5 Kisses That Went Unobserved By Those Trained To Observe by sullyvann [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Greg/Sara
Characters: Greg Sanders
Rating: PG
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: Five kisses the other CSI never saw.

Note: Written for 's 5 Kisses meme

Spoilers/Timeline: The first snapshot takes place after Primum Non Nocere, 2x16. The second takes place after Feeling The Heat, 4x05. The third takes place after Who Shot Sherlock, 5x11. The fourth takes place during 5x23, Iced. The last one takes place directly after 6x13, Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye.


"Checkmate!" The blonde said, his voice echoing through the otherwise empty halls of the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

"And yet there's no one around to witness your victory," Sara grinned. "Victory's not so sweet when I can deny it the next day."

It was true. The pair had gotten involved in the chess game almost two hours ago. Greg was a champion, but Sara was a little rusty. The others had already gone out on assignment, but Sara and Greg were waiting for anything to come in.

"Doc Robbins is in the morgue! I'm going to go get him, make him look at the board!" Greg said, standing up abruptly.

Sara followed suit, and stopped him at the door. "Let's not bother him."

Greg looked like he was about to argue, so Sara softly grazed his cheek with her lips.

"Good game, Sanders." She laughed, looking at his shocked face as she pulled away.


"You told me to call!" Sara said as she pulled on her life vest.

"And once I told you to eat a chocolate covered cockroach – did you?" Greg replied.

"Well, we're here. Quite whining."

"This is Cotton Wood Island. Why are we here? I thought you and Nick already wrapped this case."

"We did." Sara said, tugging on his life vest. "This is my way of saying thanks for the tip." Sara grinned as she leaned over and placed a light kiss on the corner of the blonde's mouth.


"Greg! Wait!" Sara said, running towards the blonde opening his car door. She thrust a hardback book into his hands.

"The Hound Of Baskervilles," Greg read, turning the book over in his hand.

"I seem to remember that you never got a chance to read it." Sara smiled.

"Right. I never got a chance." Greg grinned. "Thanks. I seem to remember someone telling me it was a good read."

"Congratulations on passing." Sara said, slipping her hand onto his arm. "I think it's great." She raised her head to kiss him quickly but when she tried to pull away, he moved with her, keeping their lips in contact just a second longer than any time before.


"Sara?" Greg asked. "Why are we pulling over?"

"I drive, I get to pull over when I want."

"Fine. Explain to Grissom why the reasoning behind the exploding toilet were delayed."

Sara turned to Greg, who crossed his arms over his chest.

"You're so different in the field, Greggo." Sara smiled. "I think I might like it." She said, leaning over the console and placing a kiss firmly on his lips. "Okay, back to the lab." She said, pulling away quickly.

She simply laughed as the blonde man tried to get her to do it again at every red light.

"I can't believe you're wearing a fedora, Greg." The brunette said as she sat down across from him.

"Why not? I think I look like the bee's knees!"

Sara groaned, but smiled at Greg's exuberance.

"Fine, Sinatra." She said as she opened her menu. "This place is nice." She said, observing the couples dining in semi-formal wear and a few dancing on the floor.

"I like it." Greg replied. "Want to dance?"

"Before we even order?" Sara asked incredulously.

Greg grabbed the young brunette as a big band-esque song began to play and lead her to the dance floor.

"Are you trying to do the Jitterbug?" She laughed as Greg smiled.

"That wasn't until the 50s." Greg replied. As the song drew to a close, Greg spun Sara out and then back towards him, then dipped her backward and kissed her with more force than any of their pervious kisses.

Sara looked stunned when Greg pulled her back and up pulled away.

"Wow," She said, smiling.