Calleigh's Day of Pampering by CountryBumpkin [ - ]
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Category: CSI: Miami - General
Characters: Calleigh Duquesne
Rating: PG
Genres: Drabble
Warnings: Adult themes


Calleigh Duquesne goes home after a hard day at work to shower and pamper herself.

One day, none in particular, at a crime scene, Lt. Horatio Caine's team of crime scene investigators was gathering evidence from a very messy murder. Eric Delko and Ryan Wolfe had taken photos and picked up hair samples, blood and skin samples for trace.

Ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne found bullet casings and a single bullet from the crime scene. She started to walk away from the scene and she slipped on some grease that she didn't see before. She landed on the dirty pavement and got some of the grease in her long blond hair. She regained her footing, and continued on her merry way.

Calleigh thought that when this day was over, she would go home and take a very long, refreshing shower. She climbed into the Hummer and was about ready to leave when her cell phone chirped. It was her boss, Lt. Horatio Caine, telling her there was another crime scene.

She arrived at the next scene. The body of a woman, nude, was in a large fish tank. She, Delko, and Wolfe were busy doing their things. The victim's body was removed from the tank, and chief medical examiner Alexx Woods arrived to do the initial prognosis. A gunshot wound to the left breast area.

Calleigh looked around the scene to find the spent shell casing, but could not find it. She finally found the casing in the large fish aquarium. She found a stool to climb up onto the side of the tank and slipped for the second time that day. Her slick shoe bottoms failed her, and she landed headfirst in the aquarium with a splash, water flying everywhere, soaking Delko and Wolfe. They started laughing.

At about this time, the lieutenant arrived on the scene. He saw Calleigh in the tank, and all he could do was smile softly in his unassuming way.

Calleigh retrieved the shell casing and climbed out of the tank. She gathered her evidence and left the scene. She went back to the lab to process the evidence and after her work was done, she wanted to go home and have her nice long shower.

She drove home and took off her dirty clothes and stepped into the shower. She turned on the faucet, and nothing came out. No water. She checked the vanity sink. No water there, either. She put her work clothes back on, got back into her car, and drove to a motel. She went inside, and the desk clerk plugged her nose with her fingers as Calleigh signed up for a rented room. She knew she would have to call a plumber to come out to her house tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it was time for that shower. She went to her room, and with her dirty clothes coming off for the second time, headed for a hot shower. In the shower stall, she looked around, and what a surprise--NO SOAP OR SHAMPOO!!