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Hello. My name? Devita Maple, my ocupation? Everything i can get my hands on. Welcome to my humble abode. I'm that kid that knows everything and see's everything, so dont try and get one past me, it wont work! Okay... so honestly i dont know everything, nor do i see everything but i would defanitly like too. I think you need to know a little bit more about my family before i can really explain what this is about.

My Father? He's a Chemist, who decided that he didint want to work in a lab all day so opened a Camera store so that he could earn money. We whadya know, it turned into a multi million francise(sp?) and sold it so that he could open up a company that followed his true calling- The stock Market.

My Mother? The most brilliant women i know. Started univercity at 16 comming strait from france. A law student, she was on her way to becomming a Judge when she was offered the chance of a life time. She was a historian, and picked up a job worked for the french CBC as a newscaster and then quit after her third child. She is now my father's partner in crime, but she handles the internal affairs, not the stock market.

My Brother? The oldest of 4, he is working on his own Wine selling Agency after a univercity degree in sports journalism.

My Sister? The second child, she was the easiest growing up. Graduating from univecity with a degree in Speach Pathology( Helping people who cant speak properly), she is currently working with kids who have down syndrom.

My other Brother? Planning to take over the family buisness, he is undergoing a degree in Economics, but his true calling is the Theater.

Me? A Book worm! A future phycologist with a thirst for knowledge. I alwasy wounder what i will be and i probably will end up doing something in phyc, but i alwasy want to be learning, and when i say this i mean literally. I have to be learning something new constantly because knowledge is power which makes me want to go into sciences. Sadly my math grades will never get me into sciences, so i am forced to sit by the sidelines.

My current love intrest is Law Enforcment, and my current dream job would be the Phycologist that analysis the criminals. I love to randomly look up tidbits of information and store them away for future use. I always Joke around that i am the perfect Diplomats daughter. I can talk to anyone and everyone and have had so many life experiences that i am forever thakefull to my parents. I am polite (I grew up with strangers constantly in my house..clients from allover the world) and can read people like you would a book. I'm rediculously ugly, which is my downfall going through highschool but once i am out i wont ever look back.

This may REALLY suprise you but i dont get good grades. I am street smart, i want to learn but only if i am learning because i want to be. I have huge shoes to fill and i so eager to get a jump start on life that i have already thought of univercities and job careers. I have two things that are my gift and my curse. One is my ability to read people- no not like a phycic!- I can catagorize personalities (if they dont fit in a catagory i make one) within five minutes of meeting a person, within ten minutes i can tell you how they will react to anything i say, even if i told them the most shocking things. I know i know, you dont beleive me! I am not as accurant as it sounds, and its not as simple as i am making it but thats the jist of what i do. My other Gift/Curse is my age. I hold the element of supirse, but once the suprise is out of the bag people want to treat me differently. They have to understand that i am wise beyond my years and that i would make one hell of a politician- I can bullshit my way out of anything!

Writting is a hobby. As you can see my spelling is shit but i still enjoy it. I know it sucks and im really emberassed which is why i have never posted anything till now. The more encouragement i get the more i am eager to write.

I love to meet new people, in fact, i live to meet new people, so drop me a line at please!

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Summary: Angsty ficlet...character death but give it a chance! Cath/Sara

Categories: CSI - Slashed > Catherine/Sara
Characters: Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Death of canon character
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 783; Completed: No
Updated: 12 Nov 2006; Published: 11 Nov 2006