All Heaven's Rage by Bj Wolf [ - ]
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Category: CSI: Miami - Slashed > Horatio/Speed
Characters: Alexx Woods, Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko, Horatio Caine, Ryan Wolfe, Tim Speedle
Rating: R
Genres: Angst, Action/Adventure, Supernatural
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Horatio’s soul is up for grabs who will win it

Warnings: AU - There’s talk about Angels, Hell and Heaven, and Religion


He had been fighting this fight for centuries, some would even say since the dawn of man. He had lost battles over the years, but this was one battle he refused to lose. This one was too important. Earth needed him, Heaven needed him. And if there was one thing Speed couldn't allow, it was losing Horatio's soul to the Dark One.

Speed watched from a distance as he tried to manipulate Horatio into reacting out of anger, hatred. The Dark One had made this one personal. Horatio had saved many lives, helped many people, inadvertently saved souls – souls that had belonged to the Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord had made it clear – he wanted Horatio Caine's soul and would do anything to get it.

It was Speed's job to make sure that didn't happen.

"H." Speed walked up to the redhead.

"Speed." Horatio smiled at the younger man, relief in his eyes.

"We're not through here," Stetler growled.

"Yes, we are." Horatio turned away from the IAB officer. He laid a hand on Speed's shoulder. "What do you have for me?"

Speed grinned. "How about DNA on the murder weapon?"

"That just made my day." Horatio took the report. "Great job. Now go home and get some rest."

"I will when you do," Speed stifled a yawn.

"I promise, only a few reports." Horatio smiled before heading for his office.

Speed watched him walk away.

"He's mine."

Speed turned around, his stance changing from laid back to defensive. "You will not have his soul."

"He's weak."

"He's stronger than you think," he said. "He will not succumb."

"I know his weakness."

Speed watched as Stetler walked off, heading for Yelina. He smirked back at his enemy before leaning in and kissing her on the cheek. Speed growled this just got more complicated.

For now all he could was watch and wait.


He watched. Speed was good at that. Guarding the souls of those on whom the Dark Lord turned his attentions took patience, dedication, determination, and courage.

He had an eye for detail, which meant very little ever escaped his attention. That was what made him ideal as a CSI. But seeing so much was also a curse.

He watched Horatio struggle to keep Suzy and Madison a secret from Yelina. He saw how the beautiful Columbian made incorrect assumptions about Madison's parentage and he knew that Horatio, in his drive to protect those he loved the most, would never correct her. His brother's secrets would remain just that, for as long as was humanly possible.

He watched Horatio shoulder the burdens of his brother's actions time after time and he knew that H would only blame himself every time he saw Yelina with Stetler.

Down the centuries Speed had learnt how to nudge, cajole, befriend, advised.

He'd developed a pretty good line in direct interference too, but only if it meant his goal would be achieved and a soul was saved. He could get close to each new soul. He often did but that was as far as it was ever allowed to go. He couldn't allow himself to get closer or feel more.

But when it came to this the redhead with the incredible blue eyes...he felt an ache in his own soul that he'd never known possible ache that grew more intense with each new day.

And with each new pain that came to Horatio, so he too felt the anguish of it, and the all consuming need to ease the other man's struggles soon built into something more than just the need to protect him from the Dark One.


Watching and not acting was becoming more difficult. Stetler had upped the ante by taking Yelina to bed. He knew Horatio had feelings for his sister-in-law; ones that Horatio felt were wrong and had buried deep. It would only be time before Horatio snapped and lashed out at Stetler. And Speed knew. Knew that the moment Horatio lashed out in anger towards Stetler, the path would be set.
Horatio's own guilt will lead him down it and he would be powerless to stop it.

His own feelings were starting to confuse him. He didn't understand the pull he was feeling. He had to stay close to Horatio, but the closer he got the worse the pull. If he wasn't careful he would not only lose Horatio's soul but his own.

"Speed?" Horatio smiled at the dark haired CSI.

Speed looked up from the microscope. "Hey, H, I'll have those results in a few more hours. I found something that might prove interesting, but I need to run it through the mass spec."

"Just let me know." He paused, his hands resting on his hips. "Are you okay?"

Speed blinked at him. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You just seem quiet." Horatio smiled. "Well, more than normal."

Speed's heart clenched at the tone. "I'm fine, just a lot on my mind."

Horatio looked straight into Speed's eyes. "If you need to talk, I'm always available."

Speed gasped at the emotion in those blue eyes. "Thank you, H. I'm fine really."

Horatio nodded. "Let me know what you find."

Speed watched Horatio walk out of the lab and down the hall. He turned to see Stetler watching him with an evil grin. Speed sighed – he had a feeling the battle had just got worse.


The moment he saw Yelina trying to disguise the bruising to her eye, Speed knew this was Stetler's final push for victory; and the look that crossed Horatio's face hurt him like a blow to the stomach.

Even without hearing the words that passed between them, Speed knew what was being said.

Horatio, his eyes full of pain, pleading with his sister-in-law for an explanation...desperate to understand what was going on...forcing himself with the fiercest effort to control the rage toward Stetler that colored his cheeks and sparked tension down his spine. The guilt was so powerful; Speed could see it roiling off him in waves.

Yelina, defensive and humiliated; apologetic, filled with regrets and overflowing with excuses. Speed could only reflect on how she would react if she knew Stetler's true nature.

Horatio blamed himself. Horatio always blamed himself, but Speed knew there was only so much weight human shoulders could bear and his biggest fear was seeing H crumble. Should it happen, all would be lost and Speed couldn't lose the man he was falling in love with.

In recent weeks they'd become so much closer. It was no longer just about work any more. From that evening on the beach when he'd followed Horatio down onto the sand and seen him washing the blood from his hands in the sea...a small ritual cleansing in memory of the promise he'd kept to Ruthie Crighton's mother...

Speed hadn't intended to be seen. For so long he'd just been watching over Horatio's life; keeping a discreet distance and professional manner, only stepping forward in the smallest of ways. Yet that night, once Stuart Otis had been put back in his cell and the little ones he'd harmed had been returned safely to their parents, he'd found himself drawn to the aching need in Horatio's soul.

A need that matched his own so perfectly.

All they'd done was talk; sit close, side by side on the golden sand and watch the sun go down. Yet it had been enough to spark the flame of something much brighter...something he'd yearned for, but never been permitted to seek...something that could consume them both.

He knew it wasn't permitted for him to love, but he had committed himself to fight for Horatio's soul and fight he would...even at the risk of his own. Horatio gave everything to those around him, to those whose lives he touched, and those who touched his own in return. Speed would give him everything in exchange for that, if it meant the Dark One couldn't snatch him away.

The moment he walked into the lab he had felt the tension. He went into alert mode.

By afternoon he was on the edge. He had been barely able to concentrate on the evidence before him. He walked up to Horatio's office his senses on full alert.

"H," Speed walked into the office with a file folder. "I've got your results."

"Good." Horatio smiled up at him. "Anything we can use?"

"Unfortunately not," Speed groaned. "The thread was a common white cotton material. Could be any number of items; sheets, shirts, or towels. "

"How about the soil?" Horatio asked.

"Once again, average run of the mill garden soil," Speed sighed. "I'm sorry H."

"It's not your fault, Speed." Horatio laid a hand on Speed's shoulder.

"Isn't that special." Stetler walked into the office a sneer on his face.

"What do you want Rick?" Horatio demanded.

"I'm placing Speedle under arrest for tampering with evidence." Rick held up an evidence envelope with a broken seal as he smirked at Speed.

"WHAT?" Horatio demanded.

Speed turned towards Stetler. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Come on Speedle, trying to boost your numbers, make yourself look good in front of Horatio." Rick stepped up to Speed. "You just couldn't stand the fact that the suspect walked, so you took the hair collected from him and planted it on the victim's shirt."

Horatio growled. "How dare you accuse Speed of tampering?"

Speed stared at Stetler. "That is a stretch even for you."

"Your career is over Speedle and I'm going to investigate how deep this goes." Stetler glared at Horatio. "How many of your loyal dogs would do anything for you...."

Horatio growled and moved towards Stetler. Speed saw it, felt it. Stetler was going after the last thing Horatio held on to. Pride in his job, his team, his lab and by using Speed he set the stage for Horatio's fall.

Speed would not be the cause of Horatio's fall. He stepped between Stetler and Horatio his eyes flashing with emotion. "You've gone too far."

"I will do anything to win," Stetler smirked. "Use whom ever I can to take what is mine."

"He is not yours." Speed body shook with barely controlled anger.

Stetler looked over at a stunned Horatio. "His soul will be mine."


Horatio stepped back in shock as a pair of white wings emerged from Speed's back blocking him from Stetler. "You will not have him."

Stetler responded his own black wings emerging, a sword appearing in his hands. He lunged towards Speed, who pulled his own sword blocking the attack.

The sound of wings and clashing metal echoed in the small office.

Horatio stood in stunned silence watching the two surreal creatures. Then in a flash of light they were gone. Horatio stood in the suddenly quiet room in shock.

Then the pull, the need to help Speed dragged him out of the office. He ran past a stunned Eric and Calleigh as he headed for the stairs. Eric looked at Calleigh and took after him. They had heard Stetler had gone looking for Speed and Horatio. They met up with Alexx who was heading in their direction.

All four stumbled onto the roof. They stopped in shock and awe as they watched light and dark fight.


Up into the cloudless sky the other-worldly creatures soared, exchanging blows, each refusing to yield; the prize too great to surrender. It was mortal combat, of that Horatio was certain.

Stetler and Speed. What were they? Angels? Yes that was angels of light and dark. They were fighting for him; for his soul. That's what had been said and he felt somewhere deep inside him the painful wrench as each side of his nature was fought for in the struggle.

He took a deep breath, watching closely, unable to even glance away as the battle went on. Helpless to intervene though every fiber of his body was screaming at him to help Speed, he found himself finally understanding how life had been playing out around him...all the ways Stetler had baited him and Speed had kept him sane, again and again. Speed had always been there.

But Horatio Caine was not a man accustomed to letting others fight for him. There had to be some way he could intervene.

Time seemed to stand still. There was only a deathly silence and the sharp crack of wings as, tumbling end over end, light and dark fell back towards the earth, like birds of prey caught in each other's claws. Swords clashed, wings cracked swooping low over their heads only to rise once more with snarls of rage and self-righteous fury.

If Speed were to lose? What then? Horatio couldn't contemplate what his fate would be. He had to trust Speed. He'd always trusted Speed; his honesty, decency, integrity, and heart. The young CSI was a friend, a colleague.

No...Horatio shook his head, finally seeing the whole truth...Speed was more than much more...

...that night on the beach. He smiled to himself. That night had been the start of more than just a friendship, only he'd not had the time to act on what he felt; and now it seemed he might never get that chance, it made his heart ache with loss.

Again swords clashed, sending bright sparks through the sky. Speed was skilled, agile, quick, a consummate swordsman, adept enough to make Stetler fight fiercely for victory.

H urged him silently onward with every ounce of his own strength.

Then a sudden cry of pain, torn from Speed's lips, chilled his soul.


"This is a surprise, Speed," Stetler mocked as he faced the light angel in battle. "Through all the centuries we have fought, you have never lost your temper."

Speed's eyes narrowed. "His soul is not yours."

Stetler laughed, "You're in love with him. This is precious."

"My love for him will only make me stronger." Speed circled around the dark angel his wings flapping behind him.

"It makes you weak!" Stetler advanced, his sword drawn.

Speed easily blocked it, fluttering up then back down, bringing his sword up.

Stetler grabbed Speed's sword hand and pulled him down.

The light angel kicked out sending Stetler tumbling back. "I will have him." Stetler righted himself.

"If it's the last thing I do..." Speed growled, trying to control the rage he felt.

Stetler pushed back, his dark eyes watching the other angel. "It will be."

He moved with exceptional speed towards the light angel. Speed dodged out of the way, but the dark sword sliced through one of his wings. He screamed in pain as he tumbled to the ground. He landed on the roof of the lab, pain radiating through his body.

He felt warm hands on his arms, helping him up. He looked up into soft blue eyes.

"I'm sorry."

"Shh..." Horatio whispered. "I've got you."

"Ahh, how cute," Stetler mocked as he walked up to the two of them. He reached for Horatio.

Speed jerked upwards, pushing Stetler away. "NO!"

"You lost!" Stetler advanced.

Speed turned and looked at Horatio. "Take me instead. I give you my soul for his."

"NOOO!!" Horatio jumped up his arms circling around Speed pulling him back. "I'm not worth that."

Speed turned towards Horatio. "I will not let the Dark Lord have you."

"You are a creature of light," Horatio cupped his face. "You are needed to fight darkness. I am just a human."

"Horatio," Speed whispered, tears falling down his cheek. "It's too late. My soul is his. I gave it freely."

Horatio looked at the man, he loved. White wings dirty, blood dripping off the tips onto the roof. Tear tracks ran down his beautiful face. Horatio would not lose him.

"Then I will follow. Take mine." Horatio didn't look at Stetler, his eyes were locked with Speed's soulful brown.

Speed sunk to the ground as a sob ripped out of his throat. "No... no... "

Horatio sank with him holding him tight, not letting go.

Stetler raised his sword, poised to strike the killing blow.

Calleigh felt her jaw hit the ground. She blinked up into the sky, her eyes watering a little, wondering if she was in the middle of some chemical induced hallucination from something in the lab.

Was that Stetler...and Speed?? With wings...?? The sensible, logical scientist in her brain kept telling her it couldn't be. She kept searching for a reasonable answer to what her eyes were seeing, but nothing even remotely rational made sense.

Then her eyes caught the swordplay and in the magnificent old weapons she found something she could focus on...

Eric gaped. It took a few moments for him to realize what he was seeing. He was a good Catholic boy, he knew what angels were, he'd seen representations and icons, but this was something else altogether.

"Angels are real..." he muttered, finally giving voice to the description Calleigh had been searching for. "Angels are real!"

He wanted very badly to reach for his cell and tell his mom that he was actually staring at two angels, battling with each other for dominance; light and dark struggling as they had for eternity, and one of them was his best friend!! But he could almost feel his mother's glare and the clip to the head she would give him for only just realizing that all the things she'd been saying over the years were really true.

Then like the good Catholic boy he felt a strong rush of guilt for all the times he'd poked fun at Speed...all those bad jokes about having no sense of humor, a rat in his apartment, getting thrown out of the good clubs, not keeping a woman...

He swallowed hard as thoughts of Confession sprang to mind. He could hear it all so clearly.

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned."

"What sin have you committed my son?"

"I've spent the last couple of years pissing off an angel, Father..."

And the Father's knowing chuckle "Good luck with that my son!"

He shuddered, watching Speed clash with Stetler one more time...

Alexx had always known there was something special about Timothy Speedle, something in his heart both pure and untainted yet far wiser and more mature than his years seemed to dictate.

Now she knew why.

She'd seen and felt the growing tension between Stetler and Horatio and listened with a sympathetic, motherly ear as Speed tried to explain to her what he was feeling.

Now she knew why.

He'd all but told her he loved Horatio, without actually saying the words, and she had encouraged him to reach out for the man who gave of himself so freely to others, yet had no one for himself...

Now she knew why.

Watching her Timmy in his true form, his real nature exposed, she felt not the gaping shock and astonishment of those around her, but the pride of a mother whose son had become something more than she'd ever realized possible. But she accepted him for what he was in that moment, no questions asked, and as he fought, she found herself snarling at Stetler too...

...then Speed tumbled from the sky and hit the roof with a sickening thud.

She screamed for her boy and struggled to reach him, but Eric held her back as Horatio took Speed in his arms and Stetler brought his sword down to strike them both...


Speed looked into Horatio's eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too." Horatio leaned his forehead against Speed's. "I don't regret a thing."

Speed closed his eyes and waited for the killing blow. He could hear Alexx struggling with Eric; he had never wanted them to witness his true nature. He especially didn't want Alexx witnessing his death; he knew it would hurt her tremendously. He only hoped the Power that Be would take away the memory.

When the death blow didn't come he looked up and the sight before him shocked him.


Stetler raised his sword, a sneer on his face. He had won, both souls were his. He swung but his arm was caught in a vice grip. He looked at the person who dared to stop his kill.

"Gabriel!" he growled.

"Nice seeing you again," Gabriel grinned at him. "Now I suggest you put your little toy down and go away."

"They are MINE! They willing gave me their souls." Stetler fought against the grip.

"Not going to happen." Gabriel pushed him back, standing between the two men and the dark angel.

Horatio looked up confused. "Tripp?"

"I've got you covered, H." Tripp grinned at Stetler. "There's too much at stake here for just one angel to protect you. Though Speed..."

Speed looked up at him confused. "Gabriel what's going on?"

"I sent him." A new voice came from the roofs edge.

Everyone turned to look at the man who just stepped down onto the roof. He was young, with a slight baby face. His brown hair blew in the wind, brown eyes sweeping over the scene before him. The large white wings that were fluttering behind him stirred up dust on the roof.

Speed looked over at the new angel and bowed his head. "Michael."

"Timothy, quite a predicament you've gotten yourself into." He smiled as he walked by the startled group. He held his hands out, pulling both men onto their feet.

Timothy bowed his head, "I..." He looked up. "Love is a strong emotion."

"It is, which is why we Angels are to avoid human emotions." Michael smoothed back his hair. "But we are not God and do make mistakes."

"It is not a mistake to love him," Timothy defied the Archangel.

"No, love is never a mistake," Michael agreed.

"It really doesn't matter." Stetler rolled his eyes. "They are mine; both of them willing gave up their souls."

"They made the ultimate sacrifice." Michael turned towards Stetler. "And, as you know Richard that changes everything."

"NO!" Richard screamed. "They are MINE!"

"They belong to the light; they were willing to sacrifice their very souls for each other. They are now held in the sanctity of our Lord." Michael looked over at the two men with a smile.

"I will have what is mine!" Stetler moved towards Horatio.

Speed moved in front of the human, wings unfurled, protecting him. Tripp also took a guardian position over the two lovers.

Michael grabbed Stetler's hand and forced him to the ground, the sword clanking onto the roof's surface. He bent down whispering in Richard's ear, "Go Dark One you have no place here." He flung Richard backwards off the roof.

"We're not finished," Stetler sneered and disappeared.

"He's such an ass," Eric said, then looked horrified and covered his mouth. "Sorry."

Michael smiled at him. "He is."

Speed looked over at the Archangel. "I'm sorry, I failed."

"No." Michael laid a hand on his shoulder. "You found something worth fighting for, though next time, just call me or Gabriel."

"What happens to Speed?" Horatio stepped up, ready to fight for him.

"Despite the fact what happened was out of love, Timothy still broke the rules and will be punished." Michael looked at Speed.

"No!" Alexx ran up. "I won't let you harm him."

Michael looked at Gabriel, "I didn't believe you."

"Told you she's protective of him," Tripp laughed.

"Dr. Woods, I won't harm Timothy," he assured her.

"Then what do you plan on doing?" Calleigh demanded.

"I can't believe you two are arguing with Michael the Archangel." Eric looked at the women, then at the Angel. "Speed is part of our team...He's a good guy and a good friend."

Michael turned towards Speed. "You've got yourself quite a group of friends."

"They are loyal," Speed agreed, smiling at them. "I accept my punishment freely."

"You are to spend this life as a mortal with Horatio, when he dies so will you," Michael stated.

Horatio looked at Speed. "But..."

"And when this life is over, the two of you will fight the Dark Ones." Michael looked at both of them. "The two of you together will be quite a team."

Speed smiled at him. "Thank you."

"Wasn't my decision," he smirked. "The Big Guy thinks Horatio here will be a good asset and it will piss off the Dark Lord no end."

Horatio blushed. "Thanks, I think."

"Take care of each other." Michael smiled at the rest of them. "As of now this didn't happen and things will be set back. Only the two of you will remember what occurred here this day."

A flash of white light.

"H." Speed walked into the office with a file folder. "I've got your results."

Speed paused, then sank onto the couch, winching in pain.


Horatio blinked. The timeline had been reset as the Archangel said it would. It was a little disorienting, but hearing Speed's distress snapped him back into the present and in an instant he was at his love's side.


Speed felt strong arms around him and nearly collapsed into Horatio's embrace as suddenly he felt all the aches in his own body, the blows from the battle, the bruises that would mark him he was human...

A small sob escaped him, but Horatio held him tightly, as he had up on the roof and Speed let himself be comforted in the arms of the man he loved.

"It'll be okay," Horatio whispered, "I've got you Tim." He ran a hand through his love's tousled hair, realizing this angel he was holding on to...HIS angel, had become mortal for him.

Speed looked up into that beautiful caring smile, "You told me you had no regrets H, well neither do I. I love you," he said softly, "and I don't think I could survive without you..."

Horatio pulled him close, leaned in, and took those full, soft lips in a sensuous kiss, easing him back against the cushions. "I love you too," he replied, seeing the hesitation in Speed's dark soulful eyes.

"You should know..." Tim muttered, his face flushing hotly, "...I've never done this before..." and to his surprise Horatio also blushed, feeling very much as though the purity of his own fallen angel was about to be corrupted...

A sharp rap of knuckles at the office door startled them both. This would have been the moment Stetler burst in and started making accusations about Speed's integrity. But they both knew that wasn't going to happen. They just had to trust he was gone. A second tap at the door, however, told them both they couldn't ignore whoever stood outside.

Horatio stood up and straightened his jacket, yanked the door open and found himself face to face with a nervous looking police officer in street uniform.

"Lieutenant Caine? I was told to report the lab. My name is..."

Calleigh, her arms filled with a rifle and several large files strode purposefully past, sniffing the air like a wolfhound with a scent. "Does anybody else smell rotten eggs?" she asked as Eric stuck his head out from the trace lab to catch her attention.

"Could be sulphur," the Cuban replied. "Maybe someone's experimenting on something?" he suggested and the two of them disappeared into the lab together.

Horatio stared into the cherubic face he'd seen just a short while before on the roof. "Michael?"

"Ryan," the officer corrected. "My name's Ryan Wolfe, I'm your new CSI."

Speed sat up and glowered at the newcomer, self-conscious and a little flushed still. But he realized at that moment that his life with Horatio would be watched over by the strongest angels in heaven and there was no greater protection for either man than that.

~ The End ~