Bendición by Meisaal [PG-13]
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Summary: Barely science-fiction. The science is dealt with respectfully. Ryan finds that while it seems as though everybody he knows has *some* sort of beef with him, he is--to some people--perfect.

Published: 06 Jun 2009 Updated: 17 Jun 2009

Story Notes:My undying thanks to Aligator138 for her proofreading and careful indications of what needs doing where. She told me what was really good *and* what stank, stank, stank (though she was polite), and it's hard to find a beta who'll do that latter. She seemed to enjoy the reading in itself even more than the proofing. Considering the general demands on her time, and her own writing, this is a monumental favor. Thank you, Ali. This is a committed foursome with almost no sex. Yes, it can be done. I have done it.

1. Bendición by Meisaal [ - ] (68688 words)
This is the first story in what I intend to be a series; there will be at least one more story, but no cliffhanging.
Published: 06 Jun 2009 Updated: 15 Jun 2009