Abandoned and Reborn by Bj Jones [ - ]
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Category: CSI: Miami - Slashed > Horatio/Speed
Characters: Alexx Woods, Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko, Horatio Caine, Ryan Wolfe, Tim Speedle
Rating: R
Genres: Angst, Drama, Established Relationship
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: 100 AU Fic - # 76 Rebirth: Speed and Fire were internationally famous, more like infamous. They were known for the unique and cunning approach to taking out their targets. But how did two CSI's end up International Assassins?

Disclaimer: I think we all know I don't own them and the reasons why. They are owned by various executives, producers, writers and studios that have more lawyers than I want to mess with. I'm not making any money just borrowing them for a bit and promise to return them.

Beta: Kay and Calypso

Author's Note: Don't ask where this bunny came from. It snuck in with 'To Be Owned' Bunny... It's evil and demands attention. This is a serious AU!!

Warning: Slash – Really people by now you should know – if you don't like it – don't read it. Dark themes, homophobia, assassins, and a bitchy Megan.


"Fire and Speed are heading towards Miami," Ray announced to the group. "This is personal for Miami, so we need to find them and bring them in."

Eric looked at the photos. He was taken back by the emotions clearly displayed on the two men's faces. "These two men are hired assassins?" he asked, skeptical. "They look like they are on their honeymoon."

Megan growled lightly. "Don't let them fool you, they are worthless killers!"

Calleigh looked at her eyebrow rose. "Taking things a bit personally?"

"They used to be cops here in Miami," Ray informed them. "So, yes, it's personal."

"Why did two cops turn and suddenly become assassins?" Eric asked. "That's a bit odd, don't you think?"

"They turned their back on everything." Megan's tone was hard and cold. "Their duty, job, family, city..."

"Don't you mean they turned their backs on them?" Alexx stepped into the room. "If you're going to tell them why they are international assassins you should tell them your role in it."

"I had nothing to do with it!" Megan screeched.

"And I'm a surfer girl from Malibu," Alexx retorted. "Because of your simple minded attitudes you drove them out of this lab, out of their home, out of this city, and into the world they are in now."

"What happened?" Calleigh asked.

"It doesn't matter." Ray glared at Alexx. "What matters is that they are here and we need to find out their target stop them and bring them in."

"Honey, come see me later." She glared at the other two and walked out.

Eric glanced at photo then up at Calleigh. There was mystery here and they planned on solving it.

~ Ritz Carlton – Miami ~

"Miami." Horatio looked out over the ocean. "Never thought I would be back here."

"Maybe we shouldn't have taken the job." Speed slipped his arms around him, resting his chin on his shoulder. "Ray and Megan are going to be worse than ticks on a dog."

"Don't insult ticks everywhere." Horatio smiled at his lover.

Speed chuckled burying his nose into the back of Horatio's neck. "No hard feelings there."

"I hate them," Horatio said simply.

"I know baby." Speed eased his hands under the redhead's shirt. "They aren't worth the emotion or effort."

"It's being here, the memories." Horatio turned, taking Speed's mouth in a deep kiss. "I almost lost you."

"You saved me." Speed kissed him back. "These years with you have been worth everything we went through."

"Even the months in the hospital?" Horatio began kissing a trail down his lover's neck.

"Yes," Speed moaned. "Watching the sun rise over the desert in Egypt, that small little coffee shop in Italy, the bookstore in Paris, the soft grass in Scotland, all of it makes the bad memories go away."

"I love you." Horatio pushed him towards the bed.

"Didn't we just leave this?" Speed snickered as he was pushed back onto it.

"What can I say?" Horatio growled. "I prefer you laid out hard, leaking, wanton and all for me."

"Damn," Speed breathed. "I need you."

Horatio stripped him out of his shirt, pausing lightly as his fingers caressed the scars he found. He kissed each one reverently. He had come so close to losing his reason for living, all because of his brother and that bitch.

"Sh... baby." Speed ran his fingers through the wild red hair, the reason behind the nickname. "I'm here."

Horatio looked up, his blue eyes intense. "This will be one job I would do for free."

Speed pulled him down kissing him hard and demandingly. "They finally pissed off the wrong people and we get to take care of the situation."

Horatio laughed softly. "I'm going to enjoy this."

~ Autopsy Room ~

"I don't appreciate your attitude." Megan slammed through the doors.

"Have some respect for the dead." Alexx smiled back down at the body. "Its okay honey, I'll be back in a few minutes." Alexx turned her back on Megan and walked to her office.

Megan stormed in behind her. "You had no right to undermine my authority..."

"Just stop the bullshit." Alexx glared at the woman. "I hate you. You hate me. I will never forgive you for what you did to those two men."

"Have you had contact with them?" Megan demanded.

"If I did, I wouldn't tell you." Alexx sat down. "Though I bet you already pulled my phone records to check, which is illegal without a warrant."

"I had a warrant," Megan sneered. "You're a known friend of two assassins, the judge was glad to hand it over. As a matter of fact," she smirked. "You've been let go. Your known association with terrorists scares the higher ups."

Alexx smirked. "Good move. Really that was good. Doesn't matter I sent my letter of resignation in two days ago." She stood up, glaring down at Megan. "And you can call off your terrible tail you have on me. Now if you excuse me I have an autopsy to finish before I leave."

"No, you don't." Megan looked behind her. "These two officers are here to escort you out."

Alexx grabbed her bag and a small box she had already packed and walked out of her office. She paused at the young women laid out on her table. "I'm sorry, sugar, someone will take care of you."

Alexx walked out of the lab, her head held high with dignity. She smiled at Tripp as he walked up to the small group. "Going somewhere?"

"I resigned," Alexx explained. "But because of my ties to Horatio and Tim they've decided to escort me out of the building just in case I might do something like smack Megan."

Tripp's jaw dropped. "You're kidding. Did they force you to resign?"

"No." Alexx patted his arm. "I did that on my own; I knew this day would come especially if they ever returned to Miami."

"Ma'am." The younger officer hesitated. He had always liked the ME, she was kind to everyone.

"Its okay dear." she smiled. "Come over for dinner, Tripp; make sure your friends can't make it."

He rolled his eyes. "They're terrible aren't they?"

"I'll see you, sugar," Alexx called back as she left the precinct. She looked back with a sigh. She wouldn't miss it. It was never the same after they left. She stored her stuff, got in her car and drove away.

~ Ritz Carlton – Miami ~

"They fired Alexx." Horatio clicked the phone off.

Speed's eyes narrowed. "Excuse me?"

Horatio knew that tone. He quickly moved, pulling Speed into his arms and down onto the couch. "She resigned first, but they escorted her out of the building."

Speed growled. "Alexx has been there for me when no one... I mean no one else was."

"I know baby." Horatio kissed his temple. "And we'll be there for her."

"How can people be such blind, petty, prejudicial assholes?" Speed slumped against Horatio. "Alexx is the sweetest thing on this planet. She's helpful, just gives everyone a part of herself."

"Do you want to see her?" Horatio smoothed down the unruly hair.

"Is it safe?" Speed asked, wanting to go see her, but not willing to jeopardize Alexx's safety.

"Completely," he grinned. "She's ditched her tails and is already on her way up."

"We trained her well." Speed got up off the couch and walked towards the doorway, just in time to open it and smile at Alexx. He pulled her inside and hugged her tightly. "I missed you."

"Ah, honey you know how to make a girl feel welcome." She hugged him back. Alexx pulled back smiling, cupping his scruffy cheek. "You need to shave."

"He always needs to shave." Horatio walked up to the two. "Hi, Alexx."

She hugged Horatio just as tightly. "How are my boys?"

"Good." Horatio led her onto the covered balcony, the plants and overhang blocking anyone's view. "Lunch?"

"I'm starved." She sat down next to Speed. "You look healthy." She eyed the dark haired man. Turning toward Horatio. "Are you making sure he eats?"

"Does he ever," Speed rolled his eyes.

"Honey, you were almost twenty pounds under your minimum weight." Alexx put extra food on Speed's plate. "You get so wrapped up, you forget to eat."

"He still does." Horatio smiled at Speed. "Until I put the food in front of him and take away the book."

"Good." Alexx laughed. "So I would ask you what brings you to Miami, but I probably don't want to and shouldn't know."

"Business," Horatio informed her.

Alexx nodded in understanding, "Peter and the kids would love to see you, but considering..."

"This visit wouldn't be a good idea," Speed agreed. "I'm sorry about the lab."

Alexx waved her hand in dismissal. "Not to worry. I got an offer from Charleston, and Peter's firm has an office up there. They are willing to transfer him."

"Charleston is a lovely city." Horatio smiled at her. "I'm happy for you."

"You can come visit me on my plantation," she grinned, laughing lightly. "I'll keep a porch light on."

~ Lab ~

"I don't get it," Eric slammed his locker shut. "They just escorted Alexx out of here like she was a common criminal."

"Usually we escort them in," Calleigh teased then grew serious at Eric's look. "Whatever is going on has to do with Fire and Speed."

"Another thing I don't get." Eric looked at her. "Did those photos scream International Assassin?"

"Not at all." Calleigh sighed. "What do you want to do?"

"Hey you two." Tripp walked into the locker room. "I was looking for you. I got a question about the Taggers Case."

"Sure, how can we help you?" Calleigh smiled at him.

"You sure know how to make an old detective's day." Tripp smiled back at Calleigh before turning towards Eric. "I was filing his paper work and it showed Ray signed off on it, I though it was your case."

"What?" Eric grabbed the file. "Damn him. This is the fourth case he's signed off on, taking my credit."

Calleigh looked at the folder. "Aren't you up for level three?"

"Won't get there if Raymond Caine keeps taking my cases," Eric growled hitting his locker.

"You hear about Alexx?" Tripp questioned, looking at the file.

"It sucks," Eric commented. "She did nothing wrong."

"Well, that's not how everyone sees it." Tripp shrugged. "I heard about her confrontation with Ray and Megan."

"What was that about?" Calleigh asked.

"You should ask her." Tripp tapped the folder on his hands. "I got to go. Hey, do me a favor."

"What?" Eric asked.

"Do what CSI's do, follow the evidence," he smiled and walked out.

~ Eric's place ~

Calleigh curled up next to Eric, reading over the files on the two assassins. "I'm not seeing it. I'm really not."

Eric looked down at the folder. "You reading about Speed?"

"Yeah." Calleigh sat up and looked at him. "Listen to this, 'Graduated with Honors from Columbia University in Micro-Biology specializing in paralysis.'"

Eric's forehead furrowed. "So a micro-biologist is now an international terrorist?"

"According to this," Calleigh flipped back through the file. "He studied to find a cure for a friend that had been paralyzed after an accident....Oh...The friend died two years later in surgery."

"So he became a CSI?" Eric got up off the couch. "It doesn't add up. None of it does. According to this file – Horatio Caine was obsessed with justice. He followed and worked with the CSI's to find his mothers killer. Went to school, got a degree in Chemistry and joined the lab."

"It seems Speed disappeared a year after his friend's death then showed up in Miami." Calleigh skimmed over the records. "Went back to school, finished his degree in one year!" She looked up at Eric. "With honors."

"Shit." Eric leaned up against the table. "How did he get into the lab?"

"Megan hired him as an intern, then mentored him." Calleigh eyed Eric. "Explains her hostility."

"Horatio got Ray into police work." Eric sighed. "I can't find why, but he transferred to Bomb Squad. It was after that the two just upped and decided to become International Assassins. How does one do that?"

"Get a passport?" Calleigh smirked.

Eric laughed. "One day you're a CSI and Bomb Squad, the next hiring out as hitman?"

"Speed's record," Calleigh paused. "Says he failed his fire arms test twice, there's a note here from the instructor, 'Tim Speedle isn't comfortable with any type of weapon. Only his dedication to becoming a CSI got him through the class and test. If he had his way, he wouldn't carry and in my opinion he should be re-tested every six months due to a potential lack of consideration for the weapon.' Hired assassin my ass."

"What are we missing?" Eric sat back down.

"Why?" Calleigh leaned back up against him. "Why does a dedicated CSI turn hitman?" She picked up the photos. "You can see it in him..."

Eric looked at the photo. "Protecting Speed?"

"From what?" Calleigh stared at the photos.

"Maybe from who is a better question?" Eric suggested.

~ Ritz Carlton – Miami ~

Speed glanced down at the photos spread over the table. He picked up a photo and stared at it. "Last I checked you can't kill someone by glaring at their photo."

"Damn." Speed smiled at him.

"These confirmed?" Horatio slid a few pictures over, taking the images in.

"Yes," Speed tossed the photo onto the table.

"When do you want to do this?" Horatio asked, his tone completely business.

"In a few days." Speed walked over to the balcony. "They know we're in town. They have no idea why or for whom."

"You want to play with them." Horatio slipped his arms around his lover.

"Oh yeah." Speed's voice dropped to a low growl.

~ The Lab – Next Day ~

"Why do you have someone tailing me?" Tripp demanded.

"You and Caine were friends," Megan pointed out.

"So were you and Speedle before you tried to fuck him," Tripp retorted back.

Megan's eyes flashed. "How dare you?"

"What? It's true," Tripp smirked. "Look I haven't had any contact with either man. And if I can spot the tail I guarantee they could a mile away. I have work to do so..." Tripp walked off leaving a fuming Megan behind.

Megan turned to see Calleigh standing near by. "What do you have?"

Calleigh took a relaxing breath and reminded herself the reason she couldn't kill Megan, at least in a police station in front of witness. "I worked up the ballistics on the Morris case. They don't match, but interesting..."

"I don't care about that." Megan practically yelled. "Anything on Speed and Fire?"

Calleigh paused. "I didn't realize I was investigating them. Do you have some ballistic material that needs to be processed? Have they hit someone?"

Megan rubbed her forehead. "Look at past cases and do your job." She stalked off toward the elevator.

"I wonder how much they would cost." Janie the receptionist paused. "Did I say that out loud?"

Calleigh grinned at her. "That's okay I thought the same thing."

"We can pool resources," Janie suggested.

"I have a feeling they would do it for free." Calleigh waved as she headed back to the labs. She needed to find Eric. Megan was taking this personally, too personally. And she wondered what Tripp knew, especially about Megan and Speed.


"Whacha doing?" Calleigh smiled at Eric as she walked into the back layout room.

"Close the door." Calleigh closed the door shocked at Eric's serious expression.

"What is it?" she asked, sitting down across from him.

"I just got reamed by Ray for not working on the Speed and Fire case," Eric sighed, arms crossed in front of his chest. "When I asked if there had been a hit he said no. So I asked what I was supposed to be investigating. He told me just to do my job."

"The two must have been channeling each other, Megan basically said the same thing to me," Calleigh huffed slightly. "What the hell is going on?"

"I don't know, but I intend to find out," Eric swore.

"We should talk to Tripp." Calleigh said.

"Why?" Eric asked.

"Oh he knows things and he's not telling us." Calleigh stood and headed for the door. "Oh and by the way Alexx invited us for dinner tonight."

"Oh really." Eric smiled. "I haven't had a good home cooked meal in a while."

Calleigh glared at him. "We were at your mother's on Saturday." Eric's laughter followed her out the door.

~ Alexx's Place ~

Eric really shouldn't have been surprised to see Tripp sitting in the living room. He looked over at Calleigh who just shrugged and handed Alexx her purse and coat. Alexx gave them each a glass of wine and ushered them into the living room.

"Where's Peter?" Calleigh asked. "I was hoping to see Brian and Jamie."

"Peter is off at a conference and the kids are staying at friend's." Alexx informed her. "By the way did you have a tail?"

Eric rolled his eyes. "The one I lost about a ten miles back."

"Though they could be bad on purpose and we're missing the real on,." Calleigh pointed out.

"Why are we here?" Eric asked, getting to the point.

Calleigh glared at Eric. "Eric... what if..."

"The place as been swept," Tripp informed them. "It's not bugged."

Calleigh blinked. "Wow."

Tripp laughed. "I don't trust Megan or Ray as far as I could toss either of them."

"So what's going on?" Eric asked.

"What questions do you two have?" Alexx sipped her wine.

"Why do two seemingly good cops turn to a life of crime?" Calleigh began. "How does a CSI who hates guns go to being a sniper? How do Ray and Megan fit in all of this?"

"What do you think?" Tripp asked the two CSI's.

"I'm thinking Megan and Ray did something to Speed who set Horatio off." Eric answered. "Speed doesn't seem the type to do this, but Horatio does. You can see it in his eyes. He will protect the ones he loves with ferocity."

"But what happened?" Calleigh asked.

Alexx set her wine glass down and stood up walking towards the window. "The moment Horatio laid eyes on Speed he claimed him. It was literally love at first sight."

"Everyone could see it," Tripp added lost in his own memories. "Some didn't like it."



"They destroyed them." Alexx turned around. "And they were reborn into the men they are now."

~ Flashback ~

Speed looked up from the material he was processing and stared at the redhead that walked by with Megan. He blinked. He found himself leaning slightly to check out the redhead's ass. Damn he couldn't check it out, it was covered by the suit coat.

"You're drooling," Alexx teased.

Speed turned and glared at the ME. "What brings you up to my domain?"

"Got some trace for you," Alexx handed him an envelope. "I found it up inside her vagina."

He opened the envelope. "The rapist used a condom and left it?" Speed asked as he looked up at the ME.

"Once in a while we're lucky." Alexx smiled. "Dinner?"

"Sure." Speed set the envelope down.

"By the way his name is Horatio Cain," Alexx informed him. "He just transferred from New York."

~ Alexx's House – Present ~

"So Horatio was in New York?" Calleigh asked. "What about Ray?"

"Ray worked in Special Victims Unit up in New York." Tripp explained. "When Horatio and his wife divorced he decided to come home to Miami. Ray came with him. Horatio joined the crime lab, Ray became a detective."

"How long before they ended up in a relationship?" Eric asked.

"A week?" Alexx looked at Tripp. "Or was it sooner?"

"I swear it was a day," Tripp laughed. "The moment Horatio saw Speed he went after him."

~ Flashback ~

Speed stopped in his tracks. "I don't think we've met."

"Horatio Caine." Horatio got off of Speed's bike. "Hope you don't mind, but someone said you rode a yellow bike, and you are not an easy person to catch."

"You ride?" Speed asked, moving towards his bike.

"It's been a while," Horatio admitted his eyes sweeping over the younger man.

"Want to go for a ride?" Speed grinned as he settled onto the bike.

"So the nickname, Speed, really does fit you." Horatio slipped behind him.

"Only on certain things. Sometimes I like to take things slow, draw out the experience," Speed purred. "Hang on."

Horatio grabbed hold as Speed took off out of the parking lot and off into the Miami sunset.

~ Alexx's – Present ~

"Well that's how Horatio explained it to me," Tripp smirked.

"My baby's a slut." Alexx laughed sitting back down. "The truth is the moment they were together nothing was going to tear them apart. I mean nothing. They kept it quiet at work. The only ones who knew about the relationship were Tripp and me."

"Though if you really looked, the love between them was obvious." Tripp smiled in fond memory. "The two were inseparable. Their solve rate was higher than anyone else in the lab. It wasn't till Megan started after Speed that things got ugly."

"I heard you say she tried to fuck him." Calleigh eyed Tripp. "You met literally?"

"In every sense of the word," Tripp sighed. "Speed turned her down flat a few times. She was not just bordering sexual harassment she had jumped over the line. Then she found out about Horatio and him."

"It went straight to hell." Alexx stood back up and walked into the kitchen. "They... God even now it's hard to talk about." She wiped away the tears. "I don't know how someone can do that and still claim to speak for the victims. Both of them should be in jail and what are they doing... trying to..."

Tripp pulled Alexx into his arms. "Sh... They won't catch them..."

Calleigh looked at Eric, with wide eyes. Whatever Megan and Ray did must have been bad. "What happ...." Calleigh's pager went off followed by Eric's.

"We got a body, downtown." Eric stood up. "We'll continue this?"

"You go," Alexx patted him on the arm. "Be careful."

"We will." Calleigh and Eric walked out the door.

~ Downtown ~

Calleigh and Eric walked up to the scene. The new ME looked up with a smile on his face. "Hi. What a way to meet, I'm Ryan Wolfe."

"Calleigh Duquesne and this is Eric Delko." Calleigh knelt down next to him. "What do we have?"

"Head shot," Ray commented from the sidelines. "Looks like we found out who they were after."

"Are you sure?" Eric eyed the gentlemen. "Doesn't look like someone a high priced international assassin would hit."

"He's Judge Ratner; it seems he's been working with terrorists," Megan answered. "He's made some enemies."

Calleigh stood up looking around at the buildings. "We'll have to figure trajectory to find their shooting position. I'll get the lasers delivered, we'll have an advantage since its night, the beam of light will travel further."

Wolfe moved the head grimacing slightly. "Bullet went straight through so either a sniper shot or close range. There's nothing left of the back of his head." He looked behind him.

Eric followed his gaze. "I'll find the bullet."

~ Ballistics' Lab ~

Calleigh looked at the computer, blinked a few times then rechecked to make sure it was accurate. She printed out the report and ran off to find Eric. She stepped into the trace lab, closed the door and leaned against it. "WE need to have LUNCH now!"

Eric looked up at the blonde. "Okay."

"Far away from the lab." Calleigh pulled him out of the lab. She ducked into a closet when she saw Ray and Megan heading down the hallway.

"Why are we in the closet?" Eric asked.

"I don't want them to see us," Calleigh whispered.

"That bad?" Eric responded.


~ Restaurant ~

"Okay so tell me." Eric demanded. The two were sitting at a small restaurant along the beach at least an hour away from the lab.

"The ballistics came back." Calleigh paused. "First off it didn't come from a high powered rifle, it was a normal 9mm. So I ran it to see if I could find previous cases. I found one."

"And?" Eric asked.

"A case three years ago," Calleigh sipped her tea. "Detective Speedle was investigating a jewelry theft ring. He walked into the store and started questioning the owner. Gunmen appeared and he pulled his weapon, it jammed and he was shot in the chest."

"Why did it jam?" Eric asked.

"I don't know, we would have to pull the case." Calleigh waved. "But the main thing..."

"What is a gun from a three year old case doing in this case?" Eric asked.

"Exactly." Calleigh agreed.

~ Lab – Midnight ~

"Did anyone see you?" Eric asked.

"No." Calleigh set the evidence box down. "Did you pull the report?"

"I couldn't." Eric stated. "The file is closed."

"That's interesting." Calleigh pulled the evidence box that stored the gun. "Why would it be closed..." She stared at the open box.

Eric looked at her concerned. "What?"

She pulled out a handwritten note. "The gun is missing. Instead I found this note, 'Alexx said you two were good CSIs now keep looking – Speedle.'"

"How did it get out?" Eric asked. "Check the log."

Calleigh pulled it up, "Last check out was three years ago. This doesn't make sense."

Eric looked at Calleigh. "Let's look at what we know. Horatio and Speed were in a relationship. Three years ago Speed was shot in the chest. The IAB investigation into the shooting is closed and the gun now turns up in the shooting of a Judge three years later."

"Looks like he left more than a note," Calleigh held up a business card.

Eric grabbed it. "Richard Stetler, Attorney at law."

"This just gets more complicated each clue we find," Calleigh sighed.

"I say we go see ourselves a lawyer." Eric held up the card.

~ Law office – Rick Stetler ~

Stetler eyed the two CSIs from behind his desk. "Is there something I can help the two of you with?"

"Horatio Caine and Timothy Speedle," Eric stated.

"Clients, so I can't talk to you about them," Stetler stated easily.

"Look we're trying to figure out what's going on," Calleigh sighed. "We aren't here officially, more like unofficially."

"Why are you here?" Rick demanded.

"The gun Speedle was shot with showed up in one of our cases. Judge Ratner," Eric explained.

"Someone shot the bastard. Good," Stetler grinned. "He was a manipulating, evil man. He deserved more than a simple bullet to the head."

"How did you know it was to the head?" Calleigh asked.

Rick smirked. "You're here about Speed and Fire. You told me a gun that was involved in Speed's shooting showed up in the Ratner shooting. And all of Speed and Fire's victims are shot in the head."

"What connection is there between Ratner and the two men?" Eric asked.

"He was a manipulating bastard, and Horatio hated him." Rick stated. "He's the reason they left the force. It's all in the IAB records."

"It's closed," Eric explained.

Rick leaned forward resting his arms on his desk. "Oh, Really. Well then we have lots to discuss."

"What happened in the shooting?" Calleigh asked.

"The story doesn't start there." Rick leaned back in his chair. "It starts a few months earlier. You know the two were ... are in a relationship."

"Yes, Alexx told us how they got together." Eric blushed lightly.

"Did you know Megan wanted Speed?" Rick asked.

"Tripp mentioned it in passing. That she was sexually harassing him," Calleigh nodded.

"Megan caught Horatio at Speed's. She showed up at his house one night wearing nothing but a skimpy piece of lingerie," Rick began to explain. "She barged into his home, discovering Horatio half dressed in the hallway."

"I take it she didn't handle it well." Calleigh said.

"She made it her goal in life to destroy them." Rick sighed. "What I'm going to tell you, well it's not a pretty story."

"What happened?" Eric asked.

"Hell..." Rick looked out the window lost in memories. "I got involved when Horatio called me. He had been forced to transfer to bomb squad and he was afraid Megan would do something to Speed and wanted to know about putting her up on charges."

"What about Ray?" Eric wondered.

"We didn't know he was involved yet. It broke Horatio's heart when he did find out." Rick looked back at them. "But before I could proceed with the charges against Megan... Speed was shot."

~ Flashback ~

Alexx ran up to Horatio as he exited the bomb squad vehicle. "Horatio!"

"Alexx?" Horatio turned towards the ME. "What's wrong?"

"Speed...he's been shot. He's at St. Luke's, he's in surgery," Alexx explained.

Horatio paled leaning against the vehicle. "What happened?"

"I don't know." Alexx pulled at his arm. "We've got to get to the hospital."

Horatio looked at his boss and friend. Al waved him off. "Go."

~ Hospital ~

Horatio stormed up to the nurse's station demanding information. "I'm sorry sir only next of kin..."

"I'm listed as his next of kin," Horatio explained. "What is going on?"

The nurse checked the charts. "Here you are Mr. Caine. Mr. Speedle is out of surgery. The doctor would like to speak with you."

Horatio waited patiently, noticing that no one from the lab was even in the lobby. He glanced at Alexx, she noticed it also. She growled lightly but kept quiet. The doctor walked up with a grim expression on his face.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Taylor," the older man introduced himself. "Are you Horatio Caine?"

"Yes," Horatio responded. "How is he?"

"I'm concerned about his lungs. They collapsed during the surgery. The beating he took before the shooting caused damage to the lungs and ribs beforehand..."

"Beating?" Horatio demanded.

"He's got bruises along his ribs and a few of them are broken. They must have happened just before the shooting since the bruising is starting to appear now." The doctor looked up at Horatio. "Are you his partner?"

"His domestic partner, yes," Horatio answered.

"Sir, in truth" the doctor looked at Horatio's concerned and worried expression. "It almost looks like domestic abuse..."

"I've never hit him...Oh God I wouldn't..." Horatio stepped back in shock.

"I know that," the doctor agreed. "Are you out in the police force?"

"His, our, my... A supervisor knows and wasn't happy," Horatio explained.

"Then in truth I think we've got a case of brutality," the doctor stated firmly. "According to the EMT reports the officer was only shot, so the injuries came before he got to the jewelry store."

"Doctor, is he going to be okay?" Horatio demanded.

"He's got a long road ahead of him; I'm worried about his lungs like I said. I want to keep him sedated and on a ventilator until I know his lungs can work on their own," the doctor informed him. "He won't be leaving here for a while."

"Can I see him?" Horatio demanded.

"For a short time." The doctor nodded. "The nurse will take you up to ICU to visit."

~ Present ~

"Horatio showed up in my office the next day." Rick leaned forward. "He wanted a full investigation on Megan. But it wasn't over."

"What happened next?" Calleigh wondered.

"Megan declared Speedle neglectful with his gun," Rick explained. "Speedle couldn't even defend himself. He was still unconscious."

"He had a history though," Calleigh pointed out.

"He did," Stetler agreed. "But Horatio had proof Speed cleaned his weapon. The two of them every 1st and 15th of each month cleaned their weapons. It was Horatio's way of making sure Speed stayed safe."

"The hearing?" Eric asked.

"Was a witch hunt," Stetler snarled. "They shredded Horatio's reputation."

Eric was a bit surprised at Stetler's reaction. "Who?"

"Megan and Ray."

~ Flashback ~

"I'm Richard Stetler representing Timothy Speedle, since he's laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life and can't be here." Rick sat down at the table across from the board. "I have a witness who will state clearly that Timothy Speedle was cleaning his weapon."

"Who?" Ratner asked.

"Detective Horatio Caine." Rick looked over to the door as Horatio walked in and sat down next to him.

"Mr. Caine how do you know he cleaned his gun?" Ratner asked.

"Every 1st and 15th we clean our guns," Horatio simply stated. "And the shooting was on the 18th. We just cleaned our weapon three days prior. No way would it have jammed from faulty gun maintenance."

"We have the forensic evidence from Megan Donner, Speedle's supervisor, that the gun was dirty." Ratner said.

"Megan Donner has been sexually harassing Mr. Speedle and was being investigated," Stetler informed them. "She has cause to want Speedle to not only lose his job but his reputation."

"Maybe you should ask why Caine knows when Speedle cleans his gun. Or why they were cleaning it together?" Megan called out from the back.

Stetler turned eyes narrowing. "This is a closed hearing, no spectators."

"I'm a witness," Megan sneered.

"Who should be outside unless I called you in," Stetler declared turning towards the board. "She shouldn't be in here."

"The board will have who they want present." Ratner turned to Horatio. "How do you know?"

Horatio sighed. "Timothy Speedle and I have been in a romantic relationship for nine months. That is how I know. Megan Donner discovered our relationship six weeks ago and has made both our lives hell. There are official complaints on the book concerning of her harassment of Speedle."

"We have evidence of the harassment including getting Caine transferred into bomb squad. Soon afterwards her harassment of Speedle worsened..." Stetler pulled out his files.

"Caine was transferred because he was caught tampering with evidence," Megan stated.

Horatio looked at her. "That is a lie. I have never tampered with evidence."

"I have a witness." She looked toward the door.

"Ray?" Horatio's mouth dropped in shock.

~ Present ~

"Ray testified that his own brother tampered with evidence?" Calleigh asked in shock.

"It was his testimony that sealed their fate." Stetler leaned back. "Horatio's credibility was shot to hell. Then it just got worse."

"The next day everyone knew Horatio and Speed were lovers. Horatio started getting harassed by his own team members, ending with a bomb in his car," Stetler said.

"Shit." Eric stood up pacing. "You don't like to think that the people who are supposed to protect and serve are the ones harassing someonejust because they're gay."

"Horatio confronted the man and beat the shit out of him," Stetler smirked. "Ray arrested him and tossed him in jail."

"That's cold," Calleigh growled lightly.

"But then I got a call that blew the damn thing wide open." Stetler pulled an envelope out of a drawer. "Rudy from the jewelry store called me. He wanted to see if I could get him a deal. After what he told me I called the District Attorney."

~ Flashback ~

Stetler sat across the table from Rebecca. "I've got evidence that Megan Donner let Speedle bleed on that floor and did nothing to help him."

"What do you want?" Rebecca asked.

Stetler smiled at her. "I want the chargers against Caine dropped or I'm going to the press about corruption, homophobic attitudes, discrimination and attempted murder on two officers."

Rebecca leaned back. "I can't bring Megan Donner up on charges, her husband is on his way in to become the next Chief of Police."

"Fine." Stetler grabbed his briefcase. "What channel do you prefer, Five or Seven?"

"Caine is released, charges dropped, he resigns along with Speedle. All accusations of tampering, and gun neglect gone." Rebecca stood.

"So Megan Donner and Raymond Caine get away with tampering with evidence and conspiring to kill Speedle." Stetler shook his head in disgust.

"I can't do much more than that." Rebecca sat back down. "My own hands are tied."

"Ratner?" Stetler asked.

Rebecca didn't answer.

~ Present ~

"That the tape?" Eric sat back down.

Stetler nodded and hit play.

"911 what is your emergency.

'I got a police officer who's been shot...'

'Where is your location?'

'McCauley Jewelers *a woman's voice is heard in the background* 'So you thought going up against me was a good idea, faggot. Didn't you learn from the incident in the showers I control you? Your lover boy isn't going to save you...'

'Sir, Rescue should be there.'

'I hear them *a man's voice heard* 'Rescue...*a woman's voice* In here... my CSI has been injured, help him...'"

Stetler clicked off the tape.

"She got away with this?" Calleigh growled, now understanding Alexx's anger.

"They all did." Stetler leaned back. "Horatio resigned and the next day, Speedle and he disappeared out of Miami – only to return three years later."

"Are they here to hit Megan and Ray?" Calleigh asked.

"Maybe you should ask this question. If they did this to Horatio and Speed, who says that they were their only victims?"

~ Miami Ritz Carlton ~

Horatio smiled at his lover. Speed was laid out on one of the deck chairs enjoying the sun. "You look like a cat all stretched out."

"If you scratch my belly I purr," Speed grinned at him.

Horatio straddled him, his hands caressing the strong chest. "You do purr."

Speed arched upwards, his hard cock rubbing against Horatio's thigh. "I can do more than purr."

Horatio pulled out the aching cock, stroking it lightly. His eyes locked with his lover's. "Cum for me" He sped up his strokes. Speed groaned, thrusting into the warm hand. It didn't take long for him to moan deeply and come all over Horatio's hand.

Speed lay bonelessly in the lounge chair. "Okay what's the bad news?"

"What?" Horatio wiped his hand clean on the towel.

"If you give me a hand job and don't participate, you are trying to get me relaxed before you tell me the bad news." Speed smirked at his lover.

Horatio laughed. "Kinda like when you blow me?"

"Yeah," Speed smiled.

"Rick called. Eric and Calleigh are close to figuring things out." Horatio got up and headed back into the apartment. "He thinks we should up the ante."

"What do you think?" Speed asked.

"I think we need to scare the crap out of Megan and Ray." Horatio's grin was feral.

~ Two Days Later ~

Eric and Calleigh had pulled all the info they could without sending off warning alarms to Ray and Megan. So far they didn't like what they were finding out. The two were in bed with Ratner. How far their dealings went, they were still trying to find out.

Eric stepped out into the cool night air. He heard a squeal of tires. Looking up he saw a car heading right for him. The van swerved around him. Before he could react the side door opened and he was pulled into the van. He struggled against his captors; a rag was placed over his mouth. He fell into blackness.


"They took Eric!" Calleigh screamed. "Why Eric?"

"He must be close to finding them," Megan suggested. "What have you two found?"

"Not much." Calleigh tossed the file down. "We're still trying to find the gun."

"But why Eric?" Ray asked.

"Maybe because you recruited him., Calleigh suggested. "If this is personal, I mean it could be right? We don't know what they are after, but if they want to hide their true job by tormenting you..."

Megan and Ray paled. "Keep working on it. We'll find Eric," Megan reassured her as they took off.

"My ass." Calleigh rolled her eyes.

~ Flashback ~

Calleigh woke up with a start her eyes sweeping her room. She was reaching for her gun when the light was turned on she found herself looking into deep blue eyes – Fire. She jumped back, hitting Eric. Eric woke up and jerked when he saw Speed next to him.

"This makes things so much easier." Speed smiled at Horatio. "So I take Meg and Ray don't know that you're sleeping with each other?"

"No," Eric stated.

"That's a good thing." Horatio smiled at them.

"You're not going to kill us?" Calleigh asked.

Speed rolled his eyes. "No. We aren't cold blooded killers."

"Just international assassins," Calleigh countered.

"Alleged," Horatio pointed out. "There is no proof anywhere that we killed anyone."

"But you have." Eric looked at Horatio. "To protect him." He pointed to Speed.

"Alexx was right, they are good." Speed eyed his lover. "So..." He sat down on the bed. "What information do you have for us?"

"It's all connected to Ratner, who you already took out," Eric pointed out.

"Did we?" Horatio questioned.

Eric looked up. "But the gun? Note...."

"Note was us... but think about it... who else had access? And who would want to make it look like we did it... get rid of excess baggage," Speed smiled.

"Damn." Eric leaned back against the headboard.

~ Present ~

Eric looked over at the two men. He could tell they were devoted to each other. He still wasn't sure who they were working for, if anyone at all. But he knew that Miami lost something special when they were run out of town.

"Come on you can tell me," Eric whined slightly.

Speed grinned. "This way you won't slip by mistake." He looked up at Horatio. "Make sure the rope isn't hurting him."

"It's not too tight, is it?" Horatio asked.

Eric struggled in the chair. "No."

"You know what to do?" Horatio asked.

"Yes." Eric nodded. "Get them to confess."

"Simple really." Speed walked towards the back of the warehouse.

"For you maybe," Eric called out.

Horatio looked down at the younger man. "I'm sorry."

"For what...." Eric's head snapped back from the blow, blacking out.

Horatio walked towards Speed. "Did you make the call?"

"I am now," Speed grinned.

"You're enjoying this too much." Horatio sat down.


"Hello Megan." Speed sat on Horatio's lap.

'Speedle! Where's Eric? You bastard, what have you done?'

"Me?" Speed acted shock. "What have I done? Nothing, but according to your CSI I'm a suspect in the murder of Judge Ratner. Now, you know, and I know, I didn't do it."

'Fuck you. We know you're nothing but a cold hearted assassin.'

"And I wonder how I got into that line of work?"

'Bad choices,' Megan growled. 'Where's Eric?'

"Warehouse by the ocean. Come alone so we can talk. Catch up on old times."

'You will pay for your crimes.' Megan hung up.

"You first." Speed flipped the phone shut. "She's on her way."

"Probably with Ray" Horatio agreed. "Let's get set up."

~ Warehouse ~

Eric shook his head, trying to focus on his surroundings. He blinked at the bright light in his eyes. "Hello?"

"Eric?" Megan ran up. "Thank God you're alright." She untied him. "Did they hurt you?"

"Didn't even see them." Eric rubbed his sore wrists and jaw. "How did you find me?"

"They're playing with us," Ray growled.

"I don't get it." Eric shook his head. "Everything about this is wrong. They don't play with their assignments. It's as if it's personal."

"Horatio hated the fact I turned him in." Ray shrugged.

"For what?" Eric asked, surprised. "I mean you never did tell us why they left Miami."

"Horatio was tampering with evidence to boost his solve rate," Megan spat out.

"He then beat the shit out of another cop," Ray explained.

"So he skipped bail and ran off?" Eric asked.

"They released him." Megan growled.

"Why, if he broke the law?" Eric wondered.

"The DA saw a decorated law officer and decided not to try it." Ray shrugged.

"So it had nothing to do with the fact that the reason Horatio beat the shit out of the cop was because he placed a bomb in his car, after someone let it slip that he was in a gay relationship." Eric smiled at them.

Both stared at him.

"I've done some research." Eric rolled his eyes. "And you've been lying to me and Calleigh from the beginning."

"You believe that black bitch?" Megan demanded.

Eric growled low in his throat. "Never insult Alexx in front of me again."

"So you and the pretty blonde have been figuring things out," Ray spat. "Between the sheets."

Eric rolled his eyes. "You told us to find out what we could about Speed and Fire. And like good investigators we are – we did. And let me tell you something." Eric smiled at them. "We've got enough evidence to put you two away."

Megan stared at him. "You have nothing."

"The gun. The tape. The disc." Eric smiled.

Ray pulled a gun up. "It's a shame they killed you before we got here."

"Drop it Ray." Horatio stepped out of the shadows, gun drawn. "It's over."

"Horatio." Ray didn't move. "Who are they going to believe? A decorated cop or a hitman?"

"How about a CIA Agent?" Speed stepped out flashing his badge.

Megan frowned. "Nice trick. So who is your target?"

Speed smirked pulling his own gun. "Why my dear Megan, you should have figured that out by now," he smiled as he aimed it at her.

"So you're going to shoot Ray and me. They'll know it was you," Megan pointed out.

"Do you think we care?" Horatio moved closer to Eric, trying to get between him and Ray.

"You just threw your life away for that fag?" Ray sneered at his brother.

"Speed is my life," Horatio said simply.

"I have one question before we finish this." Speed looked at Megan. "How did you jam my gun? I know it was you."

Megan laughed. "That was easy. I filed down the firing pen. Your reputation from the academy was all I needed."

"So after finding out about me and Horatio, you hooked up with Ray?" Speed asked. "Decided that things needed to be taken care of? But I didn't die, so instead you took the next step and had us blacklisted."

"It's not my fault you went into the assassin business." Megan eyed Speed.

"Who says we did?" Speed smiled. "No proof we killed any of those people. Though I give you credit for making it look like we took out the Judge. Though using the gun from my case was a mistake, especially when you have a ballistics expert on staff."

Megan frowned slightly. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Speed smirked. "Oh really?"

"I don't, Calleigh already informed us, she found no match from the Ratner case." Megan said smugly.

"I think her exact words were 'We're still trying to find the gun.'" Speed smiled. "And I bet they will find it in yours or Ray's house."

Megan frowned she turned her eyes narrowing at Ray. "How stupid could you be?"

"It doesn't matter," Ray barked, he looked at his brother. "They won't be alive to counter any of our arguments."

"Why do you hate them so much?" Eric asked shifting the attention towards him. "Is it so bad that they are in a relationship?"

"It's wrong and disgusting," Megan spat out.

"So attempted murder is justified?" Eric asked.

Megan growled. "You need to learn a lesson." She glared at Speed.

"What lesson? Life sucks and you don't get what you want?" Speed retorted. "Wait, that's your life."

Horatio stared at his brother. "It drove you nuts that I had found someone. I was happy."

Ray snorted, "The perfect Horatio Caine. You made me sick. Everyone looked up to you. Wanted to be you... Ray why aren't you more like Horatio? I hated living in your shadow. To find out you were taking it up the ass by some pansy..." He laughed. "Finally people would see the truth, that you are really nothing."

"So you saw an opportunity." Eric shook his head, "Hooked up with Megan to kill Speedle. Thinking it would destroy your brother..."

"Fag lived, that stupid store owner called rescue." Ray gripped his gun tighter. "But it ended up working so much better. I saw the opportunity to destroy everything you held dear – your reputation."

"The irony is, it still didn't work," Speed grinned. "You still live under his shadow. The CSI that became an Assassin. The famous Horatio Caine... isn't his brother a cop or something."

"SHUT UP!" Ray turned his gun towards Speed.

"Us showing up gave you the opportunity you needed." Horatio kept up the thread. "Ratner was blackmailing you, has been since the IAB investigation. He knew the truth about the gun, the evidence. How many cases did you fix for him? How many favors did you do? And you had it, so you killed him. Thinking the evidence would point to us. We were the assassins, we had a grudge against him, but you didn't take something into consideration."

Ray turned back to his brother. "He wanted a larger cut in our operation."

"And you weren't willing to give it." Speed shook his head. "The both of you were making sure the evidence would point at us. But you overlooked one very important thing; we aren't and never have been assassins."

Megan looked up at Speed. "But..."

"You really do suck at being a CSI. Read the damn reports. We were in the area, never in the vicinity of the actually hits." Speed snorted softly. "They day we resigned was the day we were recruited."

Ray eyes widened. "Yes, Ray. You're under arrest for not just the murder of Judge Ratner but for arms dealing, drug smuggling, and slave trading. We've been watching you for the past three years."

Horatio saw it in Ray's eyes. "Speed!" Ray turned his gun towards the young man determined to kill him at last. Speed dove towards the ground crying out as the bullet ripped through his leg. He heard a report of a few guns. He rolled over and looked up to see Horatio holding his gun on Ray, who lay on the floor.

"Don't even think about it." Eric pulled a gun from his back and pointed it at Megan. "We've got enough evidence to put you away for the attempted murder of Detective Speedle."

"Speed?" Horatio asked, his voice full of concern.

"I'm fine, but you owe me a vacation." Speed held his hand to the wound. "I'm thinking someplace warm, sand, and beaches."

"How about my beach house, here in Miami?" Horatio teased. "I still own it."

Speed grinned. "Sounds lovely."


Speed leaned back in the ambulance stretcher as they paramedics worked on him. He watched as agents escorted Megan and Ray to waiting vehicles. Calleigh had showed up with the cavalry soon after Speed had been wounded. She was now talking with the head agent along with Horatio.

"CIA?" Alexx smacked him. "You could have told me."

"We had to keep the appearance up." Speed smiled at her. "You have no idea how much it means to me that you still loved me even though I was an assassin."

"You're my baby." She took his hand. "Let's get you to the hospital. Horatio will meet us there."

"Yes mom," Speed looked at the Paramedics. "You heard her."

~ Two Days Later ~

"Comfortable?" Horatio asked as he sat down next to his lover.

"I'm good." Speed shifted slightly, resting his leg on the cushion. "So when is everyone getting here?"

"Right about..." Horatio looked up to see Eric and Calleigh walk onto the deck. "Now."

"Hi," Calleigh smiled. "Not sure what to do with you now that your not assassins."

"How about you grab a beer and tell me how a southern girl got to Miami?" Speed pointed to the beer.

"Just don't give him one." Horatio stood up. "How is everything at the lab?"

"In chaos." Eric sat down after grabbing a bear. "IAB is investigating all of their cases, lawyers are screaming, your friend Stetler is having a field day with your case."

"They reinstated Alexx?" Speed asked.

"Yes, honey they did." Alexx walked out with her two kids and Peter. "So we'll be staying in Miami."

"Did you meet your assistant?" Speed grinned.

"Mr. Wolfe," Alexx nodded towards the kids as they ran for the beach. "Very nice young man. It's sad about his hand and having to leave surgery."

"Wait Wolfe worked for you?" Eric asked.

"We met him a couple years ago. A case in Atlanta. He was doing his residency. Tragically a drunk came in, who some how nailed his hand to the nail gun itself, and ended up shooting Ryan in the wrist causing just enough nerve damage that surgery was out. I told him about Alexx and her work as a ME. He liked the idea of helping after the fact," Speed explained just as Ryan walked out onto the deck.

"Was he slipping you information?" Calleigh asked sitting next to Eric.

Horatio grabbed his ringing phone and excused himself. "I kept them in the loop." Ryan grabbed a bear and sat down.

"I feel so duped." Calleigh leaned against Eric.

"Honey," Alexx smiled at Calleigh. "I thought they were assassins."

"I have to ask." Eric looked at Speed. "Has he killed to protect you?"

"Yes," Horatio answered honestly.

Speed looked up love shining in his eyes. "Who was on the phone?"

Horatio grinned. "The Chief of Police."

"Donner?" Eric asked, shocked.

"What did he want?" Calleigh asked just as shocked.

"To offer us a job." Horatio looked at Speed.

Speed stared at him, mouth open in shock. "You're kidding."

"Nope, and I quote, 'I'm not letting the best CSI team I've ever seen out of Miami. Tell those rat bastards up the hill you work for Miami now.'" Horatio sat down next to his lover. "So?"

"I've missed the work." Speed took Horatio's hand. "But we are more important and if they make us hide or..."

"That was one of my conditions. I'll lead the team, but you will be on it and we will still be in a relationship." Horatio pulled Speed's hand to his lips and kissed the knuckles. "He doesn't care. He feels Miami has a lot to make up for and this is one way he can make it up personally."

"It's not his fault his wife is a bitch," Alexx commented from the side.

The two men smiled at her. Horatio looked over at the other three. "So do you think you can handle working with us?"

Eric grinned. "Wasn't it supposed to be that way anyway?"

~ The End ~