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Summary: Leila Sanders had become Leila Speedle and moved to Miami, becoming a CSI for the Miami-Dade crime lab, but she wasn't as happy as she thought she would be(by the way, in the this story, Speed never died). She can't stop thinking about the team back in Vegas, about her godfather, Gil Grissom but most importantly, she couldn't stop thinking about Greg Sanders and how much she had hurt him, even though he had told her that he forgave her but she couldn't find it in her to forgive herself. She had sworn that she would never break Greg's heart, but she had. She had broken a promise to the one person she cared about more than anything in the world. Would she ever be able to find the strength to forgive herself? Could she ever redeem herself for the pain she had caused? Her and Greg are put through more challenges and hardships. And Leila has one more secret to reveal to the man she calls her soulmate, as well as the people she calls family. Can their relationship survive? Can they survive?

Published: 17 Mar 2008 Updated: 19 Mar 2009

Story Notes:I do not own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or any of it's other characters. Leila Tompkins, however, is mine. I created her as a love match for Greg(wish I owned him, of course, don't we all; wink-wink).

1. The Pain Inside by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (4109 words)
In this chapter, Leila talks to Alexx Woods and gets her advice about how she is unhappy with Tim, although she would have been a few years ago but now she feels like she made a mistake. Alexx tells her to go back to Greg. She takes Alexx's advice. Her and Tim divorce and she returns to Vegas, waiting for Greg by his car until he gets off work. She's a little nervous about how he will take her being back and if he has truly forgiven her.
Published: 17 Mar 2008 Updated: 22 Mar 2008

2. Lifelines...... by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (2009 words)
Greg can only feel like a failure for not being able to protect Leila or to even pull her out of the ravine. He wished that it was him instead, not Leila. He had just gotten her back, he didn't want to lose her again. He only pray they find her and reach her in time.

Meanwhile, wherever she is, Leila can only feel alone and scared. She has no idea who her kidnapper is or what he wants with her. She can only hope and pray to be found in time before anything bad happens.
Published: 17 Mar 2008 Updated: 17 Mar 2008

3. Two Teams Working As One..... by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (7067 words)
Greg receives a package at the lab and it's about Leila. In it, it contains a wedding band, Leila's, and a DVD. Everyone gathers in the A/V lab and Archie's plays the DVD. It shows a shot of Leila for only a minute than her kidnapper. After the view the video, Horatio and his team from Miami arrive and together, the two CSI teams start forming a plan, all wanting to get Leila back safely.
Published: 17 Mar 2008 Updated: 22 Mar 2008

4. Can't Put My Finger On It.... by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (8006 words)
The team gets an unexpected surprise at the lab. Is there anything that can be done to save Leila in time or will the bad guy win this time?
Published: 17 Mar 2008 Updated: 09 Mar 2009

5. A Look Into the Past by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (6762 words)
This is a look into Greg and Leila's past.
Published: 09 Mar 2009 Updated: 09 Mar 2009

6. Over the Edge..... by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (5612 words)
Greg and Leila take a little ride to talk things over, but will it turn into something that they both could regret? Can Greg find any forgiveness for her in his heart? And does she even deserve it? Just how far can you push someone until they break?
Published: 17 Mar 2008 Updated: 09 Mar 2009

7. Returning to Normal by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (3195 words)
Leila appears to be getting back to her old self but will it come at a price?
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 05 Sep 2008

8. The Return & His Deep Regret by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (5681 words)
Leila teams up with Sara at a crime scene at a hotel where a just married couple is murdered. Why does it seem so familiar? And what faces from the past return to haunt Greg?
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 05 Sep 2008

9. Guilt & Suffering by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (3453 words)
Aaron James has disappeared from his bedroom. Who took him? And will Leila and Greg be able to find him in time?
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 08 Sep 2008

10. Old Friends Reunited & the Tears to Fall by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (3289 words)
An old friend from Leila's past pays her and Greg a visit.
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 05 Sep 2008

11. Honor & A Small Relief by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (4215 words)
Leila has lost a friend but at the promise that she would take care of her daughter from now on. Will Cassie blame Leila for the death of her mother? How will Leila and Greg be able to handle raising a child?
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 08 Sep 2008

12. So Right, So Perfect by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (5347 words)
There is one more guy out there that the team needs to catch but will this come at a price? Who will be the one to suffer at the hands of this madman? Leila? Greg? Or will they both lose their lives?
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 05 Sep 2008

13. The Letter She Wrote Him When She Left by Leila_Tompkins [ - ] (322 words)
This is the letter that Greg was talking about in chapter twelve that Leila left in his locker years ago when he knew her as Silvia Johnson.
Published: 05 Sep 2008 Updated: 05 Sep 2008