8 Years Later by Python [ - ]
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Category: Crossovers > Slashed
Characters: None
Rating: R
Genres: Angst, Established Relationship
Warnings: None

Summary: It's been a while since the Batmuses have been out to play, but The Dark Knight Rises woke them up. More Horatio/Jim Gordon
Spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises

Author's Chapter Notes:
Angst and Smut

Jim Gordon woke with a start from his fitful doze. He sat upright on his couch. He took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand.

There was another crisp knock on his door. "I'm coming," he muttered. He slipped his glasses back on and pushed himself up.

He ran a hand through his disheveled hair just before he got to the door. He blinked and shook his head before opening it. He didn't have time to react before he was enveloped in a tight hug.

"God, Jim," a voice choked with intense emotion in his ear.

Gordon clutched at the other's back. He let out a shaky breath that was almost a sob. "H."

Horatio Caine held on tighter. He kicked the door shut. He turned his head to capture Gordon's lips in an intense, heartfelt kiss.

Gordon groaned and immediately parted his lips. He buried a hand in Caine's thick hair and held on. He closed his eyes to savor the sensations.

Caine broke the kiss with a gasp. He pressed their foreheads together. He rubbed Gordon's back.

Gordon enjoyed Caine's hot breath against his face. "The bridges are still down." It was all his muddled brain could come up with.

Caine chuckled quietly. "I hitched a ride on one of the supply planes." He paused. His breath caught in his throat. "All those months I couldn't help you. I kept having nightmares that I'd turn on the news to find out Bane had captured you."

Gordon shuddered. "He did. After a trial," he said with particular scorn on the last word, "My men and I were sentenced to die on the Gotham River ice. Batman showed up in the nick of time."

Caine felt the fine tremors in Gordon's body. "Oh, Jim."

Gordon sighed heavily but made no move to pull away. "I don't want to fight about him again. The truth's out now anyway. Everyone knows Batman's the real hero and Dent's a fallen idol."

"Batman's not the only hero," Caine replied softly.

"I don't feel like one."

"You are. You're the best man I know, Jim," Caine whispered earnestly. "I'm sorry, but I saw what those eight years did to you. I saw that lie eat at you and he disappeared when you needed him."

Gordon let his hand slide from Caine's hair to the back of his neck. He rubbed the tense muscles. "You were there."

"And I always will be," Caine vowed and kissed Gordon again. "And I know what Batman sacrificed."

"Everything," Gordon said simply.

"For that I'm grateful. Despite everything, I know he was your friend."

"He was. I hope he can rest now."

Caine nipped at Gordon's bottom lip. "Let me take care of you tonight. I'll help you forget the horrors for a while."

Gordon gave a small smile. "Okay."

In a few blurred moments of heat, pleasure, and sensation, Gordon was naked and flat on his back in bed. He panted, staring up at Caine's face. He returned Caine's grin, trailing his hands along Caine's sides.

Caine slipped Gordon's glasses off and set them on the nightstand. He cupped Gordon's face in his hands. Then he leaned down to kiss him, slow and sensual.

Gordon let the force and emotion of the kiss sweep him away. His eyes slid shut. He let out a low moan.

Caine chuckled darkly. "We just started," he rumbled against Gordon's lips.

Gordon tilted his head back to expose his throat. "And it's been a while."

Caine felt that anticipation too but it was less urgent. This was about taking care of Gordon. This was about erasing some of that bone weariness he saw whenever he looked into Gordon's blue eyes.

Gordon's hands roamed over Caine's chest. He pinched one of Caine's nipples. He kept his eyes closed. He smirked lazily at Caine's sharp intake of breath. "Did I give you permission to stop, Lieutenant?"

Caine growled. He nipped sharply at Gordon's bottom lip before trailing his lips along Gordon's jaw to his ear. He nipped Gordon's earlobe. "So sorry, Mr. Commissioner."

Gordon gasped when Caine started sucking on the side of his neck. He grabbed the back of Caine's head. He arched up into the heat of the other man's body.

Caine stopped just short of leaving a very large hickey. He moved his attention to Gordon's throat. It thrilled him to feel Gordon's strong heartbeat under his tongue.

All Gordon could think about was Caine's lips, teeth, and tongue. And those hands! Caine's hands seemed to be everywhere, caressing him, and soothing and arousing him at the same time. He bit his lip.

Caine turned his attention to Gordon's chest. He took his time, running his tongue along the warm skin. He swirled his tongue around one nipple and flicked the other with his thumb.


Hearing Gordon's guttural rasp went straight to Caine's cock, but he refused to be rushed. He went at the same slow, methodical, and maddening pace. He finished torturing that nipple with teeth and tongue and moved to the other.

Gordon urged Caine's head lower but Caine stubbornly refused him. "Damn it, H!"

Caine briefly raised his head. He smirked. "Keep talking. I love listening to you come apart."

"Get on with it!"

"No. This is my game," Caine murmured in between trailing light kisses down over Gordon's stomach.

Gordon groaned in frustration.

Caine flicked his tongue in Gordon's navel. He smiled when felt the skin quiver against his touch. Then he worked his way lower. He froze when he saw the newest bullet scar on Gordon's thigh. "Jim?"

Gordon raised his head to look down at Caine. His face was flushed and there was a lightness in his eyes. "A gift from Bane on our first meeting," he answered as if it was no consequence.

"Does it hurt?"

Gordon avidly watched Caine. "Not really. Every once in a while, it twinges."

Caine tentatively flicked the tip of his tongue out to touch the scar. He heard Gordon's gasp. "Should I stop?"

Gordon's voice shook. "It tingles. It's good. Do it again."

Caine smirked. He did it again. He took Gordon's muttered curse as a good sign and licked the sensitive skin.

Gordon started trembling. He blinked back tears. "I was face down in the water. I thought I was going to die and I'd never see you again."

Caine licked his target again. "You didn't die," he said in a low, vehement tone. "You're here with me."

"H, please," Gordon groaned, begging again for release. Suddenly, Caine swallowed him whole. He tangled a hand in Caine's hair, threw his head back, and thrust into that wonderful moist heat.

Caine sucked hard, ears perked up for every groan and cry from Gordon. He reveled in Gordon tugging on his hair. He pulled off for a brief moment before plunging back down again. He fondled Gordon's balls.

Gordon felt the pressure building quickly inside of him. "Fuck. So good. So good, H."

Caine ran his tongue along Gordon's length. "Let go. Come for me," he commanded just before taking Gordon inside his mouth again.

Gordon came with a guttural cry. The euphoria swept through him, banishing his demons. He collapsed against the bed, completely spent. The next thing he became aware of was Caine's head resting on his stomach. "Thank you."

Caine sighed, obviously pleased with himself. "It was my pleasure."

"What about you?"

"Watching you. Hearing you. Tasting you. I wasn't far behind."


Caine raised his head to arch an eyebrow at Gordon. "You really don't realize how sexy you are, do you?"

Gordon's already hot skin flushed. "You're crazy."

Caine moved up to lay next to Gordon. He caressed the side of Gordon's face. "I love you, Jim."

Gordon caught Caine's hand and kissed his palm. "Love you too."

Chapter End Notes:
I don't own the characters. I'm just borrowing them for a bit of fun.