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Characters: Greg Sanders
Rating: R
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Established Relationship, Friendship, Hurt Comfort, Series
Warnings: Adult themes, Non-consensual

Summary: Leila Sanders had become Leila Speedle and moved to Miami, becoming a CSI for the Miami-Dade crime lab, but she wasn't as happy as she thought she would be(by the way, in the this story, Speed never died). She can't stop thinking about the team back in Vegas, about her godfather, Gil Grissom but most importantly, she couldn't stop thinking about Greg Sanders and how much she had hurt him, even though he had told her that he forgave her but she couldn't find it in her to forgive herself. She had sworn that she would never break Greg's heart, but she had. She had broken a promise to the one person she cared about more than anything in the world. Would she ever be able to find the strength to forgive herself? Could she ever redeem herself for the pain she had caused? Her and Greg are put through more challenges and hardships. And Leila has one more secret to reveal to the man she calls her soulmate, as well as the people she calls family. Can their relationship survive? Can they survive?

Story Notes:
I do not own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or any of it's other characters. Leila Tompkins, however, is mine. I created her as a love match for Greg(wish I owned him, of course, don't we all; wink-wink).

Author's Chapter Notes:
In this chapter, Leila talks to Alexx Woods and gets her advice about how she is unhappy with Tim, although she would have been a few years ago but now she feels like she made a mistake. Alexx tells her to go back to Greg. She takes Alexx's advice. Her and Tim divorce and she returns to Vegas, waiting for Greg by his car until he gets off work. She's a little nervous about how he will take her being back and if he has truly forgiven her.

Leila Speedle pulled up to the crime scene in her Hummer. She grabbed her kit and camera than walked over to where M.E. Alex Woods was knelt next to the body of a young female DB. She looked as she was no younger or older than mid-twenties at least. She had long brown hair with blonde highlights and dark blue eyes. She was laying on her back, one arm stretched out over her head and the other laying at her side. One leg was bent to the side at the knee, the other lay out straight. If it were for the fact that she had a knife wound in her chest, most people would assume she was only sleeping.

"Hey Alex." said Leila.

"Hey girl. Such a shame. Beautiful girl like this should be out posing for pictures with her friends or chasing the handsome young man of her dreams, not laying here with us." said Alex.

"Tell me about it. It's such a shame." said Leila. She set down her kit, lifted in camera and began taking pictures of the body as Alex examined her. "She looks as though she's only in her mid-20's. She have any form of I.D. on her?"

"No. I'll take her prints when I get her back for autopsy." said Alex. She lifted one of the vic's hands and examined her fingers and nails. "Looks like she's got something under her fingernails."

"Maybe she scratched her killer before he killed her." said Leila.

"Maybe. I'll get it to DNA as soon as I get back to the lab." said Alex.

"You got a T.O.D.?" asked Leila.

"Well, levitity is set, rigor's just set in, I'd say she's been dead at least a few hours." said Alex.

"Text me if you find anything." said Leila.

"Have I ever let you down honey?" asked Alex, smiling.

"Not once Alex." said Leila, grinning.

"And why is that?" asked Alex.

"Because you are awesome." said Leila.

"That's right" said Alex Then she noticed that something was wrong. "Leila? What's wrong sweetie?"

"Nothing." said Leila.

"Honey, you know better than to hide things from old Alex. I always know when something is bothering someone and you were never a good liar. Now come on, tell me what's wrong" said Alex.

"Alright. I think I may have made a mistake marrying Tim. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do still have feelings for him, but I don't wanna be with him anymore." said Leila.

"You miss Greg." said Alex.

Leila nodded. "I can't stop thinking about him. I broke his heart Alex, after I swore to him that I never would. He trusted me and I took that away. I know he said that he's forgiven me but I don't think he should, I don't even know if I can forgive myself. He took a chance with me, stayed by my side through everything that my father put us through. The least I could've done was treat him right." said Leila.

"You want my advice sweetheart? Go to Vegas, go back to him." said Alex.

"What about Tim?" asked Leila.

"You know Tim as well as I do, he'll understand." said Alex.


Greg Sanders had just finished his shift at the Las Vegas Crime Lab and was standing at his locker, getting ready to head home for the night. He pulled on his jacket, grabbed his i-Pod, closed his locker and had just turned to leave when Grissom walked in.

"Nice job today Greg." he said.

"Thanks." said Greg, forcing a smile.

Grissom wasn't fooled. He could tell something was bothering his former lab tech and he knew what it was. He knew that Greg was hurting and he understood how he felt.

"It's okay to hurt Greg, it's okay to be a little angry. You were hurt. That's something that's not easy to forgive and forget." said Grissom, trying to offer some comfort.

"I'm not angry. Yes I'm hurting but I'm not angry. I've forgiven her for what she did. I just don't know if it'll be easy me to move on. I still love her Grissom. Every morning I wake up hoping she's still there or that she'll come back. Everyday it hurts more and more to know that she's happy somewhere else, with someone else. I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this." said Greg, feeling the tears welling up in his eyes and he quickly wiped them away.

"You will, I know you will. You wanna know why? Because you're a strong person Greg. After all that you and Leila went through together, you both came out stronger, because you held each other and wouldn't let the other give up. You both may not be together right now, but you still have to be strong and hold each other up. And you never know, maybe one day, she will come back." said Grissom.

Greg just nodded.

"And Greg, you ever need someone to talk to, give me a call." said Grissom than he turned and left.

Greg just stood there for a minute, taking in and absorbing everything that Grissom had just said, knowing that he was right. He then walked out into the hall and headed out of the lab. He was walking to his car when he noticed the familiar brunette leaning against it. She stood up straight when he was a few feet away. She was covering her left hand.

"Hey Greg." she said.

"Leila. What...what're you doing here? I-I thought you were in Miami." said Greg, his breath seeming to catch in his throat as he stared at her.

"I had to see you." said Leila. She then held up her left hand and showed that the wedding ring she had got when she married Tim Speedle was gone.

Greg could only look at her confused.

"It wasn't working out. I wasn't happy with Tim. Maybe a few years ago I would've been but that was before I met you Greg." said Leila, walking toward him until she was barely inches from him. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I love you Greg. You're the only one that makes me happy now. And I'm so, so sorry that I hurt you..."

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, Greg quickly silenced her by firmly pressing his lips to hers and kissing her. Leila's eyes widened in surprise than she closed them and melted into the kiss, returning the kisses. God, how she had missed him, missed the feel of his lips, the taste of his kisses. She didn't want the moment to ever end but it did as Greg pulled away, allowing them both to breathe.

"Come home with me." he said.

Leila just nodded, too breathless to speak. She followed Greg into his car and the two of them drove back to his apartment.


The two burst open and Leila and Greg hurried in, lips locked in passion-filled kisses and hands touching any body part they could find. Greg closed the door behind them than pushed Leila against it, quickly removing his jacket before pinning Leila hands above her head, his fingers locked with hers. He trailed kisses down her neck, kissing, nibbling and sucking on it greedily. Leila firmly squeezed his hands, soft moans escaping from her lips. Greg's hands than made their way down her arms to the sides of her face, to her neck, her shoulders and her chest.

"Oh yes Greg, touch me." Leila said in between gasps for breath and soft moans. His hands felt so good. Greg had always known had to touch her.

Greg slowly started to unbutton Leila's shirt than slowly and carefully slipped it off, tossing it aside. He than led her into the bedroom, once again locking his lips with hers.


The sunlight shone in brightly through the window in the small bedroom of the apartment. Leila opened her eyes and carefully stretched. She looked beside her to find Greg still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful and innocent, and cute. It made Leila smile. She leaned over and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He began to stir than slowly opened his eyes, rubbing the sleep out. He then turned and met Leila's eyes and he couldn't help but smile.

"Morning." said Leila, turning onto her side and facing him.

"Morning." said Greg, turning onto his side as well so he could face her.

"You know, I just realized something that I should've realized before. You have the worst morning breath." said Leila.

"Yeah, well, you're not exactly minty fresh yourself." said Greg, smiling. Then he turned serious. He gently laid a hand on Leila's cheek, softly stroking it with his thumb. "I've missed you so much Leila."

Leila placed her hand on top of Greg's. "I've missed you too Greg." she said, almost having to choke back tears. She planted a soft kiss on the palm of Greg's hand than turned back to stare into eyes.

Greg couldn't resist. He leaned over and reclaimed her lips, kissing her hard and passionately.

They were interrupted when Greg's cell phone rang.

"Unbelievable." said Greg, frustrated. "Some people have the worst timing."

"Just don't answer it." said Leila as Greg reached over her and picked up his cell, looking at the caller id.

"It's Grissom." he said.

Leila got a mischievous grin on her face before she took the phone from Greg and answered it.

"Sorry but Mr. Sanders can't come to the phone right now. However, I'd be happy to take a message for him." she said in a mocking secretary-like voice.

Greg couldn't help but giggle. He knew what Grissom's reaction was going to be like.

"Leila?" came Grissom's shocked reply.

"Hey Gil. It's been awhile." said Leila.

"I didn't even know you were in town. When'd you get back to Vegas?" asked Grissom.

"Just last night actually. I would've said hi sooner but there was someone else that I wanted to see first." said Leila, glancing over at Greg.

"I see. He's missed you a lot Leila. He still loves you very much. You mean more to him than anything else in the world." said Grissom.

"I know. We sort of had a talk about that last night." said Leila.

"I can imagine." said Grissom, knowing they had done more than just talk. "Hey, listen, when are we gonna see you? Everyone really misses you and I'm sure they would love to see you."

"Actually I was planning on stopping in and saying hi to everyone today." said Leila.

"Well, why don't you come in with Greg when he comes in for his shift." suggested Grissom.

"I'll do that. And Gil, don't let everyone know I'm coming. I wanna surprise them." said Leila.

"I won't. I'll see you tonight." said Grissom.

"Later." said Leila than she handed the phone to Greg so he could find out why Grissom had called him. She put on her underwear than slipped on one of Greg's shirts before walking into the kitchen to make the two of them something to eat. She grabbed the eggs, bacon and potatoes. She got out three pans, a knife and forks. She set the pans on the stove than proceeded to peel and cut up the potatoes, cutting them up small to make fried potatoes. As she started put everything in their own pan and turning on the stove, Greg walked in, wearing only his boxers and a t-shirt. He walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist, lightly kissing her neck.

"You look so much better in my shirts than I do." he said.

"I doubt that, but thank you anyway." said Leila. She looked up at him and smirked than planted a soft kiss on his lips. She started to pull away but Greg stopped her and pulled her back to him, pressing her lips back to his. They didn't pull away until a few minutes later when they started to smell the food burning. Leila quickly turned off the burners.

"Looks like we'll be ordering in." said Greg, unable to keep the smile off his face.

Leila gave him a look that said she wasn't really amused but couldn't hide the grin on her face.

Greg helped Leila clean up than the two of them headed into the bathroom and took a shower together.


Greg pulled up to the Las Vegas Crime Lab, parked his car than he and Leila got out and walked inside together. They found everyone(Catherine, Nick, Warrick, Sara, Grissom, Wendy, Archie, Hodges, Henry and Bobby) sitting in the break room as though waiting for them. As they drew closer, they heard Nick speak.

"Alright Grissom, why'd you tell all of us to meet you in here?" he asked.

Grissom looked up to see Greg and Leila standing in the doorway.

"Good to see not much has changed around here." said Leila.

Everyone's attention immediately turned toward the doorway and they were shocked to see Leila standing there with Greg. They all got up and each of them in turn hugged her and greeted her.

"Hey Leila, it's good to see you." said Nick.

"What a pleasant surprise." said Warrick.

"We knew you couldn't stay away from us for too long." said Catherine.

"No I couldn't, you guys put a spell on me or something." said Leila, glad to be with the team again.

"It's great to have you back. It wasn't the same without you." said Wendy.

"Yeah, you bring a certain charm and class to this lab." said Archie.

"Thanks you guys. It's great to be back. You guys are like my family." said Leila.

Everyone was happy to have Leila back. Everything just seemed to be calmer and everyone was smiling, joking and laughing like they hadn't since Leila had left. But there was one person that didn't seem happy that Leila was back in Vegas: Conrad Ecklie. He had threated to put Leila on swing shift but Grissom wouldn't allow and unless Leila did something that required disciplinary action, there was nothing that Ecklie could do. Greg was the happiest to have Leila back. No one was as happy as he was now that she was back. He was smiling and joking more than he had in a long while. And he seemed to have an extra bounce in his step. He was back to his normal, fun-loving, geeky self.

Right now, Grissom had just given them a case and they were to meet Brass and Nick at the scene. Someone had called in about two young female DB's found in the woods. As Greg pulled up to the crime scene, they saw that David was already there and Nick was taking pictures of the vics. Brass stood behind him, watching David examine one of the female victims. Leila and Greg grabbed their kits than joined them.

"Hey Nick, David, Brass." said Leila.

"Hey Leila." Nick said simply.

"Good to see ya Leila, heard you were back." said David.

"Hey Leila, welcome back." said Brass.

"Thanks." said Leila with a smile. She then turned serious. "What do we got?" she asked, kneeling next to the vic David was examining.

"Erika and Vicky Jameson. They were camping with their boyfriends for the weekend. When they didn't come home, their parents called to report them missing. Officer came to check it out and found the girls. Boyfriends are MIA." said Brass.

"Seems pretty suspicious to me." said Greg.

"Everything is suspicious to you honey." said Leila.

Greg turned and glared at Leila but couldn't hide the smirk on his face. It actually felt good to have Leila teasing him. It felt like old times again.

"Greg, why don't start processing the other vic. Leila, since you're technically a newbie again, you get to process the perimeter." said Nick.

"Yippie, my favorite." said Leila sarcastically before heading off to get started.

Nick just shook his head and smiled at Leila.

"Really is good to have her back. I believe I missed her sarcasm." said Brass.

"Yeah me too." said Nick.

"Well anyway, I'm gonna go see if I can dig up anything on the two missing boyfriends." said Brass.

"Alright, see you later Jim." said Nick. He then collected the evidence he had found and got to his feet. "Hey Greg, I'm gonna go ahead and get this stuff back to the lab. You and Leila got this covered?" he asked Greg.

"Yeah, no problem." said Greg.

"You sure?" asked Nick.

"Nick, we're not kids anymore, we're adults and we're CSI's. You don't need to hold our hands anymore. I'm a big girl and...well, I don't know about Greg being a big boy." said Leila.

"Hey, I resent that." said Greg.

"What's the matter baby, truth hurt?" asked Leila.

"I take back everything I said about it being good to have you back." said Greg.

Leila smiled but didn't appear too hurt by Greg's words.

"You two are something else. No wonder you got married. I'll see you guys back at the lab." said Nick, heading over to his truck.

"See you Nick." said Leila before getting back to work.

"Hey Leila, let me ask you something. Why are you so mean to me?" asked Greg.

"'Cause I love you darling." said Leila.

Greg gave her a skeptical look.

"Hey, just think of all the stuff I could do if I didn't love you." said Leila.

"I should be so lucky." said Greg sarcastically.

"Oh you know you love me sweetie, you wouldn't have married me if you didn't." said Leila.

"Whatever you say sweetheart." said Greg.

Leila just gave Greg a playful look than turned back to what she was doing. That's when she noticed something in the dirt.

"Hey Greg, come here and take a look at this." said Leila.

Greg got up from where he was kneeling next to the second victim and walked over where Leila was standing, staring at something on the ground.

"Find something?" he asked.

"Yeah. Looks like there's at least three sets of footprints here and it looks like there's some blood drops going in the direction of the foot prints." said Leila.

"Looks like our boyfriends didn't go missing on their own." said Greg.

"Should we follow?" asked Leila.

"It's evidence. We follow the evidence." said Greg. "Ladies first."

Leila gave Greg an amused look than followed the footprints and blood drops, Greg following behind her. The footprints led deeper into the woods. Every few feet, Leila took photographs of the footprints.

"You think maybe whoever killed the two girls took the boyfriends to hold them for ransom?" asked Greg.

"It's a possibility." said Leila. All of a sudden, she slipped and fell down into a small ravine. She came to a stop just before she hit a small pile of dead dogs, rabbits and deer.

"Leila! Leila, you alright?!" exclaimed Greg, clearly afraid she was hurt.

"Yeah, yeah I'm okay." said Leila as she carefully got up. That's when she noticed the horrible smell. "Oh God." she said, covering her nose and suppressing the urge to throw up.

"Oh man, that smell is horrible." said Greg.

"Yeah well, be glad you're not the one down here." said Leila. That's when something else caught her eye. It was two bodies but they weren't any animal. "Greg. I think I just found our missing boyfriends. Only they're not missing anymore." she said, pointing with her free hand to the direction of the bodies, which were in the middle of the dead animals.

Greg looked where Leila was pointing and spotted the two male db's.

"I'll call Brass." said Greg, taking out his phone and dialing.

While Greg was on his phone, Leila carefully made her way around the animal carcass's, trying to get a better look at the bodies. She didn't, however, notice the figure quietly making his way up behind her. But Greg did.

"Leila, behind you!" he yelled.

Leila turned around in time to dodge the fist that came at her. She quickly stepped off to the side and sent a hit of her own but the guy blocked it before slapping her and knocking her down. She kicked his legs out from under him than kicked him in the stomach. She quickly got up and made a run for it, trying to climb back up the ravine she had fallen from.

"Come on, give me your hand." said Greg, reaching down and offering out his hand.

Leila reached up and tried to grab it but she felt the guy grab her ankle and try to pull her back down. She quickly kicked him in the face and he let go. She once again tried to grab Greg's hand but couldn't quite reach it.

"Come on Leila, come on you can make it." Greg encouraged.

Leila tried again to grab his hand but her fingers only managed to brush his as the guy grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back down, both of they hitting the grounds. He then forced her back onto her feet and before she could fight back, he slammed her into a nearby tree. She hit her head and fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Leila!" yelled Greg.

The guys walked over to Leila's unconscious form and picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder.

"Let her go!" yelled Greg.

The guy just ignored him and started walking away with Leila.

"I said get your hands off of her!" yelled Greg, getting up and trying to find a way down, being careful not to let the guy and Leila out of his sight. He found a way down and quickly climbed down than ran to try to caught the guy holding Leila but in the seconds he had let them out of his sight, they had vanished.

"No. Leila." said Greg, unable to believe he had let them out of his sight.


Grissom showed up at the scene. There were several squad cars there and he saw Brass talking to Greg. Nick, Warrick and Catherine were nowhere in sight. He quickly parked his car than quickly made his way over to Greg and Brass.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Apparently the killer came back." said Brass.

Grissom turned to Greg. He could tell that he was upset and a little guilty, probably blaming himself.

"Greg." he said gently. "Greg, you have to tell me what happened."

Greg took a deep breath before he spoke.

"Leila found three sets of footprints so we followed them deeper into the woods. She slipped and fell into a ravine where we found two more bodies, figuring they were the missing boyfriends. I called Brass while Leila tried to get a better look at the bodies. That's when someone came out and attacked her. I tried to get her out but he pulled her back down, knocked her out and then he took her. We have to find her Grissom, we have to get her back." said Greg.

"We will Greg, we will. I promise." said Grissom, trying to calm the younger man. "Listen, why don't you go back to the lab. You've done all you can here. Get yourself a cup coffee, get yourself something to eat. Call Sarah and Ronnie, we may need their help."

Greg looked like he wanted to argue but chose not to and simply nodded his head and walked off.

Grissom followed Brass to where Catherine, Nick and Warrick were processing the spot where Leila and Greg found the bodies.

"Find anything?" he asked.

"Well, other than a bid of blood on this tree and the two bodies, there's nothing. No signs of a struggle, no trace, no hair, no fibers. It's like nothing happened here." said Nick.

"Greg did say the guy threw her into the tree and knocked her out." said Brass.

"Looks like he came back to cover up the evidence." said Grissom.


Leila slowly regained consciousness and opened her eyes to only see pitch black. She tried to move her hands but found them bound. And she guessed she had also been blindfolded, as well as gagged which make her calling out for help difficult. She just hoped Greg was okay. She knew he was going to be pretty upset about this, probably blaming himself. He had just gotten her back only to have her taken away again. She could only imagine how he felt right now, but she wouldn't give up. She would find a way out of this and back to him, no matter what.

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