rest," Horatio's voice came onto the line. "Can I speak to Mac?"

Danny handed the phone back to Mac, "Horatio. You scared me yesterday."

"I'm sorry; I lost it there for a while." Horatio explained. "Alexx smacked me one and dragged me to the hospital. I should've called you back – explained that Speed hadn't been killed."

"It's okay," Mac's hand cupped Danny's cheek. "It worked out in the end."

Horatio laughed slightly, "I can hear that." Horatio paused, "Speed will be in the hospital for a couple more days. Why don't you and Danny come down in a couple of weeks?"

Mac smiled, "We can do that."

"The nurse is giving me a dirty look," Horatio grumbled.

"Take care of him," Mac couldn't help but grin.

"I will," Horatio promised.

Mac slammed the phone shut, tossing it to the floor. He turned and looked at a grinning Danny. "Shouldn't we call Stella and Aiden to tell them that Speed's going to be okay?"

"Later," Mac pushed Danny into the bed. "I've got some investigating to do."

Danny laughed, happy to be alive – happy to be in Mac's arms; happy that his friend was alive – loving and being loved in return. His laughter turned to gasps of pleasure as Mac thoroughly investigated his body.