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Characters: None
Rating: PG
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Friendship, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: Death of canon character

Summary: "It isn't the first time that New York and Miami have met to solve problems and it won't be the last." Teaming up with others to catch monsters make the chances of surviving even better than going at the search alone; there is safety in numbers.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Contact me to read the Third Watch story 'After Time and Trial.'

"After Time and Trial" will fill in the blanks from 'What Tomorrow Brings' but connect it to Third Watch.

Devil's Mansion - Miami, Florida

The air was unusually cold as the door creaked open and light flooded the room, revealing a very posh-looking foyer that split off two ways at the base of a pristine staircase.

Everything was red and black; hence, why Bernard referred to it as Devil's Mansion.

Edward entered first with a soundly sleeping Ellie in his arms; the drugs that Dr. Savarrio had provided were working well.

Dr. Savarrio then entered, cradling the sleeping Kylie like a china doll that could be broken at any moment and if the handler got angry enough to do such a thing.

Without warning, the doors slammed shut and everything was engulfed in blackness.

"Ah, who is coming to my devil's lair to play?" a dark voice asked as footsteps could be heard.

Edward coughed, "Bernie, it's Eddie and Doctor Savarrio," he replied in a sleek voice. "We have the packages that you asked us to bring from New York; they're sleeping soundly."

There was silence and the lights suddenly flashed on again, revealing Bernard at the top of the stairs dressed in a pair of black jeans, cowboy boots, and a tight black t-shirt with his hair slicked back out of his pale face. He looked almost manic and there were scratches on his cheek.

"Stewart got a little wild in wanting to play, so I had to restrain him to a chair and he scratched my face," Bernard hissed as he gazed at Ellie and Kylie. "I have rooms prepared for these pretty little angels so they can sleep off their sedatives. RICKY, get your butt down here!"

Stetler appeared at the top of the staircase, "Ricky, come down here for a minute," he ordered in a stern tone. "Eddie, take the girls up to their rooms and tuck them in; then come back."

Edward quickly took Kylie into his arms and walked quickly up the stairs, past Stetler, and out of sight of the intimidating force that Bernard Marquez was. Stetler looked at Bernard.

"Doctor Savarrio, there comes a time when everyone outlives their usefulness," Bernard said, his voice as cool as a cucumber as he gazed at the doctor. "You have done well in helping bring Kylie and Ellie to me in Miami completely drugged up. However, there is little more for you to do."

As Bernard reached into his pocket, Dr. Savarrio gasped and backed away. "Bernie, PLEASE!" he pleaded, raising his hands in a defensive position. "Bernie, I PROMISE I can do more for you!"

"Oh, you can, you can die quickly," Bernard hissed as he pulled out a gun and shot Dr. Savarrio in the chest twice without hesitation. "Say good night, Doctor Savarrio; a pleasure knowing you."

Dr. Savarrio sank to the ground with a shocked look on his face as he bled out and died. "Ricky, take this gun and bury it somewhere," Bernard snapped as he offered the gun to Stetler. "Once the gun is buried, come back here and you can have some fun with the angels if you want."

"Forget it, Bernie, I'm not gonna stoop to molesting kids," Stetler snapped, pushing the gun away. "I may have done a number on Emily Wolfe, but a kid is low even for me..."

Bernard hooted. "Oh, Ricky, you are such a hypocrite saying that!" he replied in an amused tone. "You suddenly grew some morals in the last year? That is such a load of crap!"

Stetler glared at Bernard. "If you turn back now, Ricky, you'll go back to jail," he hissed, figuring that the threat of re-incarceration would set Rick straight. "You'll probably get life for this.."

"I don't care," Stetler snapped. "I'm not molesting kids again just to make YOU happy."

Roaring, Bernard backhanded Stetler so hard that Stetler fell to the floor. For the next several minutes, Bernard kicked and beat the stuffing out of Stetler, causing the disgraced cop turned escaped con to yell in intense agony before passing into unconsciousness.

Bernard stood there, a smirk on his face as he figured that Stetler was dead.

"EDDIE, GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Bernard roared, hoping that Edward would be quick.

It only took a few seconds for Edward to come out and down the stairs. "Eddie, dump Doctor Savarrio and Ricky somewhere where the crocs are hungry," he ordered in a tone that was lacking of any emotion. "They've outlived their purpose; dispose of them and then come back."

Edward looked discontent. "I wanted to spend some quality time with Ellie," he whined.

"You will get to, just do as I say first," Bernard said, trying to calm himself. "We can't do any playing yet anyway, Clavo called just before you arrived; he found another angel for us."

Taking a deep breath, Bernard turned and went up the stairs, disappearing into the shadows that were the upper levels of his mansion. He needed to relax on his own with the future of crime cradled in his strong arms.

His eyes still wide, Edward stared at the battered bodies of Stetler and Dr. Savarrio in silence.
Miami-Dade International Airport - Miami, Florida

The hints of sunrise were still a few hours away as John and Emily walked into the airport along with the many other passengers who had elected to travel at such a strange hour.

"Hey, Emily, can we find a bathroom or somewhere private?" John asked as they stopped and watched the other passengers depart. "I need to check my blood sugar; just a precaution."

Emily nodded and the two walked off towards a darker part of the airport, near a luggage conveyer belt that most likely wouldn't be operating for hours.

John sat on the edge and pulled his backpack off his shoulder. As he opened it, Emily looked away so that John could have some privacy.

"Oh crap," John hissed as he slid the bloodstained strip into the machine and got a reading.

Emily looked at him. "What's wrong?" she asked, concerned by the frown on John's face.

"I need to give myself a shot of insulin," John replied. "Can you keep an eye out for anyone that might be wandering this way? I should have kept a better watch on my blood sugar."

Emily nodded and turned away again as John removed his pants, quickly gave himself an insulin shot in the upper thigh, and put his pants back on. With a sigh, he got to his feet.

"Maybe we should find a place to camp until sun up," John said as he repacked his bag and put it back over his shoulder. "It's too dangerous on the streets of Miami right now."

"Why don't we just camp right here until sunrise and then leave?" Emily asked, knowing just by looking at John that he needed some rest. "We can use our jackets as temporary beds."

Grateful that Emily wasn't going to expect him to play hero tonight, John nodded and placed his backpack back on the floor. He then got down on the floor and used his backpack as a pillow.

"John, you should get some rest, I can stay up for a while," Emily offered, knowing that John had just gotten out of the hospital and was probably running low on energy. "If anyone comes towards us, I'll wake you. I'll wake you in like half an hour so you can do another check, okay?"

John nodded and closed his eyes. "In half an hour, I'll be ready to go," he mumbled sleepily.

As Emily began to look around at the darkened airport, she suddenly saw a large figure heading in their direction. She got up, moved over to a light, and turned it on to see a man in a MDPD uniform.

"Miami-Dade Airport Police," Ryan said in a commanding tone. "What are you doing here?"

Without warning, John sprang to his feet and bolted off down the darkened terminal, leaving a flustered Emily and his backpack behind. Ryan swore loudly and chased after John.

Worried that John could end up in trouble, Emily slung the backpack over her shoulder and quickly followed after the security officer at a distance.

Motion-activated lights flashed on as Ryan chased John across one of the terminals that wasn't scheduled to open until after sunrise. Emily was trying to keep up to both of them.

As John neared another set of exit doors, he suddenly placed a hand on his forehead and sank to his knees. "My head," he weakly mumbled. "Emily, I need my backpack."

"My name is Ryan Wolfe and I'm an officer with the Miami-Dade PD and Airport PD," Ryan stated as he neared where John was kneeling. "Keep your hands where I can see them, please."

Slowing to a walk, Ryan reached out to touch John's shoulder. "NO, DON'T TOUCH ME!" John yelled, seeing Ryan's hand and pulling away sharply. "I don't want Sergeant Stetler to get me."

Hearing the fear in the kid's voice about possibly seeing Stetler, Ryan frowned as Emily reached them and moved over to John. "I have a headache," John whispered to Emily. "I haven't eaten since last night at dinner and I definitely need some sleep. I'm so tired, Emily."

Suddenly spotting the medical bracelet on John's wrist, Ryan looked at Emily. "Does your friend have some sort of medical condition?" he asked, concerned that he might have to call 9-1-1.

"I have Type 1 diabetes," John snapped as he leaned against Emily for support. "Just before you came, I checked my sugar and gave myself a shot of insulin; I just need some sleep."

Ryan pulled out his work issued walkie-talkie. "I'm gonna need to call emergency response," he said as he punched in the code that would connect him to emergency response. "They'll come check you out and determine whether or not you should be taken to a hospital."

"Look, I'm fine," John softly replied. "Don't call for help; we'll both get into trouble."

Ryan sighed. "I won't call for paramedics, but I am going to call a friend of mine that can come and assess the situation for himself," he said as he speed-dialed a number. "My friend's name is Tim Speedle and he's with the MDPD Crime Lab. He won't hurt either of you; is that okay?"

John and Emily exchanged a look and John nodded. "All right, just try and stay calm while I phone him," Ryan instructed as he put the phone up to his ear. "....Tim, it's Ryan. You said to phone you if I ever needed help with anything. Can you come to the Miami-Dade airport right away?"

The call lasted only a few minutes and, after asking Tim to "borrow" a CSI Hummer without Horatio knowing, Ryan hung up. "Officer Speedle will meet us outside the North Terminal as soon as he can get here," he explained. "We'll probably take you back to the MDPD where you can get something to eat and rest. By the way, what are your names?"

"My name's Emily Yokas and his name is John Sullivan," Emily replied before John could speak and possibly get them into more trouble for being hostile. "We flew here from New York City."

Ryan nodded and watched as Emily helped John to his feet. "What are you both doing in Miami without your parents?" Ryan asked, concerned. "Does anyone even know that you're here?"

John and Emily exchanged a look, then looked back at Ryan. Could they trust this cop with their secret agenda, or would the cop merely get their information and send them back home?
Sullivan Apartment - New York City, New York

Being careful not to wake David, who was still sleeping comfortably on the living room floor in a sleeping bag, Danielle slipped into the front room and sank down on the hide-a-bed where John had been resting hours ago, until just before he had run away.

After Bosco had shown her the note, Danielle had called Detective Yokas and a furious Faith, who had found Emily's note not long ago and had no idea where to start looking, promised that she would be over right away.

Right as soon as the call was over, Danielle had come out of the bedroom to find Sully and Bosco at the kitchen table, looking at the note. Her father was equally devastated over it.

Now, while Danielle moved into the living room for privacy, Sully and Bosco read the note again.

Before Danielle could ask how they were going to handle this, however, there was a knock at the door. Letting out a tired sigh, Danielle rose and moved over to the door. She opened it to find Carlos there.

"Carlos, if you're here about Kylie, we don't know anything more than that she and Ellie were taken to Miami," Danielle said, tiredness in her voice. "We've got a new problem to deal with, though."

Carlos nodded and quickly moved inside the apartment. "When Holly and I got back from our little evening out, Tommy was really upset about something," he explained as Danielle closed the door. "After Holly and I managed to calm him down, he told us that John visited him and said what he was going to do. Tommy said that he encouraged John to take someone with him. After John left, Tommy called Emily-"

"---Who decided to go with John to Miami," Danielle finished. "You might as well come and help us figure out what to do about this. My dad and Boscorelli are on the computer; they're looking at flights."

Carlos nodded and followed Danielle into the kitchen, where Bosco was sitting at a computer while Sully watched from behind the chair. "Kim bought this and stashed it in my apartment in case there was ever any emergencies," Sully explained. "From what Bosco's been able to figure out, John took a midnight flight from JFK to Miami-Dade International. He probably went to look for Ellie and Kylie..."

"Yeah, well, he's not alone," Danielle replied. "According to Carlos, John visited Tommy at the hospital last night and after John left, Tommy called Emily. Apparently, Emily accompanied John to Miami."

Sully swore under his breath and turned away from the screen. "Faith is gonna be mad about that," Bosco commented as he continued working on the computer. "There's not another flight to Miami from JFK for at least a week, LaGuardia doesn't have any flights for two weeks, Newark's about the same thing."

"Oh, great, who knows what could happen in a week," Danielle said, her voice full of frustration that nothing was able to be done immediately about the situation. "There's so much danger in Miami."

Bosco rose from the computer and, moving over to Danielle, he gently pulled her into a hug. "Danielle, I promise you that we'll figure it out," he said in a gentle tone. "Just don't lose hope, okay?"

Danielle nodded and rested her head on Bosco's shoulder. "Maurice, I don't know why, but I believe you," she whispered into Bosco's ear. "You just seem to have this way....of making me feel better."

"How exactly did John and Emily get the money to go off to Miami on an airplane?" Carlos asked, confusion in his voice about the situation. "I didn't think either of them had a lot of money."

A horrified look suddenly crossed Sully's face as he noticed his wallet on the table. "Crap, my credit card and some cash is missing from my wallet," Sully said as he opened the wallet. "Oh man."

"I wonder if John is going to ask LaRusso for help," Bosco said as he and Danielle pulled apart. "Then again, I don't think John knows that LaRusso went to Miami with his kids; this is such a mess..."

Before anyone could reply, there was a knock on the door and the door quickly opened. "How could you let this happen?!" Faith yelled, an angry tone in her voice as she stormed into the kitchen. "Danielle, how could you let John talk Emily into going to Miami to find a couple of kids on their own? When I got back from visiting my fiance this morning, I found Emily's note. They are just teenagers, Danielle!"

"Look, I can book this flight that leaves in a week from JFK for all of us," Bosco said in a calm voice, as he wanted to keep things as calm as possible. "I'll use my credit card to pay for the plane tickets."

Faith scoffed and glared at Bosco. "Bosco, honestly, there's no need for you to be involved in this," she stated in a no-nonsense tone. "Carlos has a reason to be here, as Kylie was taken. You don't have any kids or any reason to be involved, so why don't you go back to being a beat cop in Bed-Stuy?"

Bosco glared at Faith and for a few moments, Sully, Carlos, and Danielle all thought that there was going to be a physical brawl in the apartment. Bosco, however, didn't raise his fists to Faith at all.

"Now you listen to me, Detective Yokas," Bosco hissed, borderline fury in his voice as he got right in Faith's face. "I care very much for both Danielle and her family and I am going to help them."

Unable to take any more conflict with two of her children missing, Danielle sighed. "If you'll all excuse me, I need to be alone for a few minutes," she said in a tired tone.

Biting her lip, Danielle retreated into the bedroom that she and Bosco had shared just hours ago. As the bedroom door closed, Sully glared at Faith and Bosco, but said nothing; his glare would be enough to chastise them.

"Seriously, you two, what is the matter with you?" Carlos suddenly snapped, his frayed nerves about Kylie being in the hands of monsters. "You guys should just cut the kindergarten crap and FOCUS! Kylie and Ellie were taken by some psychotic freak who is going to hand them over to monsters."

Bosco and Faith stared at Carlos for a moment, shocked by the normally quiet man's angry outburst.

"Yeah, that was incredibly immature of me," Bosco said, his tone full of remorse as he looked in Sully's direction. "Sully, can you tell Danielle that I'm sorry for getting all upset? It was selfish of me."

Sully nodded. "She just needs a minute to calm down and then you can tell her yourself, Bosco," he replied.

"Okay, Bosco, so we need tickets for you, Danielle, Sully, David, Faith, and I," Carlos said as Bosco sat back in front of the computer and pulled his wallet from his jacket pocket. "Holly said that she's gonna stay and look after Tommy, but that I should go and find Kylie."

As Bosco began typing in information that would be essential for purchasing tickets to Miami on the earliest flight possible, a groggy looking David walked into the room. Sully bit his lip and all was silent.

"Hey, what's with all the people?" David asked groggily as he looked around. "Where's John at?"

Sully sighed. "David, John and Emily Yokas ran off to Miami to find your sister," he explained in a calming tone as he saw David's eyes widen in shock. "We're making arrangements to go to Miami and find them."

Deep in shock that his brother would do something that stupid, David nodded silently. Thinking that David was horrified, Sully walked over to David and hugged him, which David accepted.

Secretly, however, David was perceiving John as one who liked and would do anything for attention; anything.