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Hiya! i'm a Grillows fan and i'm pretty much up for any ship other than Yobling or GSR.... i dunno why just am.... i usually only watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation but i will sit through any of them..(usually) I've been writing fanfictions since summer of 2006 so be kind to my pathetic writing skills *winks* I don't know for sure if i've ever written anything where a rating lower than like PG-13 would apply and even if it doesn't start out that intense it always goes there and usually beyond! I love to read the works of other writers and I am addicted to writing so yeah... thats the skinny on me!
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Summary: The first Chapter is the first Story the second is the second story and the third is what i have so far in the third... you get the idea.... The vegas team goes undercover and some find love, some find new friends, some find pain, and one finds death... the second is the coping of the team and the adapting to the drastic changes and the past catching up to some and some mysteries revealed!

Updated: 13 Oct 2006; Published: 27 Sep 2006