Liquid Luck by CSIVegasLover [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Bitextual
Characters: None
Rating: G
Genres: Humour
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Henry and Hodges get drunk and make it a night to remmber...

Story Notes:
I figured Henry and Hodges needed a fan fic and wrote accordingly. This started off as a joke and turned into a proper idea.

Henry grinned broadly when Hodges' head poked through the door into the lab. 'Hey.' He said politely trying desperately not to think about what lay underneath those clothes. Hodges was doing that thing with his eyes that let you know he was thinking about something he didn't anyone to know he was thinking about.
'Hey, Hen.' Hodges smiled nervously. 'What time do you get off work tonight?'
'About 11. Why?'
Henry almost laughed allowed when Hodges lips started to twitch, forming into an unwanted grin that he quickly wiped off of his face. 'Me too, do you wanna go out for a drink tonight then?'
'Sure. Who else have you invited?'
'No one.'
'Oh. OK.'
'See ya.'
'See ya.'

Once Hodges had disappeared out of the doorway and down the hall. Henry let himself think about what he wanted to do. He would get Hodges completely trashed and he'd be wrapped around his finger. He knew that by the end of the night, he'd have Hodges' skinny arse where he wanted it: attached to his cock.

He tried to think about kissing Hodges. Tried to think about calling him by his first name. Holding him in his arms. And although it wasn't a major turn on, he wasn't averted to the idea.

Greg gave Henry a wave as he walked past the door. Now there was a boy Henry wanted to ride. He was much better looking than Hodges and probably smarter than him too. Henry would rather have Greg over Hodges any day. And even if Greg wasn't an option, he'd sooner take Nicky or Warwick or Archie than the most boring and ugly person in the lab.

Alas, Greg was 10 years younger than Henry, at 26 years old, and looked about 19, besides it was obvious that Greg, along with every other man listed above, was straight. He had girlfriends and talked non stop about tits. But Hodges never did anything like that. He was way to co-ordinated, cam and close to his mother to be straight. Plus Henry hadn't pooled in a while and Hodges was the only one he could risk getting his hopes up for, so he did. And it paid off...

The clock struck eleven and Hodges watch began to beep, signalling the end of his shift. He smiled at Henry as they walked out of the door together. Henry standing a bit too close to him for his liking. The sky was dark but Vegas was lit by bright lights and the night was disrupted by music pumping out of clubs and bars. They went to the nearest bar to work.

Once they both were sat at the bar, their drinks in hand, they had no problem talking to each other. They talked for at least an hour, ordering a drink each time they finished one. They talked about work, home life. Henry even managed to find out that Hodges was single and a touch lonely.

They were on their 7th or 8th drink when Henry started to notice things he'd never noticed before: Hodges had nice eyes, really good teeth and a nice smile. He wasn't as unattractive as Henry had originally thought and soon Henry actually found himself lusting after him. He wanted to taste him, to touch him, to go deep inside him.

Hodges was too drunk to complain that Henry put his hand on his thigh. 'Let's get out of here.' Henry demanded rather than suggested.

Henry's house wasn't far away from the bar and he knew a shortcut anyway. He invited Hodges in for a cup of coffee to wear of the alcohol before he made his way home...

'So, Hodges.' Henry smiled, pouring boiling water from a kettle into a mug 'You're feeling a bit lonely huh?'
Hodges smiled 'Not even that mate. I just need sex. Really good sex.'
Henry took this as his chance. 'So, who would you pick if you could. What person is your type?'
Hodges looked down at his feet and his smile faded. 'Um, well I've been having problems with my...Um...Well...' Then he composed himself and looked sincerely at Henry. 'Look, I think I'm gay.'
'Have you ever kissed a guy?'
'No. But I've stopped thinking about Wendy in the way I used to, and ya know Greg?'
'Yeah. Do you think he's fit?'
'Me too.'
'So you've never kissed a guy?'
'Do you want to?'
'Um... Yeah I guess.'

Hodges didn't even have time to guess what Henry had meant before he felt the shorter man's lips on his. At first he was a little shocked, then pleasantly surprised by how Henry tasted. Henry's tongue ran along his bottom lip and he let out a little whimper, opening his mouth just wide enough for Henry to get his tongue inside and explore his mouth. He felt warm hands running up inside his shirt and didn't know how to react.

As if sensing his hesitation, Henry pulled away and put his lips to Hodges' ear 'Just relax.' Hodges did this. And Henry's lips were back on his. This time though, he felt the need to kiss back. Touching every part of Henry he could reach. He whined unhappily as Henry pulled away again. But smiled when he started unbuttoning his shirt, 'Too many clothes.' He smiled. 'Too hot.'
Then he looked at Hodges evilly 'You take your off.'

Somewhere in between all of the kissing and the undressing, they had managed to get to Henry's bedroom. Henry now had Hodges naked and pinned up against a wall, kissing him furiously and rubbing his now hard cock on Hodges'

Hodges had originally been unsure, but the friction of Henry's cock against his was electrifying. Causing all the blood to rush to that area. Hodges no longer had control when Henry yelled 'Bend over.'

Hodges liked the horny Henry, he was demanding and focused. He didn't stammer ash he did at work. He was intent of giving Hodges the night of a lifetime.

Henry was worried about waking the neighbors when Hodges screamed Henry's name loudly as he came, getting hot sticky juices on the bed sheets. But if the neighbors had a complaint, they were going to have ti complain the next morning, because Henry was busy, coming shortly after Hodges, which only made Hodges come again as he felt the warm wetness seep into him...