Always by Taya [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Slashed > Catherine/Sara
Characters: Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle
Rating: PG
Genres: Angst, Drabble, Poetry
Warnings: Death of canon character

Summary: Short, 178 words. Angst, Sara POV. Someones died...

Your tears fall lightly compared to the rain.
But only you know.
No one else knows half your soul has fallen into blackness tonight.
You walk down the street almost in slow motion.
Your sorrow lost in the pounding rain.
Without your angels smile, you know the rain will never stop.
And the cutting, deep, angry grief will never lessen.
You don't want it to.
How could it?
Why should it.
Without her.
It's still real now.
You don't want her to be just a memory.
You don't want her to be just anything.
You know you hugged her before you said goodbye.
You know you kissed her because the warmth of her lips still fills you.
But for how long?
You also know why it's so hard, why the rain bites you and sounds so very harsh and loud.
You know you never said 'I love you' to the one person who changed your life.
To the one person who made you human.
The one person who breathed life into the darkness.
And now, you never, could.