A Good Start by Loretta [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Slashed > Greg/other male
Characters: Greg Sanders
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Pre-relationship
Warnings: None

Summary: A night at the movies brings unexpected thrills.

The instant he sees him, the light flickering over those smooth features, Greg feels a burst of warmth in his gut he knows is more than just recognition. He's seen that same olive skin in just the same way a thousand times before in the lab, but this time, standing within the shadows of a few dozen parked cars, the heated affection isn't bound by glass partitions and lingering coworkers. Now it spreads and leaves tingling goose bumps in it's wake.

Later, he'll wonder at his luck, but in this very moment, he can't be bothered with the how, when the who is smiling an invitation he can't refuse. Careful to keep his own smile this side of ecstatic, Greg slides into the passenger seat and closes the door with a healthy thump.

"So the rumors were true."

Greg's grin falters a moment before he asks, "Which rumor would that be?"

"That you were the only return customer this place has."

Knowing his cheeks just have to be pink by now, he ducks his head a little. "I happen to think that a drive-in is a much better venue in which to view a movie." And then a small shrug. "Call me old fashioned."

Archie's breathy laugh heats Greg's skin even further. And if that wasn't enough, a long fingered hand finds it's way up his arm. "There's nothing wrong with that, Greg. Though you'll never hear me say that I'd like to watch Deep Space Nine without my Dolby Surround Sound."

Taking courage in the lingering touch, Greg turns, intent on pressing closer - only to jack his knee against the center console. "Ow."

Archie says with true sincerity, "Oh, man. I'm sorry."

'So am I,' Greg thinks as Archie's hand retreats back to its owner's lap. "It's ok. Teach me to keep my limbs to myself," he replies and winces a bit for good measure.

There's a quiet pause that Greg is pretty sure means he's just made Archie really uncomfortable, but he's too nice to say as much. When he's gathered enough courage to lift his gaze back to Archie's wide brown eyes, instead of seeing awkward resignation, there's only a quiet certainty. Like Archie had come to a conclusion. About Greg. He opens his mouth to explain, but Archie beats him to it.

"You know these seats fold forward. We could move to the back if you'd be more comfortable there."

Greg can't stop his eyes from widening any more than he can stop the sudden change in atmosphere inside Archie's car. "Archie Johnson, are you flirting with me? Because I don't get into the backseat with just anyone."

Now it was Archie's turn to blush. "And what would make me special?"

What didn't make Archie special? Greg shook his head and grinned deviously. "Fishing for compliments already and I haven't even gotten a kiss yet." Sliding forward in his seat, Greg had intended to search for the seat lever, but Archie seemed to be just as intent on stopping him.

Leaning across the offending console, Archie's slender frame was still what felt like miles away from Greg's, yet the brush of his fingers elicited enough of a reaction from the former lab tech that neither man worried about the lack of contact for now. What mattered now was lips, soft and full, eagerly mapping the other's mouth for the first time, smooth fingertips sliding under a shirt collar, thumb trailing along slight stubble over a jawline.

Slowly coming back from the sudden onset of sensation, Greg brought his hands up, sliding them past Archie's shoulders and into his hair, taking back a bit of control and working to deepen the kiss. Pressing forward, he met resistance in the form of a console once again. Growling low in his throat, he pulled away from the warm, velvet heat of Archie's mouth.

Archie asked, a little breathless and a lot sexy, "Maybe we should take this in the back?"

Glancing at the movie screen and away from those parted, wet lips, Greg took those few seconds to slow his own breathing. "Have you got your radio tuned to 107.1?"

One corner of his mouth curling into a good natured smirk, Archie winked and pushed up onto his knees in his seat. "You may be a great multi-tasker at work, Sanders, but here is where you learn the value of single minded focus."

Slipping between the two seats (and giving Greg an up close view of his posterior), the lab tech deposited himself into the back seat. Five seconds later the driver seat was completely flat and shoved forward as far as it would go.

Greg's eyes sparkled in the light from the opening credits of the movie. "That was impressive, Arch, but hardly required focus."

Archie's sparkled with a light of their own, stopping Greg's progress over the seat. "No. I was saving that for you."

The next teasing comment Greg had prepared got swallowed by such a huge swell of giddy longing that the most he could do was hold his breath and hope Archie wasn't joking. Luckily for him, Archie was past waiting on him.

Gripping Greg's wrist, Archie pulled him the rest of the way over and ended up with a lapful of Sanders. "At last. I have you right where I want you."

Greg snickered, but stayed where he was. "Ba dum bump."

"Now the question is what should I do with..OH."

Greg was now taking advantage of his position, the little bit of banter between them taking the edge off. Placing soft kisses to the exposed flesh of Archie's neck, he worked his way to his prize, a tender earlobe. Nipping it with his teeth, he tugged lightly, released it, then claimed it with his mouth once more. Archie tilted his head in response, moaning softly as Greg began to suckle harder. Letting go one more time, Greg pressed his mouth gently to Archie's ear and whispered, "How's this for focus?"

Archie groaned and reached up to capture Greg's chin with his hand. Looking directly into long lashed brown eyes, he smiled softly and said, "I'd call it a good start."