A Little In Love by CatStokes [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Slashed > Greg/Nick
Characters: Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Original Character
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Angst, Drabble, Established Relationship, Pre-slash
Warnings: None

Summary: She knows they’re in love. NickGreg.

A.N.: Unknown female POV. That's all you need to know really! Happy 'Late' New Year!

She's used to him disappearing at random times of the day; used to calling him and going straight to voicemail; used to talking to his CSI friends rather than him.

She's seen them together. Knows the brief touches of hands, arms, shoulders and backs mean more than friendship. The laughter is genuine and flirtatious. The way they speak to each other is obvious and sensual.

Nick's her boyfriend, but she knows that, like night follows day, Greg's in love with Nick. And Nick might just be a little in love with Greg.