A Mother's Eyes by Carina Scott [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Slashed > Nick/Warrick
Characters: Nick Stokes, Other, Warrick Brown
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Character Study, Established Relationship
Warnings: None

Summary: A mother sees life different from most, and Gillian Stokes is no exception

Through the eyes of a mother, many things look different; particularly where their child is concerned. It might look like a small cut, but a mother sees it as the breeding grounds for infection. A huge mistake is a simple lesson learned. What may be perceived as a failure is seen as a road block on the road of life. A mother has a very unique outlook on life, and Gillian Stokes is no exception.

She had always looked at things a bit differently where her children where concerned. When her oldest daughter, Kelly, had come to her at 17 crying, telling her she was pregnant, Gillian didn't cry. She recognized that it was although it was a mistake, it was also a blessing. Years later, Kelly was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and although she beat it, she was left barren. Had she not given birth to her son at a young age she never would have had a child of her own. When Nicole, her second to youngest child decided to go against tradition and attend Yale University instead of her father's alma mater, where her father saw betrayal, she saw her daughter's blossoming independence. And when her baby, Nick, decided to move to Vegas, she was elated. She didn't want him to go, but she was glad that he finally realized that he could make it on his own, without his father's influence.

Her unique outlook on life hadn't changed in all her years on this earth, and by the looks of things, wasn't going to be changing anytime soon. As her family sat around the dinner table discussing the repercussions of Nick's recent revelation; she could only say a small prayer of thanks. Not because of the snide remarks Beth and Sandra, her middle children, were making to Nick; or the inevitable reactions of others if any of this news got out. No, she was thankful because of the man that was sitting next to her son. The man that clasped Nick's hand in a show of support and stared daggers of death at her daughters. The man who was currently ushering her son towards the front door in an act of protection.

"Nicky, don't go," called out Gillian as she got up from her seat at the table to follow her son and his companion to the door.

"Don't worry about it, Mom. I'll be fine," replied Nick as he turned towards her, disappointment and pain shining in his eyes.

"Well, I'm sorry because I won't be fine." Turning to her son's companion, "At least not until I get to welcome Warrick to the family." And with that she hugged the 6'2" man that was the love of her son's life, as he had just confessed.

"Thank you," Gillian whispered into Warrick's ear.

"For what, ma'am?" Warrick asked in obvious confusion.

Looking over to her son, who was grinning from ear to ear, she shrugged. "Just, thank you."

Smiling, Warrick grabbed Nick's hand, and threw Gillian a knowing wink before walking out the door with his lover.

Turning back towards the dining room, Gillian said a quick prayer for strength. Then thought better of it and prayed for self restraint. They were her daughters after all.