Addicted by natushka [ - ]
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Category: CSI: Miami - Ship Ahoy! > Calleigh/Horatio
Characters: Calleigh Duquesne, Horatio Caine
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: They are truely addicted


Totally and utterly addicted.

One look and he was gone, completely undone. His body betrayed him. He tried keeping a barrier between them, a barrier that stopped at Teacher and student, Mentor and protégé, even boss and employee. But his body wouldn't allow it; it would seem his body wanted Calleigh Duquesne for his to devour.

To touch, to taste, to belong to him.



At work.

He senses her, before his eyes actually rest on her, that sweet aroma that is only Calleigh. He watches her through the glass window. Not out of lust, nor greed. His gaze is soft with admiration and adoration. The simplest things he notices. The way she tucks her blonde locks behind her ears, the way she clasps her weapon – with care, ease and professionalism. Her dedication through thick and thin. Her need to challenge herself, to test herself.

Her spirit.

Calleigh was all spirit, pure southern spirit. There was a glow that admitted from her, that was filled with warmth and tender love. He needn't look far when he needed her to rescue him from the storm. The never ending battle against the fiery seas that rocked against his conscious. She soothed them with nothing more than being in his presence

Tonight, Horatio smiled, I'll make her mine


At home.

She laughs, she smiles, she taunts, and she loves.

There is a new adoration for her, and his need has grown. He has learnt that this southern blonde headed beauty is a vixen in the bedroom.

Seductive and playful.

An intoxicating combination he has decided.

As they tumble under the sheets, sweet promises of love are made, tender touches caress. Her pale moonlit skin feels exquisite under his fingertips as he explores her body finding new places to tease and delight. He feels her tremble with anticipation beneath him as his hands dance across her toned abdomen. This encourages him more. He finds the sensitive spot on her inner thigh and a low moan escapes her throat.



Though he loves tumbling beneath the sheets with her, finding new glorious ways to make her submit to his pleasurable torture and make her tremble below him, Horatio bathes in the feel of waking up with his seductress in his arms.

Her blonde locks tousled, and splayed over her bare shoulders. He drinks in the sight of her.

He traces her jaw line lightly, then down her forehead, nose, lips, stopping to linger over her bottom lip, that's still slightly swollen from last night.

As if on cue, she kisses his finger. Lips lingering, eyes locked on him. Horatio replaces his finger with his lips for tantalizing kiss, which rocks Calleigh from head to toe. Making her feel treasured in every sense of the word.

His lips move to her collarbone and she can already feel her body tingle with excitement. A lazy smile curves on her lips, and her eyes fluttered shut.

Cherished. Adored. Loved.

She is, as well,

Truly Addicted.