After the Party by Talcat [ - ]
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Category: CSI: Miami - Slashed > Horatio/Ryan
Characters: Eric Delko
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Humour
Warnings: None

Summary: After Horatio’s House warming party Eric sees something surprising

Notes: Ok this is a small piece based on Plot Bunny generated by the CSI version of The Almost Totally Random Pairing Generator it gave me this:
Horatio Caine / Ryan Wolfe /open adoration.

Eric Delko grinned as a tipsy Alexx and Calleigh were led by Alexx's husband Peter out of the side gate and into Horatio's front yard, where he would then have the dubious honour of driving them home. H's House warming party had been a blast: the drinks, good food, and warm Miami evening fueled a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Looking round H's back yard, which was strewn with party debris, Eric didn't envy his boss the clean up he would have tomorrow morning. In fact, it looked like he would be spending his day off cleaning up. Eric looked across the oblitory backyard swimming pool to the raised wooden deck, which held a couple of sun lounges. Eric realised he wasn't the last person to leave after all -- curled up on one of the lounges and apparently fast asleep was Ryan Wolfe.

Eric grinned at the sight. He started to walk over to the deck to wake Ryan up and offer the younger man a ride home. It was a better than letting than Ryan wake up on his own and find himself hungover in his boss's back yard.

"It's okay, Eric," Horatio's voice sounded from behind him. Eric jumped. His attention had been so focused on the sleeping Ryan he hadn't heard H's approach. "Ryan can stay here tonight. The spare room is made up, and this way I'll have help with the clean up." Eric gave a wide grin.

"Nothing like a guy with spot of OCD to get your place cleaner than the lab."

The red head's lips quirked with amusement. "There is that. I'll see you on Thursday, Eric".

"Sure. See you then," Eric replied and headed toward the same gate Alexx, Peter and Calleigh had vanished through. Inwardly he smirked, imagining the look on Ryan's face when he woke in H's spare room tomorrow morning, and the ribbing he was looking forward to giving the other man when he got the cast off his wrist and came back from his medical leave.

Eric would never admit it but he missed having Ryan around the lab. He snorted to himself as he got into his car. Anyone would think Ryan had been gone for years, not just a few weeks.

Key in the ignition, Eric was just about to start the engine when he realised his ipod wasn't sitting in its holder on the dash. With a curse he realised that it was still with Ryan in H's back yard. Ryan had been insistent that he couldn't see the point of ipods when it was just as easy and less expensive to buy a blank cd and burn your favourite songs to it. Eric had been equally insistent on showing off his new slim line ipod to Ryan -- who'd had seemed rather impressed at the time. In retrospect it might have been the punch that Calleigh had made that impressed him, and not Eric's ipod. The music might have helped send him to sleep.

Eric debated about leaving it and swinging by in the morning to pick it up, but decide to get it now. An overnight change of weather would ruin it. Eric yanked the keys out of the ignition and hurried back to the still-unlocked gate.

Horatio was standing over the lounger that held Ryan -- with Eric's ipod in his hand. Eric opened his mouth to ask for it, then he caught sight of Horatio's face. He stopped dead in his tracks.

H was staring down at Ryan with a look of open adoration on his face, as if Ryan was the most important thing in Horatio Cane's entire world.

Eric could see his lips move but was to far away to catch what was being said and then H bent over Ryan and kissed the younger man on the lips.

Eric stood frozen to the spot; his legs were refusing to move as his brain treid to process what his eyes were seeing.

Horatio had kissed Ryan.

Horatio Caine was (according to the evidence that had presented itself) in love with Ryan Wolfe.

Or something very close to it.

Eric stared at Horatio, who tucked the ipod in his pants pocket. Eric turned around and ran for his life.

Because Horatio had kissed Ryan.

The End.