Penname: iluvrtoadrunner [Contact]
Real name: Emily
Member Since: 05 Feb 2006
Membership status: Member
Bio:anyone who knows me will tell you how obsessed i am with CSI. it's ridiculous. and i love to write almost as much as i love the shows, and writing about the shows is just as fun as watching them, because i love the way the characters interact and how they're all so different. i just hope i can do as good a job with writing them.

(emily is going to attempt to write in fangirl-ish. if she sounds like a retard, forgive her.)

i will never write about it because i like creating my own characters but i'm a huge shipper of Snickers, Yo!Bling, Fiesta, FM Radio Tag and M&Ms. but i'm not a big slash fan.

but hey, if you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. review me and i'll review you.

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