A Forbidden Love by InLoveWithGreg [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Greg/other female
Characters: Catherine Willows, Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Other, Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown
Rating: R
Genres: Drama, Episode Related, Pre-relationship
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: I was working with Greg Sanders as somewhat of a student in the Las Vegas crime lab. It's too hard not to fall in love with him, though. What will happen? Love? Lust? Bust?

We had been working in the DNA lab together for a few weeks. He was an old pro and I was just a student. Watching his every move, learning from him, and repeating everything he did. We were close in age and even liked the same music. He loved to blast music in the lab and dance around. I would watch him in silence and laugh, but he always got me to join him. I was really enjoying the time I got to spend with him, even if it was only at work.

"Hey Nicole," he greeted me as he walked through the glass door and put on his rubber gloves.

"Hello Greg," I said, also putting on my gloves.

"What do we have for today?" he asked me, looking around for something to analyze.

"Nothing just yet, but I bet they'll find something soon," I told him.

"That's cool. What do you want to listen to today?" Greg asked me smiling.

"Anything you want," I said, staring back at him.

"Hey, I really like this one," he said putting a CD into the stereo and pressing play.

I heard the music and instantly recognized the song. It was The Anthem by Good Charlotte, my favorite band.

"I love this song," I said with a big smile, "Good Charlotte is my favorite band."

"Really? I guess I read your mind," he said moving his hands around my head in an orbital motion.

"Yup, that's you. Greg Sanders the mind reader," I said laughing.

"Hey, it could happen," he said also laughing.

"What are you two doing in here?" Nick asked as he and Sarah walked into the room.

"Oh nothing. Just waiting for you guys to find something interesting so we can analyze it," Greg said turning down the volume.

"Okay, well than you'll be glad to know that we have something for you," Sarah said handing Greg a swab with blood on it, "Analyze this rock star."

"Will do," Greg said turning around and walking to the other side of the lab to get started.

"So, what's going on?" I asked to two CSI's standing in front of me.

"Oh, some guys was murdered in his home last night. We found blood on the door handle. That's what Greg is working on right now," Nick explained.

"Interesting," I said smiling at the much older, but still very handsome, man.

"Well, we better get back to work," Sarah said walking away, "You coming Nick?"

"Yea," Nick said rolling his eyes before turning around, "Work!"

Greg and I analyzed the blood and gave the results to Nick and Sarah. Grissom had us working on another case, which took up most of the time. Greg had trained me well, so most of the work was split equally between us. When we were finished, and waiting for more work, Greg decided to turn the music back on; this time to some party music that we could dance to.

"Come on," Greg said grabbing my hands, "Lets dance."

"Ugh," I sighed as he pulled me off the stool.

We began to dance around the lab, flailing our arms everywhere.

"What are you two doing?" Catherine asked us, almost dying from laughter.

"Just fooling around. Lightening the mood around here a bit," Greg answered, not embarrassed at all.

"Yea, well you two better stop before you blow the top off this place," Sarah said walking in, hands on her hips, "Grissom will be pretty upset if he sees you."

"Ehh, leave them alone Sarah. It's not like they're ignoring their work or anything," Catherine said, defending us, and still laughing.

Sarah stormed out of the room, probably jealous with rage. Catherine warned us to cool it a bit and went back to work. Greg turned the music back up a little bit and began to dance around again; I sat this one out and just watched.

Nick and Warrick walked in laughing.

"Man, you'd make a pretty funny clown," Nick teased.

"Yea, I agree," Warrick said laughing some more.

"Here, we need to know what's in it," Nick said handing me a bottle with some unknown clear liquid inside.

"I'll get right on it," I said turning and walking to the counter.

"You better cool your jets dude. You're going to have a crowd forming soon," Warrick laughed as he and Nick walked away.

Later on Greg and I took our lunch break. Catherine's investigation was still going strong and she needed something analyzed. She decided to leave it in the lab for us to find after lunch. When we were both finished eating we walked back to the lab. Greg stood facing the door, looking through some papers and I saw the container Catherine had left earlier. I turned around to get a pair of gloves when the worst possible thing happened. All I remember was hearing a loud bang, glass flying everywhere, and waking up on the floor.

"Greg!" I yelled as I tried to pick up my head.

"Nicole!" he yelled back.

We were lying face to face next to each other on the floor. I reached out and grabbed his hand. I was so scared about what would happen. I picked up my head a little and turned it in the opposite direction. I saw Sarah lying against the wall, not moving. No one else was close enough for me to see. I fell unconscious as I heard voices screaming 'Get an ambulance!'