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Newton's 1st by plum [NC-17]
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Summary: They've skirted around things for years, poked holes in the dikes but never with the force to break through. Sexual tension, competition and personal demons do not make for the smoothest of relationships. Set directly post-S4 finale.

Categories: CSI - Threesomes or Moresomes > All Varieties
Characters: Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle
Genres: Angst, Drama, Established Relationship, First Time, PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 4925; Completed: Yes
Updated: 21 Jan 2006; Published: 20 Jan 2006

Reviewer: jenabartley (Signed)
22 Jan 2006

This was very hot, and I loved your characterisations. Especially Sara as she becomes more herself and more biting.
Chapter 1: Law of