Summary: I decided to write this story in the eyes of the kidnapped. Along with the kidnapped girl, there is someone who is from NYPD. Just for a warning, it talks about abuse and rape.

Categories: CSI: NY - General
Characters: Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera
Genres: Drama, Suspense
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 1093; Completed: No
Updated: 09 Jan 2009; Published: 04 Jan 2009

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My head felt groggy and my entire body ached. I tried to open my eyes but found darkness around me. I wasn't quite sure if I even opened my eyes or not. I was sitting on a cold surface like concrete. Where am I? I moved my hands to feel around my surrounding but found my hands were stuck behind my back and attached to something. A pole?

I listened to see if I could hear something that my eyes couldn't see. It sounded like breathing. The sound was coming to from my left. A faint sound of breathing. Who else is here? Mom? Dad? The unknown person began to stir. I heard a groan and the sound of someone trying to sit up.

"Hello?" I asked uncertainly. My voice shaking a bit.

The body answered back, "Where are you? Who are you?"

The other person seemed just as uncertain of their surroundings as I was. It was a female voice however.

"I'm to your right, and my name is Amber, who are you?" I answered.

I heard the woman feeling around on the floor. Her hands much not be tied like mine. She felt around until her hand came into contact with my leg, "Oh. Sorry, I can't see a thing. I'm Stella. Do you remember how you got here?"

I tried to think, "I remember walking out of my house to go to school and...and I think someone grabbed me and then everything went black," I told her while the memory was coming back.

"Wait, you said your name was Amber? Amber Miller?" Stella inquired.

I looked shocked for a moment, though she couldn't see it. How does she know who I am? She must have noticed my hesitation and carried on.

"I am a CSI for NYPD. I was investigating a kidnapping of a girl...well, of you," she said.

I took the information in. She's a cop. How can she get kidnapped? "How exactly did you end up here? Shouldn't you have other cops around you?"

I noticed the hesitation in her voice now. I thought about how my question sounded and I corrected myself, "Sorry, I didn't mean to say you're a bad cop or anything. I..."

"No, it's alright," she interrupted, "you're right though. I should've had others around me but we are a bit short staffed right now. Too many people are murdered in New York."

She told me about how she was working in my bedroom to get any clues of who would have taken me when a cloth came over her mouth and nose. That's all she remembers before she ended up here with me.

Once we had introduced ourselves and talked about little conversation about where we thought we were, there wasn't much else to talk about. We sat in silence for what seemed like an hour to me until a door opened.

Light flooded into the room and I could finally see what the room looked like. It looked like a basement. The walls were made of cement and I was, as a thought, attached to a pole with handcuffs.

Then I looked at the door again. A man was standing in front of it. He maybe was 5'8" and he was very muscular. He had short black hair and a mustache and beard growing. In his left hand was a gun. He looked vaguely familiar; like I had seen him somewhere before but I couldn't remember.

The man started talking, "Well, looks like my two beauties are up."

"What do you want?" Stella asked trying to act brave.

The man looked at her and sneered. He then looked at me. His stare was as cold as ice, "Hello Amber."

I didn't say anything back. I just looked at him trying to figure out who he is and why he knows me. I could tell Stella was also looking at me trying to make a connection. I couldn't.

"Not even going to say hello? That's not very nice." He said.

I still didn't say anything until he held the gun higher and pointed it at me, "C'mon be nice."

"Hello," I mumbled seeing no other option.

Stella spoke again, "Who are you and what do you want with us?"

"Well, aren't you a woman full of questions," he said mockingly at her, "It doesn't matter who I am and what I want with you, Stella, isn't that much. I just needed to stop you from solving this. You were too close."

"Then what's your connection with Amber?" Stella tried to ask to get answers.

The man started walking up towards me, "There is no connection, really, I just saw her in the park one day," He now knelt down beside me. He put his hand on my leg to make sure I wouldn't move, "you know, she just walked in front of me and I knew I had to have her," he moved his hand onto my face, "she's just so beautiful."

I pulled my head away. I was completely freaked out about what he was saying. What does he mean by 'he had to have me'? I could tell Stella was getting nervous as well because she started moving and trying to get up. The man grabbed the gun and put it to my head.

"You get up, or even move, she's dead," he said very seriously as he cocked the gun.

Stella sat back down and listened. The man continued, "and if either of you start screaming, there will be a bullet in you so fast, you won't know what hit you."

The man put his hand back onto my face and was stroking my cheek. I kept telling him to stop but he wouldn't. Now Stella was also trying to negotiate with him.

He stood up and walked towards Stella instead, "I thought I told you to sit down and shut up,"

"I'm not going to let you hurt her," Stella said.

The man sneered again, "Oh, you want to be brave? You want to be first?"

The man put the gun to Stella's head now, "Get up."

She didn't move.

He pulled her by her hair which got her to get up. He kept pulling her until she was completely out of the room. He closed the door behind them and I was left alone.