Summary: Sara & Griss have been married for 2 years. They have 1 child Aaron Alexander Grissom. First “official” trip to the dentist.

Categories: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Gil/Sara
Characters: Gil Grissom, Original Character, Sara Sidle
Genres: Humour
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Chapters: 2 [Table of Contents]
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Updated: 25 Mar 2005; Published: 25 Mar 2005

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Warning: Don't read if you are dental phobic


It was early on the 1st weekend both Sara and Grissom had off together in almost 6 months. Grissom had worked a triple just the day before. Sara was dancing through his dreams as usual when he heard "Gilbert Aaron Grissom. Get your butt out here. NOW!!!!!!!!"

Gris sat bolt upright in bed. 'Damn, he thought. What did I do now?' As he scrambled around for his robe, he wondered peevishly. 'I thought she was going to let me sleep in this morning. I feel like I have been rode hard and put up wet.' He smiled at that; because of course he hadn't been that tired this morning when he got home. And he had been literally ridden hard and put up wet.

He wandered out to the kitchen. "Did you forget what today is?" Sara stood with her arms crossed, tapping her foot.

Gris noticed that 2 year old Aaron Grissom was dressed to go out. Gris also had that "I don't have a clue what you are talking look of a typical husband."

"Gil today is Aaron's 1st official visit to the dentist." As she spoke she was holding securely onto the struggling Aaron, who was beginning to shrill, "No, doctor. No, doctor". Besides inheriting his father's blue eyes, the abundance of curly brown hair and the small cleft in his chin; Aaron had apparently also inherited his father's great love of the medical profession.

Sara continued. "Remember, you and I were taking him to Dr. Irey in about 30 minutes. And you were going to be a shining example of propriety towards Dr. Irey?"

Gil's hand began to rub the side of his face as he remembered back two years ago. Back to the night when Aaron had been born. In the throes of a painful contraction, Sara had thrown a book at Grissom and made a pointed remark about his antecedents. As he ducked he had tripped and smacked the side of his face against the side of the hospital bed. It had been hard enough to chip 1 molar and crack 2 others. Although, Sara was extremely sorry afterwards; Gil had spent the next two days in pain with ice packs against his face. Sara ordered him off to the dentist when she couldn't put up with his moans anymore. The whole episode had been the one damper on the whole birthing experience. He hadn't been to see Dr. Irey since.

"But Sara. Can't you take him by yourself? Please???"

"No, Gil-Bert. Together. You promised we'd handle every thing to do with Aaron together. Now get dressed and no muttering under your breath and NO SIGNING!!!!!"

Gil turned and head back to the mater bedroom to grab a quick shower and some clothes.

"Daddy sign bad word?" Aaron asked, knowing that his mom was now mad at his dad and not him. He was also distracted from his own plight; he hoped his mom would loosen her grip and he could escape. But that didn't happen. Sara knew both of her men too well.

"No dear. Daddy's just tired. He pulled a triple last night." Sara said soothingly to the precocious 2 year old. Increasing, she and Gil had to be very careful about what they signed and said around Aaron. The child was extremely gifted. He had begun talking early at the age of 5 months and had begun to pick up ASL soon after. They didn't know yet that he had also picked up reading. The 2 year old like to watch the same awful Grade B sci-fi & horror films his dad liked. Gil had always kept the closed captioning on although his hearing had not deteriorated too much since his operation many years ago.

Aaron had watched the captioning and connected it to the words spoken by the actors. He was stumped sometimes that they didn't always match; and he didn't always understand what all the words meant but he didn't worry about it too much.

But he knew his daddy didn't like doctors. Daddy always muttered and signed unpleasant things whenever doctors were shown on television. He was a very perceptive child and wanted very much to be just like his daddy in all things.

Sara had always laughed so many times whenever she caught her son aping his father. Although sometimes he quite caught her off guard with some of the mannerisms he was picking up. But she loved them both so much.

Just as she was about to yell again, Gil came out dressed in his black chinos, a deep royal blue polo shirt and his black cowboy boots.. She was slightly peeved at him; it was one of her favorite outfits that he wore. He knew that she thought he was incredibly sexy in those clothes. To top it off he had his Flying Tigers leather bomber jacket slung over his shoulder. 'I'm going to have to definitely kill him someday she thought. It was a real crime that anyone should look that sexy so early in the morning; yes but he's all mine. All mine.' She got the car keys and motioned for Gil to get Aaron. The Grissom family walked out to the black Tahoe sitting in the driveway.