A Sister and a Lover by crowsinflight [ - ]
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Category: CSI: NY - Slashed > Danny Messer/Mac Taylor
Characters: Danny Messer, Don Flack, Lindsay Monroe, Mac Taylor, Sheldon Hawkes, Stella Bonasera
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Drama, First Time, Friendship, Hurt Comfort, Pre-relationship, Pre-slash, Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: Danny finds everything he needs in the peoplearound him.

Danny was quiet and sometimes child like in his innocence. Mac was a protector and nurturer needing someone to care for and protect. It was a match made in heaven. At work, the young blonde could be loud and cocky and sometimes have an attitude but that was just a defensive mechanism. Not many people saw the pain that shined in the young blonde's topaz eyes that hid behind the golden wire frames of his glasses but she saw it and so did Mac. There was a lot of hurt and abuse in the young CSI's past and he needed to be taken care of and loved. Mac needed someone to take care of to be needed. She had known that they needed each other so had Adian but Adian was gone now. She had been like a big sister to Danny and his confidante his protector. Now she was dead and he had no one.

At least that was what she knew he thought. Stella loved Mac and they were really close it was right to say that they were best friends and she would do pretty much anything for him. Danny though she had this instinct to protect and mother hen. She guessed that in many ways she felt the need to take over the big sister role for Adian. She also knew that if Mac ever hurt the Italian that she would kick his ass no matter how much she loved him. Though if anyone else hurt him she might actually shoot them.

So as she stood in their kitchen making a salad as Mac cooked the main dishes and Danny ran between the other two making sure they had every thing that they needed and helping Stella cut up vegetables, she thought about her two friends, their relationship, and her place in this little homemade family. She remembered earlier in the day when Danny had quietly walked up to her and asked her if she could come to dinner with him and Mac at Mac's apartment. She had been about to tell him that she had a date tonight and couldn't make it but she had looked up into his eyes. What she saw there in those crystal pools nearly ripped her heart from her chest. Before she knew it, she was accepting the invitation. Danny's eyes were so full of heartache, pain, and fear and lose that Stella wanted to wrap him up in her arms then and there. Unfortunately, before she could ask what was wrong he had nodded at her acceptance, turned, and walked away. She couldn't find him during the last few hours left closing up the case she; Sheldon and Lindsay had worked that day. Although she knew that Danny, Mac and Don were wrapping up their case as well. She did catch Mac at the door as they were both leaving for the day.

She asked Mac why Danny was so upset today but he didn't know why. He said that the young man had been fine all day till they were wrapping up the work at the scene and he had gotten a call on his cell. Then his entire mood had changed. He'd become quiet and withdrawn. Mac said he'd tried to talk to him but Danny had just told him he was fine and walked away. But that if the young man wanted them all to have dinner together then maybe he would talk to them at home. So Mac had suggested that she come over as soon as she could. That is exactly what she had done.

She had called her date and canceled stating a family emergency. Then she had changed and gotten in her car and drove to Mac and Danny's place. So far, they hadn't really talked about anything but work and idle chitchat. Now as they set the table to eat Mac and Stella watched Danny's face and could see that he was fighting back emotions that would send him into chaos. They all took their seats and began eating Danny only half-heartedly. Finally, Stella could no longer watch the pain in her dear friends face so she broke the now tense silence that had taken over the room.

"Sweetie, Mac and I both know that something is wrong and you know we'll help if we can or just listen if that's what you need so will you tell us what's wrong because it's obvious something is?" She laid her hand gently on his arm to reinforce the words.

"Please, Baby. I want to help you, Stel wants to help you. Just tell us what's going on?" Mac lifted Danny's lowered head with a finger under his chin. Forcing the younger man to look him eye to eye.

"I got a call today." He lowered his head again and Mac and Stella could both see the tears forming in his eyes. They waited in silence for him to continue. He took a deep breath and lifted his head again. "My father called and said that Louie died this morning."

"Oh, Babe. Why didn't you tell me right away? I could have arraigned for you to have the rest of the day off so you could be with your family." Mac got out of his chair and knelt next to his lover holding his left hand in his own. Stella reached over and took Danny's other hand.

Danny gave a dower snort and shook his head. "Father told me not to bother. He said I wasn't welcome there or at the funeral."

Stella and Mac caught each other's eyes and saw a similar raging fire there.

"Danny would you like to go to the funeral?" Stella asked gently returning her gaze to her "adopted" baby brother.

"Of course I want to go. He is, ... was my big brother. Louie died trying to protect me and I want to say g...good b...bye." Danny stuttered with tears flowing down his cheeks.

Mac pulled the smaller man into his arms and held him tight while Stella rubbed his back in soothing circles.

"Then you're going to go. You leave everything to Stel and me. We'll handle everything." Mac said steadly and warmly into Danny's ear. He could feel the blonde nod into his shoulder and the deep sigh that escaped the younger man's lips. "Come on you have to eat something. You have to keep your strength up." With that, the ex-marine pulled away, straightened his precious burden up, and placed the fork in the slightly trembling hands in his.

"Besides, you loose weight way too easily and are already thin enough." Stella threw in hoping to get a response.

She was not disappointed.

"You should talk Stel! That's really the pot calling the kettle black!" Danny managed a shadow of his usual mischievous grin and only sniffled once.


Three days later a casket stood in a beautiful garden like cemetery. On one side stood Louis Messer Sr. his wife Gina and daughter-in-law Clarisse and his three grandchildren and several friends and co-workers of Louie's.

At the head of the casket stood a priest from the local Catholic Church.

Opposite his father stood Detective Danny Messer. On the young man's right stood Mac with his hand firmly resting on Danny's right shoulder, and on Danny's left stood Stella with her arm twinned in Danny's. Behind them stood Don, Sheldon and the newest member to the team Lindsey. Behind them and to their left and right stood about twenty NYPD police officers in full dress uniform as well as NYPD CSI's in suites.

The day before the funeral Stella and Don had stopped at Messer Sr.'s home and had a little talk with him about who would be attending the funeral and that if there were any trouble the troublemaker would severely regret it! At the same time, Mac was back at the office making some phone calls confirming who would be there to support Danny.

Therefore, Danny was left to say his final good-byes to his brother in peace with his father not even daring to look in his direction.

Later that evening Danny sat on his sofa surrounded by his lover, "adopted" big sister, and their closest friends, watched movies, talked, and sometimes laughed. Danny felt at loved for who he was for the first time in his life. He raised his beer bottle the others following suite and toasted his brother.