26 Years by piper05 [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Slashed > Greg/Nick, CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Catherine/Warrick
Characters: Catherine Willows, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Drama, Humour, Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: A small ficlet about our fave CSI team!

Sara Sidle looked down at the small bundle in her arms. A bright smile lit up her face as she looked up at the man standing before her.

"He's gorgeous Gil," she smiled, emotion filled Gil's bright blue eyes.

"Thanks mom," Gil smiled down at his mother. "I just wish dad was here to meet him."

"He'd be so proud of you," Sara said sadly, thinking of her late husband.

Gilbert Grissom Senior died of a brain haemorrhage just over a year ago, but to Sara it still felt like she'd lost him yesterday. Sara looked down at her new grandson so that Gil wouldn't see the tears in her eyes.

"Are you all right?" Gil asked his mother, knowing it was still painful for her to talk about his father.

"I'm fine sweetheart," Sara assured him.

"All right, if you're sure," Gil nodded. "I have to get back to the lab; can you stay with Stacey for a while?"

Gil was following in his father's footsteps, the twenty-five year old had a thing for bugs and he was working in the LVPD crime lab. He'd met his wife Stacey at university, she was studying forensic psychology and worked with the PD from time to time,

"Of course I can honey, tell Greg and Nick I said hello when you see them."

"Bye mom," Gil kissed his mother's cheek then walked away leaving the woman cradling her grandson.

"I love you Gil Grissom, wherever you are."


"Knock knock."

Nick Stokes looked up as his co-worker and best friend, Greg Sanders walked into his office.

"How's the new assistant director of the LVPD Crime Lab?" Greg grinned, flopping down on the chair across from Nick. Even at fifty-eight Greg was still as hyper as ever, and always the life and soul of the party.

"I'm fine thanks," Nick smiled, taking off his glasses and sitting them on his desk. "I'm still getting over the shock of actually getting the job."

"An even bigger shock was me getting the position as supervisor of graves," Greg shook his head.

"Well you had excellent recommendations," Nick winked. "Grissom always knew you'd get there one day."

"Yeah," Greg agreed sadly, thinking of his old mentor. "I called Cath and 'Rick this morning," he said, changing the painful subject. "They said they'll fly over as soon as they can. 'Rick said he wants to take us to dinner to celebrate."

"Great, I can't wait to see them again," Nick nodded, he missed his old friends.

"Did you speak to Ally today?" Greg asked.

"Yep, she'll be home for thanksgiving as planned," Nick answered, smiling when he thought of his oldest daughter.

"Thank god, I can't wait the phone bill this month was huge! I'll call her tonight, Mel and James will want to talk to her as well," Greg said, getting to his feet. "I wish that girl had gone to college somewhere close, it's costing us a fortune to call Boston every time Melissa has boy trouble."

"They miss each other, so we'll just need to deal for the next four years."

"Two years actually, Mel goes to college then and she can use her own phone bill to call Ally for two hours three times a week," Greg huffed. "I still don't get why she had to go to Harvard. What's wrong with UNLV?"

"Greg, you're starting to sound like your mother."

Greg threw the older man a dirty look then laughed. "I know it's awful, I thought men were supposed to turn into their fathers?"

"Oh god, let's stick with your mother."

They shared a laugh before Greg stopped short, realising the time. "I had better go," he said. "The troops will be arriving soon, and it's already shaping up to be a busy night."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Nick asked stopping Greg before he opened the door.

"Sorry," Greg grinned. He walked around the desk and brushed a quick kiss over his husband's full lips. "I'll see you in the morning."

"I love you Greg Stokes-Sanders," Nick smiled, even after twenty-one years together Greg could still make his heart soar.

"I love you too Nick Sanders-Stokes."


Catherine Willows stood on the porch of her Florida beach house watching the waves crash against the rocks and sand. She couldn't remember a time when she was more happy or contented than she was now. Retired and living in a wonderful house with her wonderful husband, Cath couldn't ask for a better life.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Warrick asked his wife, slipping his arms around her waist.

"I was just thinking about how blissfully happy I am."

"Would you like me to make you even happier?" Warrick asked. He didn't wait for an answer. "I just got off the phone with Lynsey. She wants us to stay with her and Matt while we're in Vegas, says they have a surprise for us."

"You don't think?" Cath spun round, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Grandma Willows has a nice ring to it don't you think?" Warrick grinned.

"Why yes Grandpa Brown, I do," Cath smiled back hugging her wonderful husband.

"I love you Mrs Willows."

"I love you too Mr. Brown."