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Category: CSI: NY - Ship Ahoy! > Mac Taylor/Stella Bonasera
Characters: Danny Messer, Don Flack, Lindsay Monroe, Mac Taylor, Original Character, Other, Sheldon Hawkes, Stella Bonasera
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Angst, Drama, Friendship, Pre-relationship, Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: This is the story of Mac Taylors 16 year old daughter There will be tons of Mac and Stella.

Title: Audrey Taylor

Summary: What if Mac had a 16 year old daughter this is her story.

Authors Note: This story I guess is an Alternate Universe. I do not know if it works out with the show but her mother was Claire. I might later add some Stella/Mac romance. I just thought that Mac needs a daughter.

Rating: K+

I do not own anything but the plot and Audrey Taylor

I also know that date do not run with the show thanks for reading please review

Also I wrote this early last year

Chapter 1 Audrey Taylor's Situation


Audrey Taylor walked down the halls of her school and you could hear the slight click of her shoes and the swaying of her skirt in the empty halls. Her long wavy brown her lay over her shoulders and her brown eyes looked sad. She just couldn't believe that it's been four years since her mother's death. She didn't want to go to school today of all days 9/11. Every year it was that way she would get up and get dress and go to school then later she and her father would go to Ground Zero and sit there. Today though it was hard she really needed her mother on top of this being the anniversary of her mother's death. This is because her boyfriend left her for her best friend. She really needed her mom but that was not possible. She's got her father and even Stella her father's partner who became a mother figure to her when her mother died..


When her mother died her life tuned around so fast. Her father changed so much after that. She was always a daddy's girl so it was hard to loose her mother and her father to be changing. He finally, in the past year was turning back to normal thanks to Stella. But, she knows that it will never be the same. She and her father are still very close. He is always there for her they do a lot together. He is very protective of her and she is his little girl always was and always will be.

She walked out the doors because she decided to skip her last class they where only watching a movie. She just didn't want to run into her new worst enemies.

"Audrey wait up let me talk to you please." yelled an all too familiar voice that she never wanted to hear again.

"Jason I never want to talk to you again you and Casey go have the perfect life together" she yelled even though he was now standing next her.

"Look you told me you saw this coming why are you so mad" he asked.

She stopped and looked at him with tears about to over flow and rage in them.

"Look you jerk it doesn't matter if I saw it coming you shouldn't have done it and it is the fact that you told me today of all days" she screamed.

As she waited for his response she looked him down he really was cute but such a jerk he never really treated her right her father hated him he would be relived that he was out of her life but mad the way he did it.

"Audrey is that what this is about the fact that I broke up with you today it been four years, you need to get over it and move on." He smirked at her regretting what he said instantly when he saw her eyes.

She was now mad like she has never been before. The tears just rolled down her checks. She dropped everything that was in her arms and walkup to him.

"You idiot how dare you say something like that to me you of all people who pretend to care for me all that time when my mother died I hate you" she then punched him so hard that it knocked him down.

She turned around and picked up her books and ran. She could feel her hand throbbing but she didn't care. She couldn't see because the tears where clouding her vision, but she just kept running and she ran all the way to the police station. When she got there she didn't even stop to say high to the receptionist like she always did. She ran to the elevator and got on thankful that no one was on it. She quickly pushed the number and when the doors closed she collapsed against the wall and sobbed.

How could he do this to her and her best friend, how dare he say that to her he had no right too. She wanted her mother so bad and she wanted her dad she needed him right now.

The doors opened and she got out and tried to control her self the best she could. She saw Stella looking at her concerned but walked right past her which she never dose. She could hear her calling her name next was Danny then Lindsay. She usually loved talk to them but all she wanted to do was get to her father. She knew she would tell Stella later. Stella calling her was getting louder so she decided to run. When she got near his office she could see him sitting at his desk looking at a file. She stop as the tears came pouring out again. Stella had caught up to her and was out of breathe because she had ran to get to her. She rested her hand on her shoulder.

"Audrey what is wrong" she asked with no reply from Audrey who just stared at her father.

Mac looked up from his file to meet his daughter's eyes and immediately got up. Audrey just ran to her father's office she through her stuff down and ran to his open arms and sobbed. Stella just looked trough the glass walls at Mac's concerned face as he held his sobbing daughter.