As Dates Turn Into Nights... by CSIVegasLover [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Bitextual
Characters: None
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Humour, PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Archie intrudes Henry's date, but Henry doesn't seem to mind. An Archie and Henry fanfic. I think lab rats need love lives too...

Henry sat in the restaurant, only half listening to Wendy's rant about how Greg got to work in the field and she didn't. The truth was, he wasn't interested, Greg was his friend, he was happy for Greg. And even when Wend put her hand on his thigh, he still wasn't interested. He was too busy looking at Archie, who had arrived at the restaurant after them, with a man Henry hadn't seen before. By the looks of things, it had been their first date. And it had ended badly.

Henry had seen Archie's date answer his phone, apologise and leave, and now Archie was sitting there, staring at the half finished main course in front of where his date should be sitting. 'Hey, Wend.' He looked over at Wendy.
'What.' She smiled, moving her hand closer to his groin. He shifted so her hand slid back down and smirked at how forward she was being 'Archie looks a bit sad over there. Should we ask him if he wants to join us?'

He felt her hand shoot away from his leg and she smiled and said 'Ok, sure. I know you two are friends and all. I don't like the sight of him all lonely.' But her eyes were telling him that she didn't want Archie interrupting their date. Nevertheless, Henry called out 'Hey Archie, stop being a Larry and come sit with us.'
Archie grinned and looked up; he pushed his chair out and walked over to them.

Wendy looked uncomfortable when Archie sat down next to Henry, closer that he would have let her sit. But she didn't notice Henry lightly brush his hand against Archie's leg. 'So Archie.' She smiled. 'I see you were here with a man.'

Archie looked at her blankly. 'I'm bisexual, deal with it.'

Yes! Henry thought to himself. They had so much in common: They were both lab rats, they were both bisexual and they were both... Well that's all Henry could think of, but he knew they had more in common.

Henry was so relieved when Wendy got a phone call. He spoke to Archie for a bit before she smiled apologetically. 'That was Greg...' She started and Henry cut in. 'So you're leaving?' he stuttered, feigning disappointment.

'Yeah, sorry.' She smiled 'We can do this again sometime.'

'I'd love to.' He lied.


The next few minutes were awkward. But they got into conversation pretty quick. 'I hate the way she always ditches you for Greg.' Archie sighed.

Henry smiled. This was going the way he wanted it to go. 'It's ok. It's not like she left me alone. You're here.'

Archie smiled and didn't complain when Henry rested his hand against his groin. 'Let's get out of here baby.' He whispered and Archie nodded.

They each drove back to Henry's place in their own cars, but were inseparable once they reached the porch. At first they just kissed tenderly, and when things got heated they decided to think about what they were doing. They sat down on the sofa in the living room and Henry mumbled 'Well, I was on a date with Wendy and she works sin the lab. So, it won't be that awkward if we...'
'Yeah. D'you know what?'


'I say we do it.'

Archie shuffled and practically sat on Henry's lap. He leaned in and kissed Henry lightly. He didn't understand why Henry was being so frigid. 'Am I too young for you?' he mumbled, his face just centimetres from Henry's.
Henry shook his head and muttered 'You're only as young as the men that you feel, Arch.'

Archie smiled and kissed him again. This time slipping his hands into the back pockets on Henry's jeans. Henry let out a little sigh of pleasure and Archie took this as his cue to slip his tongue inside Henry's mouth. Henry responded by doing the same to Archie, their tongues swirling around each other. 'Bedroom.' Henry muttered into Archie's tonsils.

Archie pulled away and let Henry stand up and lead him up the stairs into his bedroom. It was old fashioned but modernised and Archie thought it looked cool. He went to sit on the four poster bed and patted the mattress next to him. But Henry grinned and walked over to him, pushed him down on the bed and kissed him passionately. He reached for the top button of Archie's shirt and began to slowly, teasingly slowly, undoing Archie's checked shirt.

It annoyed Archie how slow Henry was going. But he had to admit, it was turning him on. But when it was his turn to remove an item of Henry's clothing, he went for the Jeans, unbuckling the belt as slowly as possible, sliding it out of all the loops, before actually pulling and pushing the actual Jeans down do that Henry could kick them off of his ankles. Henry's blue and white checked boxer-briefs did nothing to hide the bulge. Archie smirked, if he hadn't been hard himself, he wouldn't have believed it for a second.

Once both men were completely naked, they fooled about for a bit, snogging, touching and arousing each other, but then Henry moved his kisses off of Archie's neck and nibbled on his ear for a bit 'Get all fours, we're doing this doggy style.'

All of the blood left in his upper body flowed straight to his penis. And his brain gave all focus to that one organ.

Archie did as he was told and let Henry enter him, moaning with pleasure as he did so.

The next day, at work, things were a little awkward. Henry and Archie were doing their best to avoid each other and tried not to think about the night. Archie leaped out of his skin when Greg popped into the lab and said 'HEY ARCHIE!!!!!' He beamed. Archie rolled his eyes. This was Greg's mood every morning. Just after he had his coffee, but before he was put on a case. Then his mood would slowly deteriorate throughout the course of the day. Unless he drunk some more of his expensive Hawaiian coffee on his breaks.

Greg beamed again and smiled 'Henry's been talking to me...'

Archie froze.

'About you.'

'Yeah? What did he say?'

'He told me that you like cock!'

'In those exact words?'

'No.' Greg said childishly. 'Don't be silly.'

'And how would Henry know that 'I like cock' hm?'

'He saw on his date with Wendy.'

Archie was relieved. 'I dabble; play on both sides of the field, why do you care.'

'Well, Hodges is coming on to me a bit strong and I was wondering if you could you know him out or something?'

'Whoa!' Archie halted Greg 'I'm bi, not desperate.'

'Yeah.' Greg whined 'But he is.'