Greg Sanders' Other Job by CSIVegasLover [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Bitextual
Characters: Greg Sanders
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Humour, PWP - Plot, What Plot?, Suspense
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Greg has another rather interesting job on the sidelines...

Story Notes:
In an episode from season three (Correct me if I'm wrong please.) sarah coments about how she can nevr get hold of Greg and sayd she 'Could swear that boy has another job somewhere else' And my mind flooded with possibilities.

'I could swear that boy has another job somewhere else.' Sara sighed as she slid the phone back into her pocket.


Greg Sanders faked a smile as he practically humped the metallic pole. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the job, but he always got awkward when men watched him perform like this. There were women too, there were always women. But it was a strip club for both sexes. There were four stages around the club and each stage had two poles. Two girls were on one stage, another two girls on another, two men on the third and two more men on the last. Today there were a couple of men watching him and the man on the other pole on Greg's stage A middle-aged bald man in the crowd shouted to him 'Hey, sweet stuff, you ever had a real man up the hot little arse of yours? I could show you a real good time.'

Greg couldn't help giving the man a playful wink for his own amusement.

Soon enough he got pretty into it, enjoying the attention. He decides to up the ante a bit by tugging at the banana-hammock that was covering his cock. Not that it really did much to hide the organ, and Greg could still feel the coolness of the pole through the material. Several people cheered and egged him to rip it off, but he did not oblige, he was a male stripper, not a male prostitute.


A light came on to signal the end of his show, and he got up off the pole. The man who had shouted at him earlier groaned 'Oh c'mon, can't we have a couple more minutes. Greg blew him a kiss and sauntered off towards the dressing rooms. He was stopped in his tracks on the way by a man walking in front of him. 'Hey.' Said the heavily accented voice. It took Greg a while to realise who it was before suddenly becoming very aware of his penis. 'W-W-What are you doing here?' he stammered.

The man smiled, 'I'm here with on my mate's stag do. We come here because it's the only club that has both male and female strippers on the strip.'

'W-W-Why do you need both male and-'

The man cut in 'Because I'm bisexual and they wanted me to enjoy myself as much as them.'

Greg opened his mouth but the man silenced him with a look that said shut up and continued speaking 'Listen, I won't tell anyone at work that you work here. And I won't tell anyone I go here; I have a reputation to keep. I completely understand if it would be too awkward and you don't want to, but...' he said, pulling a wad of hundred dollar bills out of his pocket. 'Give us a lap dance.'

Greg stared at Nick in astonishment...