Diversions by nonbgoo [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Greg/Sara
Characters: Greg Sanders, Sara Sidle
Rating: G
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: Grissom once told Sara that she needed a diversion but she never really looked for one. Now she's come to realise that he was right and receives help from Greg.

***Sara’s POV***


The one word that has been echoing through my head ever since I began to work in Las Vegas. Damn Grissom. Why does he always have to be so right most of the time?

These past few years have been tough. Probably even more tough because of my lack of diversions. I thought I had a diversion when I met Hank. But of course, with my luck, that whole thing didn’t work out.

All the other CSIs have diversions. Grissom’s diversion is education. He just loves to learn new things. That’s why he always knows so much. Cath’s diversion is Lindsay. She wants to give her daughter a great childhood. At least one better than her own. Nick and Warrick both have sports and, well, the ladies. Greg just has too many diversions. I guess that’s what separates him most from the rest of us. He always has so much going on. Buying coffee, surfing, listening to strange music. How is it that he manages it all? I just don’t understand. Maybe I should ask him. Yeah, I think I will. And maybe he could actually help find me a diversion.

***Greg’s POV***

Sara seems more upset than usual today. Maybe our case today hit her harder than most. It fits her profile. God, did I just think that? I’m even starting to think like a CSI now. Well, it’s fitting. I AM a level one now. Well, anyway, back to Sara’s profile. She is known to take violence against women very seriously. She seems to identify with the victims way too much. I wish there were someway that I could help her. But God knows, if Grissom can’t help her, than who can? I’ve tried, but she won’t talk to me. She just puts on a brave front.

You know, maybe I’m just over-thinking things. Today’s case was really hard to deal with. I think even Grissom and Sofia had problems keeping their feelings in check. I know I did. When I first came home I blared some Prozzak from my stereo and played around with my Rubik’s cube until the case was filed away in my mind.

I hope Sara will be fine. I hope she has some sort of distraction, some sort of diversion. I hope she just doesn’t go home and play the case over and over in her mind. That could cause any sane person to go nuts.

Times like these I wish Sara and I were closer. If we were I could just call her up and invite her out somewhere. God, even the mall would be a good distraction. Hell, what’s really stopping me from calling her? It couldn’t hurt, could it? What’s the worst she could do? Well, many things, but most of them would probably get her fired anyway and she wouldn’t risk that. Maybe I will call her.