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Category: CSI: Miami - Ship Ahoy! > Calleigh/Horatio
Characters: Calleigh Duquesne, Horatio Caine, Other
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Angst, Character Study, Drama, Friendship, Hurt Comfort, Pre-relationship, Suspense
Warnings: None

Summary: Horatio and Calleigh both end up shot and alone. They confess what they know they should have done long ago…

Author's Notes: I had no intentions of making this story more than a chapter, but brain does not agree with what I had planned... This story, though, won't be more than five chapters... ;) I have too many CSI: Miami storylines going at the moment.


The bright rays that broke in through nearby windows were what had roused Horatio from his pained unconscious state. The white ceiling did nothing to remind him of where he was or how he had gotten there. He soon picked up on the beeping, and rolled his head to one side. Machines were monitoring his vital signs, and Horatio immediately knew where he was.


How had he ended up there? Horatio had such a good record in Miami. This was the first time he had been seriously injured while on his tour of duty there. He wanted to know what had happened... Currently things were a blur, and he found that horrible. Reaching out, he pressed the button to summon the nurse. He wanted answers, whether the nurse knew them or not he wasn't sure. He could hear familiar voices in the hall, and Horatio desperately wanted to go to them and ask them what had happened. When he tried to move though, his body rebelled by sending pain up and down his body. At the moment, the information would have to come to him.

The nurse came in alone. She was young with a cheery smile, but all Horatio currently cared about were answers. "I need to talk to one of my team," he told her. To his surprise, his voice sounded weak and a bit strained.

"Don't you think that can wait until later, Lieutenant?"

Horatio had hoped to be able to see someone once she was finished taking vitals, but he was simply told to 'rest up' instead. "I need to talk to someone about what happened!" He watched the nurse turn, and the look of sadness on her face made his heart skip a beat. What couldn't he remember? At least not yet?

"Your friend is in critical care. They managed to extract the bullet, but it was close to the spinal cord."

"Who?" he asked and then remembered. "Calleigh..." Slowly, things started to come back to him. "I need to see her," he said quietly.

"Right now, the doctors are only letting family members in."

"Someone needs to call her father."

"I believe he's already there, Lieutenant. You rest, and I'll let you know in a bit."

He didn't have a chance to respond, she just quickly left. Horatio closed his eyes and let the tears that had been building up fall down his cheeks. He needed to see tell her what she couldn't hear when he had said it... He stared back up at the blank ceiling, and replayed what had happened...

"We sure about this Calleigh?" Horatio asked as they got out of the Hummer, both of them drawing their weapons up.

"Trace says this is the only place it grows 'round here," Calleigh reminded him. She knew why he was questioning it though...the whole area looked vacant. "There's a lot of high brush out here...and he could easily have a camp out here."

"Let's be carefully," he warned. It was true; there were a lot of places where the suspect could easily hide.

Calleigh nodded and then looked over at Horatio. "We should call for back up, even air support..."

"They won't get here in time," Horatio argued. "He might have already seen us, and be on the move."

"We may need it," Calleigh told him.

Horatio nodded, it was better to be safe, but he wasn't about to let a serial rapist get away. "You call, I'll start in."

Arguing with him would do no good, Calleigh already knew. So, she quickly opened her phone and placed the call to Tripp. Her call was all of twenty seconds before she was rushing out to Horatio's side. He already knew that things were in place, so there was no need to verbalize it.

After they were pretty far in, Horatio could see black material of a tent jutting up ahead of them. He motioned for Calleigh to go around one side, while he took the other. He was not going to let the guy get away.

Calleigh kept her gun up, and her eyes scanned the area as she slowly headed around the other one. With Horatio out of her sight, she started to move a bit quicker not comfortable with the current situation. A shot rang out and Calleigh stopped for a second before taking a hurried step and tripping over a piece of branch in front of her. Pushing herself to her feet quickly, Calleigh headed in the direction of the shot. A second shot, and Calleigh's mind rushed at the possibilities.

Coming upon the scene, she found both Horatio and the suspect down. She checked the suspect since he was closer. She kept her gun aimed at him just in case as she bent down. Slipping two fingers to his neck, she waited to see if he was still alive.

No pulse.

She moved to Horatio, fearing the worst, but relieved when he started to move about. "Stay still," she instructed as she gently pushed him back down to the ground. Setting her gun down, she applied pressure with one hand as she skillfully got her cell phone out with the other and dialed for help.

"I'm okay," Horatio managed as his eyes finally focused.

"You WILL be," she told him before identifying herself, her position, and letting them know that they had an officer down. Putting the phone down, she applied pressure with both hands. The wound was to his abdomen and Calleigh hoped that since he was arguing with her that that meant it hadn't hit any major organs.

He was still moving, and Calleigh frowned at him. "Horatio, stop moving around. Stay still for me," she said softly. She moved one of her hands to cup his face gently and smiled down at him. "Help's on the way, Darlin'."

"Calleigh," he started, but then what he saw behind his best friend scared him to death. A man with his gun aimed at Calleigh. "Calleigh," he repeated, this time more urgently.

"Shh..." she whispered as she placed a finger to his lips. "Just stay still."

Bringing his hand up, gun still in his grip he played a dangerous game as he pulled the trigger. He watched as Calleigh peeked back over her shoulder. He heard the shot, and Calleigh fell to his chest with her eyes shut right after. Bringing his other hand up to her back he held her close as he watched her attacked go down. "Calleigh?" he whispered, unable to see her wound for himself. When she didn't respond, he laid there listening to her steady breathing, it was reassuring at the very least. She was still alive.

They were already on their way, he reminded himself. Calleigh had called them, so that rescue would come. He kept his arm around her, holding her close. Horatio kept his gun aimed at the man who had shot Calleigh, unsure if he was alive or not. "Calleigh, Rescue's coming," he told her hoping for some movement...a word...or even a murmur.

Calleigh slowly opened her eyes, and when they focused, she smiled at Horatio. "It hurts," she whispered and then let her eyes shut again forcing tears from her eyes.

He watched helplessly as tears fell from her beautiful green-blue eyes and rolled down her cheeks. He wanted to take the take it on for both of them... "I know," he whispered. He had pushed away his own pain to think about her, and he just hoped that Frank and the Rescue team were well on their way, he wasn't sure how much blood Calleigh had lost. As far as he could tell he was okay for the time being. "You hold on, Sweetheart. Frank and Rescue are coming..."

She started to feel sleepy, and gave into it letting her eyelids slowly close.

"Stay with me, Calleigh."

Blinking her eyes to keep them open, she smiled at him. "I love you, Horatio," she whispered and this time closed her eyes completely feeling unconsciousness tugging at her brain.

Horatio just stared at her for a while in shock. His best friend loved him... He shook her a bit, "Calleigh... Calleigh...wake up..." The blaring of sirens brought Horatio's brain into remembering that help was coming. "They're almost here, Calleigh," he whispered after kissing her cheek. She'd always been there for him...he'd just never had wanted to ruin their relationship. Hearing the doors to vehicles slamming shut, he decided if he was going to say anything that it was time. "I love you, too."

"Calleigh! Horatio!" Frank yelled as he ran with his gun drawn, not sure what to expect.

"Over here, Frank!" Horatio called, he wanted to get up and wave them over, but that would mean jarring Calleigh and himself. He felt absolutely helpless as he lay there, but when he could hear footfalls, he felt some relief.

"Oh God," Frank breathed. "They're not going to be able to get the gurney out here." With the high grass and brush along with the uneven terrain it made it difficult to get to people for emergency services. "I thought you were hit," he said as he carefully rolled Calleigh over so that she was cradled in his arms.

"I am shot," he groaned as the weight was moved from his body and he felt his own pain again. He took the hand of one of the officer's and took his assistance in getting to his feet.

"This one's alive!" one of the officer's called.

Horatio looked over to see that the man who shot Calleigh was still breathing. "She's mostly been unconscious," he told Frank not wanting to be standing around.

Tripp nodded and looked over at his officers, "Get that guy to the hospital." Frank could tell the guy wasn't bleeding too bad, and knew that Calleigh was in far worse condition.

As they neared the ambulance, the EMTs tried to provide assistance to Horatio, but he stubbornly refused anything more than help up into the bus and some gauze to hold over his wound. Calleigh was his priority at the moment. He was kicking himself for all the times where he knew Calleigh had been hurt by other men (John Hagen, Peter Elliott, and Jake Berkley), where now he wished he had spoken up earlier. And Calleigh didn't even know, he had said it...but he had been too late. Calleigh had been unconscious when he had confessed his feelings to her...

"The nurses say stop pushing the button," Frank told Horatio as he entered his hospital room. "They're not letting me see Calleigh either..." He sighed as he found the seat next to his friend's bed. "I managed to get information from one of the doctors though... He said that the operation went well. They extracted the bullet and they're hopeful that there won't be paralysis. They're just waiting for the swelling along the spinal cord to go down."

Horatio wished they had been put in the same room. It would have solved so many problems... "Did you call her father?"

"Yeah, Duke's not being very receptive to MDPD. He's blaming us for Calleigh getting shot. Alexx says she's going to try and talk to him in a while...and then let us know how Calleigh seems to her."

"Is she conscious?"

"Not that I know of," Frank relayed. "I think that's why Duke's so upset. He's probably just waiting for her to wake up and tell him that she's going to be okay." He just hoped that Calleigh's father would calm down, and come to his senses. He was keeping out all of Calleigh's friends...and people who were practically more of a family to her than her own father. He was sure that he spent more time with Calleigh, let alone Horatio and the others. "She's going to be okay, Horatio."

"I hope so."

Frank tilted his head, studying Horatio. The man was still staring up at the ceiling, and Frank was starting to wonder what was so interesting. "So, that guy who shot Calleigh...he was helping our suspect. Apparently he was the guy who mapped things out and drove." Frank didn't add the fact that the guy said it was his first time firing a gun, because he already thought that the guy had shot pretty well to do damage. If you couldn't hit the heart, then anywhere that would cause damage usually worked. Frank was just happy that the guy hadn't severed Calleigh's spinal cord.

"Did you ever love your best friend?" Horatio suddenly asked quietly as he studied the plain, white ceiling above him.

"My dog when I was like four," Frank responded with a bit of a laugh.

He had loved Yelina...but where had that gotten him? His brother had married her, and made her untouchable. Horatio swore that when she had married Ray, he hadn't only taken her as his wife, but he had corrupted her in some way. Yelina had never been the same to him after that. He'd always take care of his family if they needed him, but he couldn't love Yelina. Not in the way Ray had.

Marisol had come into his life suddenly and it seemed like she had been taken away just as suddenly. He had loved Marisol, but differently... He wasn't sure if that was because he had wanted a family, if he wanted to just protect keep some kind of relationship with her, or if it was because he didn't love her truly. She had been beautiful, and had tolerated his career...but she had also been killed because of it.

Calleigh was different. She was different from every woman he had ever felt like he may have loved her... Calleigh was his best friend, and the one woman he couldn't possibly ever hurt...she was the love that he couldn't stand to ever lose. But what if their job, if he had caused her to be killed like Marisol had? She had put down her weapon to put pressure on his wound, but if he had been smarter and shot the suspect before he even had a chance to shoot him, maybe they wouldn't be in their current situation...

But there were road blocks littered all over. Their jobs were a big one. They worked together, they were both police officers and CSIs, and he was her boss. It wasn't something that they liked in their profession. But he knew that he could deal with that...he could make it work; prove to the disbelievers that they could work just fine together. Another was Eric Delko, Marisol had been his sister and it had only been a year since his late wife's death. He wasn't sure if Eric would support their relationship (if they had one), or if he'd try to talk them out of it.

"It is my fault," Horatio spoke quietly. "I should have protected her."

"You tried, and Calleigh knows that... Do you really think that she's going to blame you?" Frank questioned with a frown. "You weren't exactly in the best shape to help protect anyways."

"She doesn't know..."

Frank sighed and leaned against the bed rail, "Horatio, I think she just might..."

"She didn't hear—"

Smirking a bit, he shook his head and leaned back in the chair, "I think you're not giving her enough credit, Horatio."

It didn't seem to matter. He couldn't see her or ask her if she knew... Horatio just hoped that Duke would let them in to see her once she woke up. She was unconscious, but her father was with her, at least that meant that she made it out of surgery alright. Extracting bullets from vital areas was a hard one, and a delicate one, and Horatio told himself that he had to have faith that Calleigh would continue to be in good health...she had made it that far...