Summary: When Greg is looking for a movie to watch before going to bed things get dangerous... Not only for Greg. Will all the CSIs make it out alive?

Categories: CSI - General
Characters: Greg Sanders
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 9 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 9531; Completed: Yes
Updated: 04 Dec 2010; Published: 29 Nov 2010

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Story Notes:
Hey guys!
So this is my first CSI fanfic. Actually my first fanfic ever :)
I spent four days writing it, so I really hope you guys enjoy it! (I actually changed the ending three times!)
Let me know what you think about it, this way I know what to do different with my next story.
Oh and part of the reason it took me so long to write it is that English's not my first language, so please bear with me :) I feel pretty confident writing in English but I know I made a lot of mistakes! Feel free to correct or comment my English. It's the only way I can improve it ;)

Okay, so this is a Greg-Centered story. I love the character and feel that the writers neglected him for four years now. His last good storyline was in Season 7 and we really need another good storyline ASAP! :D
But in the meantime I decided to write one, myself.
It's Greg-Centered, but the others (Nick, Sara, Cath, Ray and Brass) are important in this story, too. It's no shipper, but I guess you could use your own imagination to make it one! lol

I hope it's more or less believable. But more important, I hope I did a good job portraying the characters. I actually imagined them saying the lines I was writing and thought it fit quite good, but I'd like to know what you think :)

And now enjoy!


"I'll just be a sec!" Greg said to Nick, hopping out of the car.
They were just driving back to the lab from a crime scene, ready to call it a day, but Greg wanted to stop at the video rental store to get a good movie to watch before going to bed. Nick decided to wait in the car as usual.


The video rental store was quite a big place. Left from the entrance was the counter, around it were shelves full of drama movies and comedies. Just past the counter, in its own room, was the adult video section. Across from the adult movie room was the horror movie section.

Greg entered, waving to Janis, the store clerk, standing behind the counter.
As Greg was wandering through the aisles looking for a horror movie, he noticed a group of teenaged boys and two men going around the shelves. Something about them was kind of suspicious. They didn't really look like they were searching for a movie, so he decided to observe them a little.
There were three teenagers, probably between 16 and 18 years old, about as tall as Greg. The two grown up men looked like they were in their 30s. One of them was quite tall, about 6'5'', the other one maybe 3 inches shorter.
He couldn't get a good sight of their faces, though.

Greg really felt like something was off, so he decided to get out of there and tell Nick about it. He was about to make his way from the back of the store to the door when he noticed the boys going into the adult movie section. He stopped. He thought that was the reason they acted all suspicious and nervous. They were either underage or ashamed. Probably both. He smiled a little and went back to the horror movie section, not thinking about the two adult men he lost sight of. He didn't see them going in the adult movie section.

He was looking through the DVDs again when suddenly the boys came out of the adult movie section with their faces covered and guns in their hands.

"Lock the door now!" one of them yelled at the store clerk, fiercely walking up to her, pushing her to the ground, taking her keys and locking the door himself.

Greg just stood there, totally shocked, not knowing what to do. For a second he thought about using his cell and calling Nick, but he knew he'd be dead before Nick could even answer.

"Everybody down, now!" one of them shouted as the two adult men coming from the corner, tackled Greg from behind.

Greg was lying on the floor, hoping for Nick to get impatient and look for what was taking Greg so long. Nick was indeed impatient but knew Greg; it wasn't the first time he said he'd only take a minute and Nick ended up waiting for him several minutes.

"Get up. And let me see your hands!" one of them said, pointing his rifle at Greg, who was slowly getting up from the ground.

The robbers crowded the three customers and the store clerk together behind the counter.
"Sit down!" one of the robbers demanded.

From the outside it now looked like no one was inside the store.

"Okay now, everyone give me your cell phones!" All four hostages refused to do so, out of fear. "Now!" with a deep, threatening voice, he shouted. Greg quickly handed him his cell, giving the other three hostages a look that said "Just do as they say," and they followed.

"Attaboy! I see any of you move, you're dead. Got it?" he threatened. "Open the register," he said in a strangely calm voice. Janis was shaking and crying, unable to move. "I said open the register!" he now said in an impatient voice, punching her in the face. She now was lying there, crying even harder, but trying to get up and do as he told.

"I can do it..." Greg spoke up, fear clearly evident in his voice. He was sure the girl couldn't get up. "I worked at a store like this, I know how the register works," he lied as he slowly got up. He didn't want them to know the real reason he knew how this register worked. As a CSI he worked lots of cases where he had to take fingerprints from a register.

"Sure, why not," the robber said, kicking Janis as he went over to Greg, grabbing his arm and pushing him to the register.

"Wait!" one of the perps said from the back of the store, where they tackled Greg to the ground earlier. "What is this?" he went to Greg, holding Greg's work ID in his hands.

Greg didn't know what to say. There's no way he was going to make it out of here alive if they thought he was a cop.

"I asked you a question, an easy one. It has your face on it, so it clearly is yours. I'm not going to ask this question again, you got it?" He threw Greg's ID at him and grabbed him by his shirt.

"I...It's my ID. I'm a CSI." His voice was cracking up. He had no idea what they would do to him now, but he sure knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

"A cop! From all of the video stores in Las Vegas, we had to do this in the one with the frickin' COP?!"

"I... I'm not a cop! I'm with the Crime Lab!" Greg said, desperately trying to explain himself. They weren't even listening.

"Where's his gun?" They pushed him against the wall and patted him down, looking for his weapon. "I don't have one, I'm a crime scene investigator, not a cop!" Again, he was lying. He had a gun, but not on him. It was in the car with his kit and his vest. Greg didn't like to wear his vest when he was not at a crime scene, let alone his gun! If he wasn't obliged to carry one at the crime scenes, he wouldn't.

"Alright..." the robber said. "Keep your eyes glued on this guy, you understand?" he whispered to his fellow who stood next to Greg, holding his rifle, making sure Greg had the end of the barrel always in sight.