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Category: CSI: Miami - General, Crossovers > General, CSI: Miami - Ship Ahoy! > Calleigh/Eric, CSI: Miami - Ship Ahoy! > Ryan/other female
Characters: Alexx Woods, Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko, Horatio Caine, Mac Taylor, Natalia Boa Vista, Original Character, Other, Ryan Wolfe, Tim Speedle, Yelina Salas
Rating: R
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Episode Related, Hurt Comfort, Romance, Series, Suspense
Warnings: Adult themes, Death of canon character

Summary: This is the fifth story in my series The Wolfe/Caine Family Saga

Story Notes:
"Love on the Rocks" left us with Ryan in a coma, Little H in Brazil, and Horatio now struggling with the task of trying to get Little H back home, but at what cost? And will H and Mac have there talk? And how will a new revelation in the saga help change everyone?

Author's Chapter Notes:
Little H remembers

Little H stood on the balcony of his room looking out towards the Brazilian coast. He looked at the untouched food on the small table and then back at the ocean. Tears streamed down his face as he remembered watching his life leave from Miami.

Little H clawed at the windows of the planes, pounding and hoping his papa would just storm the plane and get him.

"Papa H, Please!! Please!!"

Riaz grabbed him and threw him towards his bodyguard.

"Put him in a seat and shut him up! I want silence!"

The guard did just that, strapping him into a seat as he watched his papa H bow his head. He caught a gleam of a tear from the Miami sun wash down his papa's cheek. He placed his hand on the window letting the tears fall.

"I love you, papa H."

He looked away from the window and just the tears fall."


Little H wiped the tears away as he looked at his guest. He glared at her and looked back towards the ocean. She shook her head as she looked at the uneaten food on the table. She smiled.

"Mr. Wolfe, you need to eat or you'll get sick. Going on a hunger strike is not going to help you, you know. I'm just as scared as you are."

Little H huffed and sat down on the soft chair. The tears streamed down his cheeks unchecked.

"I..I'm not dad."

Natalia's tears started to flow as she gathered him close.

"I know, sweetie, i know. I miss him too." She titled his chin. "Do you know if Ray Jr. and Yelina are still here?"

Little H nodded. "I..I think so. Papa H talks to her a lot. I would love to Ray Ray."

Natalia smiled. "I can be sneaky and give them a message to give to your papa. I know you miss your dad and mom."

He nodded. "Dad...daddy's dead." He started to wail.

Natalia held him as he let his rage flow out of him. After a few minutes, his breathing evened out and he was asleep. Kissing the top of head, she placed him in the bed and covered him up. Pulling out her phone, she hoped the other person would get the message and relay it to Horatio. She sat on the couch and waited for little H to wake up.