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Category: CSI: Miami - Ship Ahoy! > Calleigh/Horatio
Characters: Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko, Horatio Caine, Tim Speedle
Rating: PG
Genres: Angst
Warnings: None

Summary: "“Calleigh? Are you okay?” He waited to be at the other end of the row of lockers before asking for her again, “Calleigh, where are you?”" Horatio/Calleigh

A/N: I used to study science in college then, I moved on to psychology. Which is why I'm a semester behind, but that's not the point... I had a chemistry class, of course, and some experiments were pretty dangerous. This story came from something that happened to me, although not to that extent and not exactly in the same manner. Anyway... hope you enjoy!


"Calleigh!" Speed said urgently, seeing his teammate and friend run out of the lab with a hand covering her face. The other, he saw, was used to help shrug her lab coat off.

"Calleigh, wait!" He pushed the adjacent lab door and exited into the hallway, following her. "What happened?" He was jogging down the hallway, trying to catch up to her as she quickly headed for the locker room.

He stopped at the door, holding back from barging in; maybe she needed to be alone. No, he decided, he'd check up on her and if she didn't want to see him or talk to him, then he'd leave, but not before making sure she was okay.

Speed pushed the door, asking, "Calleigh? Are you okay?" He waited to be at the other end of the row of lockers before asking for her again, "Calleigh, where are you?"

That's when he saw her. She was leaning over the sink, holding her loose hair over her shoulder with one hand and flushing something out of her eye, maybe, with her other hand- he couldn't tell from where he stood. He cautiously approached, knowing very well that if she had run off, avoiding his summons, it was obviously for a good reason.

"Calleigh?" he asked gently, stepping forward. He saw red; saw blood streaming down her nose, mingling with the running water and flowing down the drain.

"God! What happened?" He was beginning to panic, "Should I get someone?" Why wouldn't she answer him he wondered, infuriated. What the hell was the matter with her?

Speed, uncharistically, placed a gentle hand on her back. "Tell me you're okay-"

He felt uneasy and removed his hand just as quickly as she turned the faucet off and straightened to look at her reflection in the mirror.

"No," she spoke slowly, "I'm fine." Had she heard his inquiry or had she just given her usual answer to anyone who wondered how she was doing?

She squinted, looking at her face in the mirror.

"What the hell happened?" Speed asked. She could tell from the way his eyes were fixating her that he wouldn't take any B.S. from her.

"I was working with Hydrochloric Acid concentrate under the fume hood and, I got distracted and spilled some..." She paused to cough. "While trying to clean up the mess, I inadvertently inhaled fumes-"

"Are you sure you're okay?" He softened a bit.

"Yeah," her voice was hoarse, "I may have a few dead brain cells, though- God, that rushed right up. I thought I was gonna pass out-" She placed a hand on her chest, "You should have seen how fast and how big the fume cloud got-"

Through her gestures, she suddenly grabbed on the side of the sink as if she had just had a short moment of light-headedness.

"Maybe you should sit down." Speed took her arm, guiding her to the near by bench. "How are you feeling?" He looked over her features and stared her down.

"Do I have any burns on my skin?" she asked, fear tinting her voice. She was sweating profusely now and it was very unlike her.

"No-" he diverted his eyes, "I ah, I'm sorry- didn't mean to stare... why? You had your protective eyewear on, right?"

"Tim." She said sternly.

Of course, she did.

"Yeah, okay... just checking." He saw a trail of blood start down from her nose at a very slow pace. "Your nose- it's bleeding again."

"Oh," she placed two fingers under it to try to hold back the blood. Speed walked over to the first bathroom stall and brought her some toilet paper.

She coughed again and started wheezing.

"Calleigh," Speed was now more than concerned... he was down right terrified. "We need to get you to a hospital. I'll call an ambulance."

Speed fumbled nervously for his cell phone. He'd always been calm in these types of nerve-racking situations, but this was Calleigh. The term 'emergency' took on a whole other meaning.

While, he anxiously waited for the 911 call to be answered, he told Calleigh to lie down on the bench.

She did as told, unable to speak at this point, but, as quickly as she had put her head down on Speed's lap, she quickly rose up, grabbing her throat and, even with Speed's hand grasping for her, she fell off the bench onto the hard locker room floor.

Speed recognized the bubbly sound coming from her airways. His grandfather, when dying of lung cancer, had made the same sounds during his last moments. Her skin was changing to a bluish-grey color. Speed knew she was suffocating.